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The images appeared momentarily before disappearing, just like snowflakes.

'What a tragic story.'

This was the only thought in Lin Fan's mind. The Marquis of Despair had led an extremely sorrowful life. Lin Fan was feeling somewhat saddened by the whole tale.

This was such a pure love that had met with such a tragic end. Even though it was between a child and an adult, love was something that knew no boundaries.

Just as Lin Fan was letting out a look of melancholy, he was attracted to an interesting sight before him. In that pitch-black darkness, a figure laid prostrated. His b.u.m was raised high into the air, swinging and twerking left and right.

"No, NO…!"

The voice was somewhat hoa.r.s.e, as though he was experiencing some horrific event, leading to the utter breakdown of his mental state and losing control of his own sanity.

At the start, Lin Fan did not know who it was. However, when he caught sight of the features of that person, he grinned. And in fact, this was a bright grin.

"Gu Xiao!"

Lin Fan had not expected his luck to be THIS good! To think that he would b.u.mp into Gu Xiao! At the moment, Gu Xiao's face was extremely tormented. Evidently, he had already sunken deep within the Marquis of Despair's Realm of Despair.

"Hey there, little buddy!" Lin Fan hollered out at Gu Xiao. However, it was as if Gu Xiao did not hear him at all, as he continued wailing out there. Those malevolent eyes of his were dim, without any sign of life, as his consciousness seemed to have been completely absorbed by the Realm of Despair.

Lin Fan was contemplating earlier on about how to kill Gu Xiao. However, by the looks of the situation right now, there was no need for that anymore. He could just simply kill this guy outright just like this!

Coming beside Gu Xiao, Lin Fan gave that raised b.u.m of his a few kicks. However, there was no reaction at all.

This caused Lin Fan to get exhilarated.

'How should I get the most out of this piece of trash? Also, I must make sure that I leave nothing out.' Lin Fan rubbed his chin as he contemplated slowly. Suddenly, his eyes flashed with an idea.

"Thunder Trainer King, come on out!"

"Master." The Thunder Trainer King appeared before Lin Fan instantly and greeted him politely. Turning around to face that Gu Xiao there, those bright, innocent eyes of the Thunder Trainer King flashed brightly, filling up with a look of thirst.

"Train him up well." Lin Fan had already thought up of a perfect plan.

In order to create the maximum impact before the beings of the thousands of races out there, Lin Fan had to put in a good load of effort. How could he let this ancient race being die so easily?

"Yes!" The Thunder Trainer King replied eagerly. Turning around to look at Gu Xiao once more, he smacked his lips with a chilling fervor.

Lin Fan had the utmost confidence in handing Gu Xiao over to the Thunder Trainer King. After all, with the Thunder Trainer King, everything was bound to be fine.

With that cruel set of training devised by the Thunder Trainer King, every single living being in the world would have to bow down under the might of the Thunder Trainer King.

"Eh? Where has the Marquis of Despair gone to?" Lin Fan looked around at his surroundings, trying to make out for any traces of the Marquis of Despair. If he wanted to get out of this Realm of Despair, he would definitely have to locate the Marquis of Despair.

Just then, a series of sounds rang out from the distance. Without hesitation, Lin Fan leaped forth from his spot and headed off into the direction of those sounds.

The source of those sounds was definitely the Marquis of Despair.

If he were to follow along this direction, Lin Fan would definitely be able to track him down.

At this moment, the Marquis of Despair was kneeling on the spot and clutching Long Xuan tightly in his arms. That expression on the Marquis of Despair's face was heart-wrenching to watch.

"Long Xuan, don't leave me…" The Marquis of Despair murmured like a living dead zombie right now. His gaze was dim and empty, without that same iciness from before. Right now, he was more like a pitiable person who had just lost everything in his life.

"Who…?" The moment Lin Fan appeared, the Marquis of Despair raised that depressed face of his and looked at Lin Fan.

The moment Lin Fan's eyes crossed with the Marquis of Despair's, his heart jerked for a moment. However, he steadied himself forcefully. How could he falter at such a moment?

Furthermore, Lin Fan knew that there was definitely no way he could take down the Marquis of Despair given his current strength. However, catching sight of those images from before did give him some ideas.

No matter whether or not they would work, he had to give it a shot.

"You've met me before." Lin Fan said calmly.

"You're that human." The Marquis of Despair recalled before lowering his head to look at Long Xuan again.

