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"Teacher, will this empowerment hurt?"Zhu You gulped and looked towards Lin Fan with a bit of worry.

"It won't hurt. Relax, I will be gentle towards you. You will soon realize your abilities will have changed."Lin Fan smiled, then took Zhu You's fat hand and brought him to the podium.

Lin Fan thought of a television program where a master had given someone an empowerment. He had made the person sit cross-legged and then pressed all five of his fingers on the person's head.

As a teacher, other stuff didn't matter, but a sense of style was definitely needed.

"Zhu You, sit cross-legged and begin circulating your energy. I will begin…" Lin Fan gave a cry and spread his five fingers, then placed them on Zhu You's head. The atmosphere he gave off was impressive, and it startled the other students.

"Okay, teacher I am ready… come on." Zhu You gulped nervously and said.

"Relax, no need to be so nervous… I will be very gentle."


They had never seen a situation like this before, and also didn't know of the"empowerment" their teacher spoke of. When they saw the nervous expression of Zhu You who was sitting cross-legged, they also started becoming nervous.

But for them, they were more curious as to what would happen next, as their eyes all stared directly at the first test subject, Zhu You.

"Ah, teacher, Zhu You threw up."When they looked more closely, they then realized what looked like his breakfast came spilling out of his mouth.

Lin Fan, who was preparing his empowerment, then froze, "Zhu You, what's wrong?"

Lin Fan was somewhat speechless. He hadn't even started his empowerment yet, so how did these symptoms appear?

"Teacher, you were pressing my head and moving it around, so I felt nauseated and wanted to throw up. Teacher, is empowerment supposed to be this painful?"Zhu You felt that empowerment was really painful.

Lin Fan heard this and rolled his eyes, feeling a bit awkward. On television, the masters would grab hold of the person's head when giving them empowerments. And in order to give off some atmosphere, they would move their arms quickly back and forth, but when it came to him how was it that it made other people wanted to throw up?

'This doesn't make sense, this doesn't make any sense at all.'

"It's fine, it's normal. I was just circulating my energy earlier, we will now actually begin. Be prepared." Lin Fan decided not to play around anymore and just directly give his students the empowerment.

'Ding…"t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body"transfer?'


At that moment, Zhu You, who had previously felt nothing, suddenly stiffened. He felt the area where his teacher was holding grow warmer as if an energy was being transferred from the hand to his own head.

The energy circulated around his head, going up and down before dispersing in all directions.

'Ding… empowerment completed.'

"Alright, how do you feel?" Lin Fan asked while watching Zhu You.

The other students looked at Zhu You, not knowing what had happened. Zhu You blinked and looked confusedly at his surroundings, then shook his head," Teacher, I feel like there is something in my head that I previously didn't know."

"Hm, not bad." Lin Fan nodded then suddenly punched Zhu You. The surrounding students jumped in surprise and froze, not understanding why their teacher had attacked.

"How's that?"Lin Fan had suppressed the strength of his punch. He had wanted to show that "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body"had actually transferred to him, although he still didn't know how they were supposed to cultivate it.

Inside the Saint Devil sect, the punching bags cultivated "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body"by themselves, it couldn't be done with outside help. So Lin Fan had wanted to see if the current "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body"had changed.

Zhu You received his teacher's punch and a pleasant expression appeared on his face, "Teacher, you punch felt really comfortable. I feel an energy flowing around inside my body."

"Ah, Zhu You, teacher just punched you and you say it feels comfortable? Teacher, did something happen to Zhu You?"Cao Tianjiao looked towards Lin Fan and asked.

"There is no problem, it's normal. I just transferred a body training skill to Zhu You. This skill is very powerful, you don't need to cultivate it. Just let others beat you up, and it will advance. Anyways, enough of that. Everyone line up, I will give you all empowerments." Lin Fan said.

"Yes." The students heard this and were very excited. It was such a powerful martial skill and they could even learn it immediately. They had all tried cultivation before in the past, but in the end, they weren't even able to cultivate unconventional martial skills. According to their teacher, it was because they didn't have enough knowledge.

Then, Lin Fan gave the remaining twelve people empowerments one at a time.

"Alright, I have transferred this powerful body training skill to all of you. Cultivate this properly from now on, don't ruin my reputation."Lin Fan wanted to leave a deeper impression on the students, so he had put forth extra effort to the point his face paled, and his breath became weak.

"Yes."The thirteen students nodded their heads gravely, then looked towards their teacher's pale face, their hearts in pain. Tears began streaming out because the teacher was hurting his own body to give them empowerments.

Although they didn't have much experience and hadn't heard of people transferring martial skills to others, when they saw their teacher transferring his skills to them, they realized the burden must be heavy.

"Teacher, thank you for all your efforts. A teacher for a day, a father for life. All of us here will never tarnish teacher's name in the future." Cao Tianjiao led the others and knelt down.

"Good, train well from now on and cultivate this body training skill to its highest degree." Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction.

"Yes, teacher." The thirteen students replied at the same time.

"Alright, we will start the lesson now."Lin Fan was preparing to talk more about some novels to improve the intelligence of the students. As for the novels, naturally, he would choose underdog stories. After all, they would bring the greatest effect.

"Teacher, you must have injured your roots when you gave us the empowerments. You should properly rest up."Cao Tianjiao said.

Lin Fan smiled and waved his hand dismissively,"Nothing much. As a teacher, I must do my job, and I will now tell you some stories to broaden your horizons. They will help you in the future, so listen carefully."

The students looked at the pale face of their teacher who still wanted to continue lessons for them, and it made them even more touched and moved to tears.

"According to legend, from the Dali Dynasty in the Longyuan province, there was a family of the first generation called Fang family…The story I will be talking about is regarding a slave within the Fang family…"

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