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Killing Gu Xiao brought Lin Fan a few hundred thousand experience points. However, the unexpected reward was that he also got a middle-grade Dao weapon and two lower grade ones!

'Heaven and Earth Demonic Ancient Umbrella'

'Green Solar Dragon Saber'

'Firestorm Shirt'

Seemed like Gu Xiao was a pretty rich boy indeed, unlike all the other common ancient race beings. However, recalling the fact that Gu Xiao was the son of the Sovereign King Wei, everything made sense.

Even though Lin Fan did not know what sort of an existence this Sovereign King Wei was, for him to be a direct lackey of the utmost being, he naturally couldn't be that weak.

Lin Fan then tossed the three dao weapons for his big ancient demon to devour. Lin Fan did not care about quant.i.ty when it came to treasures. Quality was what mattered.

His treasure, Demon City, was something that possessed much greater potential compared to anything else. How could he not nurture it properly? If he could raise it up to its highest state, it would definitely bring about a power that could devastate the entire world.

At this moment, the entire world fell silent. The beings of the thousands of races had long been mesmerized by the scene from earlier.

What had they just witnessed?

To think that the mighty and vile Gu Xiao would kneel down under a single burst of aura! This was something that had never once happened before in the Ancient Saint World!

"Motherf*cking Human King! Please accept me as your slave! I'm willing to follow you for life!"

"I can't take it anymore! This is too intense! Way too crazily intense!"

The beings of the thousands of races lost their minds entirely at this moment. They did not even know how to express this intense feeling of exhilaration in their hearts.

That image from earlier on was way too mind-blowing!

An ancient race being bowing down to someone else, this was something that had never happened before!

These former captive beings of the thousands of races, who were once overlords in their Lower Worlds below, were having mixed feelings right now.

After all, this human was someone like them, who had once looked down on all ma.s.ses and living beings in their Lower Worlds. But at this moment, THEY were the ma.s.ses and living beings who were being looked down upon.

Ever since they arrived at the Ancient Saint World, all of them had the same a.s.sumption, that since they were able to rule over their Lower Worlds in the past, they would definitely be able to do the same one day in the Ancient Saint World.

However, reality was a cruel thing, which slapped hard onto their faces.

In the Ancient Saint World, there were countless people who were just like them, reigning over their own Lower Worlds in the past.

However, what happened to all of them?

Most of them were either dead or suppressed. There were only a few who could return to that past state of glory.

All in all, it was because of the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World.

If one were to explain all of this in terms of a game, their Lower Worlds would have been the Normal Mode, while the Ancient Saint World right now was h.e.l.l Mode.

The difference in difficulty was as great as the Heaven and Earth.

Lin Fan looked at the beings of the thousands of races and smiled calmly, waving his hand dismissively. He had long antic.i.p.ated these enthusiastic cheers.

As for these beings of the thousands of races, that single smile of Lin Fan was more than enough to captivate their hearts. To them, this peerless and majestic Motherf*cking Human King was way too charismatic.

"Motherf*cking Human King."


Lin Fan did not expect that even that single action of his could have created this number of mindless fans. But, there was something he could hardly wait for. Right now, he was eager to find out his ranking on the fugitive list.

Upon opening up the fugitive list, Lin Fan could not help but grin out. He was now number 10,000. Compared to his ranking in the tens of millions back then, the jump to 10,000 right now only took him a couple of months.

Lin Fan had ma.s.sacred a million ancient race soldiers all on his own. In the Ancient Saint World, there had never been a precedence for something like this.

However, because all of the slaughtered ancient race soldiers were weaklings, he was still at the rank 10,000 right now.

But, with this ranking, Lin Fan understood that there were still at least 10,000 beings of the thousands of races who were actively resisting the ancient race.

But, this was a number that was way too small nevertheless.

Compared to the endless number of ancient race beings, 10,000 beings were nothing but a speck in the universe.

But then again, there was a heaven-defying existence such as Yours Truly within those 10,000 beings. Even if it were down to him alone, he could definitely overthrow the entire ancient race one day.

Just as Lin Fan had thought it through and was about to show off before the beings of the thousands of races yet again, a strange phenomenon occurred.


The boundless void in the sky was suddenly torn apart. Within the gap, black clouds thundered as a formidable aura seeped out.


