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Lin Fan smiled calmly. This was a result he had predicted from the start. However, even under such circ.u.mstances, he had to maintain his image.

After all, one's image was always the most important. He had to ensure that this image of a powerful and mysterious being was always maintained, so that it exuded off with perfection. Furthermore, how could he casually let just any being of the thousands of races hug his thighs just like that?

Suddenly, Lin Fan pushed down calmly with his palm. With that, it felt like a blanket was placed over everyone, as silence spread out across the ma.s.ses.

Every single one of the beings of the thousands of races glared at that respectable image of a man in the sky with wide open jaws.

Within the Ancient Saint World, how many beings of the thousands of races could dare to head over and slay a million ancient race soldiers just like this Motherf*cking Human King?

At the same time, looking at this human in the air, Gu Xiao's heart was burning with rage. d.a.m.n it! G.o.d d.a.m.n it!

He was the son of the Sovereign King Wei, and could be considered as one of the highest cla.s.ses of the ancient race beings! Back when he was born, he basked in a golden light from the Heaven's Will. Under the warm, golden bath, he had already received the blessings of the Heaven's Will at that very moment.

Furthermore, he was someone who was poised to be one of the overlords of the ancient race! How could a mere sc.u.m of the thousands of races humiliate him in front of so many other beings? How could he endure such indignance?


His hatred was boundless right now.

"Human race, Lin Fan…!" Gu Xiao's face was dark right now as he growled through clenched teeth.

"How dare a lowlife from the thousands of races such as yourself humiliate an upper-cla.s.s ancient race being? You deserve a terrible death for your sins!"

Looking at Gu Xiao, Lin Fan's lips curled into a cold grin. However, in his heart, he was busy thinking about how he should get rid of this fella here.

Earlier on, when he made that comment about semi-divine celestials being ants, that was all bullsh*t. If he wanted to kill Gu Xiao, naturally he wouldn't be able to do it with the back of his palms. He might even have to pay some price if he truly wanted to kill this being right here.

However, with the gaze of the beings of the thousands of races fixated on him, there was no way he could show signs of weakness right now. If they were to truly start fighting, he would try to lure this ancient race being to somewhere far before dealing with him slowly.

Lin Fan was satisfied with this plan he had come up with. 'Alright then! That's how I shall do it later on.'


Suddenly, a shrill, sorrowful cry rang out from the distance.

"Long Xuan, you've lied to me."

"You said that you would never leave me for all eternity."


That small frame of the Marquis of Despair was hugging Long Xuan's body tightly in his arms right now. That once cute and expressionless face of his was crumpled up in anger and rage.

That black fur coat that was draped on his back was stained with fresh red blood, as were his tender, white hands.

Those sinister and cold eyes of that emotionless the Marquis of Despair were now filled with tears gushing out of them. Like a helpless child, he looked absolutely powerless right now.


He howled out once more as a dark and terrifying power burst forth from his body. This power was even more horrifying than doomsday itself. The moment Lin Fan turned his head around, he was stunned by what he saw.

Divine celestial level 1.

However, at this moment, the pitch black power of despair was surging out of his body. With that, the Marquis of Despair's powers spiked up once more. In the blink of an eye, he was now a divine celestial level 2.

'How could this be?' Lin Fan frowned in disbelief.

That shrill and sharp voice pierced through the void as that black power of despair gradually distorted into a shroud, covering the entire sky and caging up the Despair City altogether.

This power of despair surpa.s.sed every other sort of power around it.

It surpa.s.sed s.p.a.ce.

It surpa.s.sed time.

Under the repressing pressure of this power of despair, everything came to a halt.

Gu Xiao was rooted at this moment as well. He had not expected the Marquis of Despair to turn out this strong!

He had already known that the Marquis of Despair had attained the divine celestial cultivation state. However, that should only be a divine celestial level 1 at best. To think that the amount of power that was emitted out of him right now was that of a level 2!

At the start, he had already considered the fact that he could definitely run away if the Marquis of Despair dared to turn around and try to kill him. But right now, that confidence was wavering.


Without any hesitation, Gu Xiao turned into a streak of light as he darted out into the distance. However, his path forward was instantly blocked by a shroud of black mist.



A pitch black beam shone between the Heaven and Earth, sealing the whole Despair City entirely.

'Ding…The Marquis of Despair has broken down mentally. Entering the Marquis of Despair's Realm of Despair.'