"That's right. I am that human. Do you wish to never leave his side? I can help you with that." Lin Fan continued.

"That's impossible! Impossible! I'm being controlled by the Utmost Being! No one can help me. No one at all!" The Marquis of Despair shook his head blankly as his expression changed once more. It was as if his mind had just gone berserk yet again.

"That's right! How can anyone else appear here before me? You're all supposed to die! ALL OF YOU SHALL DIE!" That initially calm expression of the Marquis of Despair turned nasty once more as he bellowed at Lin Fan.

The moment the Marquis of Despair started going mad once more, Lin Fan was startled. Sensing that things were about to head south, he hurriedly added on, "If you don't give it a shot, how would you know it's useless? Unless you mean to tell me that you don't wish to be by Long Xuan's side, and you're unwilling to give up everything you possess right now?"

"Shut up! What does a mere human such as yourself understand?" The Marquis of Despair shot a bloodied gaze at Lin Fan with his bloodshot eyes. It seemed that if Lin Fan said even one more sentence, he would slay Lin Fan without any hesitation at all.

"I understand... I understand everything. If you do not wish to lose Long Xuan, you must have faith in me. Otherwise, if you delay it any further, even if you kill everyone right here, you would never see him ever again." Lin Fan replied.

Right now, Lin Fan was recalling every single dogsh*t scenario he had ever known from those television serials. Eventually, this was the plan he had thought up of.

Any single antagonistic BOSS would never be a frenzied murdering demon if they had someone they cared about around them.

This was especially the case if the person they cared for wanted to leave them. At those critical junctures, they would definitely accede to any request in order to retain those that they cared about for the rest of their lives.

This was the bet that Lin Fan was hedging on right now. And by the looks of the Marquis of Despair's expression, the probability of this working out was really high as well.

The Marquis of Despair looked at Lin Fan without saying anything. That was all he did, looking silently.

'Heaven and Earth Smelt, come on out!'

Instantly, this utmost treasure of the system, the Heaven and Earth Smelt, appeared within the Realm of Despair.

"This is an utmost treasure and can smelt everything within this Heaven and Earth. If you enter this together with Long Xuan, I can smelt both of you into weapon spirits. With that, the both of you shall share a single body and never be separated ever again for all eternity. Even that manipulating power of the utmost being of the ancient race wouldn't be able to interfere with this." Lin Fan explained.

Right now, Flying Heavens was really strong. However, it still did not have a weapon grade nevertheless. If Lin Fan could smelt Long Xuan and the Marquis of Despair into Weapon Spirits and infuse them within the Flying Heavens, he would definitely be able to unleash all the potential within Flying Heavens entirely.

"Never separated for all eternity... Released from all sufferings… Escaping the control of the utmost being forever and ever..." Looking at the Heaven and Earth Smelt, the Marquis of Despair murmured to himself once more.

"HAHA!" Suddenly, he burst up laughing. With his fragile little arms, he lifted Long Xuan up entirely.

"Long Xuan is dead. No matter how much I wish to join him, I don't even have the rights to commit suicide. No matter what you're up to, even if I die, I must be with Long Xuan! What do I have to fear? So what if I have boundless power and an unlimited amount of territories? None of them can be compared to Long Xuan at all! He came to look for me. Despite knowing that he did not abandon me back then, I've scolded him and humiliated him. All I wanted was for him to leave my side so that he would never be under the control of that horrific utmost being as well. But, he understood everything and chose to never ever leave me…"

Carrying Long Xuan, the Marquis of Despair headed towards the Heaven and Earth Smelt step by step. That pitch black fur coat was draped and dragged along those burdened shoulders of his.

At this moment, the Marquis of Despair stood at the entrance of the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Turning around to look at Lin Fan once more, he leaped straight in without any bit of hesitation.

'Don't worry! Anything that Yours Truly promised will never be reneged on.' Lin Fan thought in his heart.

He then tossed the Flying Heavens within the Heaven and Earth Smelt as well.

'The highest Dao of crafting all weapons... A telepathic fusion of two connected hearts… Smelt.'

With that, the Heaven and Earth Smelt rattled violently.

Within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, the Marquis of Despair placed Long Xuan down on the ground, and then laid down beside him.

Holding onto Long Xuan's hand, he closed his eyes.

That never changing expression of 10,000 years finally moved.

For the first time in 10,000 years, he let out a true smile, that was ever so dazzling and brilliant.

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