A booming voice exploded through the void.

The moment Lin Fan heard this, his face changed immediately. Killed his son? Then, wasn't this the Sovereign King Wei who had arrived?

Holy f*ck! What the f*ck was up with the ancient race in this Ancient Saint World? Was every single d.a.m.ned one of them connected telepathically?

To think that he could sense the death of his son almost immediately and appear here right afterward!

How the f*ck was Lin Fan supposed to sneak on any other people from now on?

Wait, something was amiss…

Lin Fan looked over at the gap in the void. That aura that was emitted wasn't something that could devastate the entire world.

This was only his essence spirit that was descending!

"Motherf*cking Human King, you've got to be cautious. This is only a trace of the Sovereign King Wei's essence spirit that is heading over to our direction." Even though Elder Dulong's cultivation state wasn't that high, he had a wide knowledge about things. So, he reminded Lin Fan sternly.

"Elder Dulong, please take everyone with you and leave." Lin Fan replied.

"But, what about you…?"

"I'll stay here to fend him off. Don't waste time now. Hurry up." Lin Fan frowned. This was going to be sticky.

Before his essence spirit had even arrived, that aura emitted off was already that of a divine celestial cultivation state's aura. If they were to truly duke it out, Yours Truly might not be a match for that.

If this image that he had painstakingly built up were to be crushed by the trace of the Sovereign King Wei's essence spirit, he would really be suffering a major loss.

Acknowledging the urgency of the matter, Elder Dulong did not hesitate any further. To him, things should be fine given the might of the Motherf*cking Human King.

With that, Elder Dulong nodded his head along with the other elders. Given the time they had spent here, they had roughly recovered from the damage from before.

"Motherf*cking Human King, we'll meet again someday." Cupping their fists at Lin Fan and paying their final greetings of respect, Elder Dulong and the others employed a secret technique which caged the beings of the thousands of races together with them.

'Dragon race secret technique: Dimensional Shift!'

At this moment, the elders of the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect unleashed all of their powers. Their essence blood sprayed into the sky, converting into a form of power and sending them merging into the void.


Suddenly, it happened.

From within those rumbling black clouds, a single gigantic arm stretched out. This arm was enormous beyond anything else, with pitch black nails that were as big as mountains.

With a gentle flick, one of the nails dropped off and turned into a shroud of black smoke. The black smoke infused itself into that crystallized secret technique of the Dragon race, causing it to shatter into pieces almost immediately.

As though they had just received a ma.s.sive backlash, all the elders of the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect spat out mouthfuls of fresh blood, as they were slammed sitting crippled on the ground with a look of fear.

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of this, he was rendered speechless. So d.a.m.n b.l.o.o.d.y close!

What was he to do now?

Weren't this guy's methods way too strong? He might not even be able to deal with it at all. Was he really going to have that image he had built up earlier on crumble into nothingness in an instant from being forced to run or something?

All the elders of the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect had not expected the Sovereign King Wei's Essence Spirit to appear here. After all, the Sovereign King Wei was one of the powerful beings right under the Utmost Being.

Even this Motherf*cking Human King might not be a match for him.

The moment all the beings of the thousands of races felt this repressive aura, they began to feel fear as well. However, their gazes were filled with hope when they turned and cast them at this great Motherf*cking Human King.

"Guys, look! The Motherf*cking Human King is still extremely calm!"

"That's right! The Motherf*cking Human King is sure to protect us!"

"Sovereign King Wei, we're not afraid of you! With the Motherf*cking Human King around, how dare you act so brazenly?"

Suddenly, as though the former captive beings had just popped some ecstasy pills, they started hollering out in arrogance.

Lin Fan, who was toying with the idea of running away, felt all the blood drain from his face when he heard these words.

Holy f*ck! This is some serious sh*t!

They've truly misunderstood now!

All they saw was Yours Truly's calm demeanor. However, Yours Truly was contemplating about his escape route in his mind!

"Motherf*cking Human King? Hmph. How dare you kill my son? No matter who it is, everyone shall die here today!" That thunderously booming voice exploded out through the sky like crackling lightning once more.

The moment Lin Fan turned his gaze towards the void, his face changed.

He then heaved out a sigh of relief.

Whew, that was quite the scare!

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