The moment Lin Fan heard the system's notification, he was completely stunned. What in the world was happening right now?

His surroundings were entirely pitch black. He couldn't even see his fingers if he were to stretch out his hands. However, he frowned. He could sense an unknown power wrapping itself around him.

'Ding…Discovered the Marquis of Despair's power of despair. Cultivate it?'


Without any single bit of hesitation, Lin Fan did it. To think that the Marquis of Despair would have broken down entirely! Then…this Realm of Despair that was created by him must definitely be bent on killing everyone in this whole place!

If the system could cultivate it, he must definitely cultivate it no matter what!

Suddenly, a series of wails rang out from his surroundings. By the sounds of it, these were the wails of someone who had gone entirely insane.

Lin Fan listened carefully. These wails should be coming from the beings of the thousands of races!

"This is the Marquis of Despair's Realm of Despair. Everyone, stay firm to yourselves. You must absolutely not let this dark power of despair seep into your soul!"

Lin Fan did not know who was speaking right now. However, by the sounds of it, this should be someone from the six major sects.

'Holy f*ck. Sh*t has seriously turned f*cking real once more.' Lin Fan was feeling slightly nervous right now. To think that he would meet such troublesome issues time and again!

However, the thing that was bothering him right now was how the Marquis of Despair was cultivating his powers.

A few months ago, the Marquis of Despair was definitely just a desolate celestial full cultivation being! Why the h.e.l.l was he a divine celestial level 1 right now? And to think that after breaking down, he would go on to break through into divine celestial level 2!

Even popping pills like a junkie wouldn't produce results like these!

With the cultivation process of the system going on, Lin Fan did not have to bother himself with the power of despair surrounding him. Right now, the most important thing was to find a way out to kill that Gu Xiao and this so-called Marquis of Despair.

At that moment, Lin Fan caught sight of a small spot of light that was bobbing up and down in front of him. Even though Lin Fan did not know what that was, any single weird occurrence right now could mean a way for him to get out of this place altogether.

Without any hesitation, Lin Fan leaped forth towards that bobbing spot of light.

The moment he arrived near the light, the image before his eyes changed entirely.

His surroundings were no longer dark. In fact, it was extremely bright, as he found himself located somewhere in the midst of a village.

"Xiguang, come and catch me!"

"Big Brother Long Xuan, wait up! I can't run any further!"

Two kids who were laughing happily darted by Lin Fan.

'Could that be when Long Xuan and the Marquis of Despair were kids?' Lin Fan looked at his surroundings in astonishment. His heart was skipping faster as well. What a strange place this was!

Suddenly, the image changed once more.

"He is a b*stard child! Kill him!" Within the village, a bunch of people from the Dragon race had a single child tied up to a thick beam. All of them were glaring at that child with hatred and detest in their eyes.

The image changed again.

"I'm Long Xuan, what's your name!" A small kid was dangling a strand of gra.s.s in his mouth as he stood before another kid who had buried his head in his knees. This kid who was standing up stretched out his palm with a bright and dazzling smile on his face.

"Xiguang." The other vulnerable kid, whose face was pale and whose eyes were filled with fright, replied feebly.

Just as Lin Fan was watching the scene, it changed yet again.

"Big Brother Long Xuan, don't ever leave me, alright…?" Xiguang's eyes were filled with hope.

"For sure! I'll never ever leave Little Guang!"

"Big Brother Long Xuan! Where are you…?" Within the village, a lost Xiguang was looking around frantically and helplessly.

"Burn him! He's a b*stard child! He's a b*stard child of the ancient race!"

"BIG BROTHER LONG XUAN! DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE ME? YOU LIED…!" Tied on the thick beam, Xiguang was crying out at the top of his lungs.

"Are you feeling despaired right now? Do you require power? Power which could allow you to destroy everything in your way." Within the darkness, a sinister pair of eyes was witnessing the entire happenings.

"Everyone has betrayed me…I NEED POWER!"

The village descended into a sea of flames as everyone within perished entirely…

Image after image, Lin Fan was just swimming through them right now.

Eventually, that kid that had ma.s.sacred the entire village left.

Tens of years later, a handsome and suave young man returned from his sect. Looking at the derelict village before him, his eyes were filled with sadness.

"Little Guang! Where have you gone to? I now possess a great amount of power that I can protect you with! But where have you gone to…?"

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