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For those beings of the thousands of races out there who had had their fair share of torments, the sight of Lin Fan's graceful demeanor was etched into the core of their hearts for the rest of their lives. No matter how they tried, they could never bring themselves to forget this n.o.ble figure.

But, the disciples of the six major sects were filled with bewilderment.

Could this be the human who had supposedly killed the four commanders and the million ancient race soldiers?

But, how could this be…?

A single step from Lin Fan was so far, yet so near. In the blink of an eye, he appeared right before all of them.

The sides of his robes floated gently against the breeze while his fine black hair danced in the air. His face was relaxed as he looked down on the entire world while glaring at the ancient race. He then frowned, as though he was puzzled.

"I've already slain all the ancient race beings here. Why are there still more appearing now?" Under the watchful gaze of the ma.s.ses, Lin Fan commented casually.

His voice was calm, as though there were yet another few ants who had entered the fray, trying to cause trouble.

From the words of the beings of the thousands of races, the disciples of the six major sects already knew that the million ancient race soldiers were killed by a single human. However, even then, they were still slightly doubtful of that fact.

However, right in front of them, the very words were spouted out from the human's mouth himself. The faces of everyone from the six major sects began to change rapidly.





"Human lord! Please save us!"

"Oh, great and mighty human lord! Please salvage us from this world of sufferings!"

Suddenly, all the beings of the thousands of races prostrated themselves under the glorious aura of Lin Fan.

'The strong shall reign supreme.' In a world like this, they were in need of a powerful leader who could lead them out of their current predicament into the light.

And, this human before them was that man they needed.

Xiesheng raised his head and looked at Lin Fan. He had not expected those words of his that were thought to be bulls.h.i.t to come true. With the strength of a single person, he had managed to overrun the entire Despair City. Just what sort of powers should one have in order to accomplish such a feat?

Dulong exchanged glances with the other elders present. They were still in denial right now. However, they could not deny the fact that the powerful aura they had felt earlier on was emitted by this human.

"Who are you?" Gu Xiao stared at this human who was floating gently in the air and frowned. He was evidently displeased at this man's insolence. The fact that this human's gaze was casual and relaxed seemed to cause Gu Xiao even more anger than anything else.

There had truly never been any other being of the thousands of races who had dared to show him such an att.i.tude.

Lin Fan looked over at Gu Xiao carefully.

'Semi divine celestial cultivation state.'

This wasn't a weak cultivation state by any chance. But alas, what a pity!

"Semi divine celestial cultivation state. You can't even breakthrough to divine celestial in one single take?" Lin Fan scoffed in disdain. However, he did not realize the impact these words would cause for the rest of the people present.

All the members of the six major sects knew of the strength of this ancient race being. However, they had not expected him to be a semi-divine celestial! Even though he was only halfway there, that was still as good as having one step through the door of that G.o.dly state!

But, the way this human had remarked that fact with such contempt, just what sort of powers did this human possess?

"BRAZEN!" The moment Gu Xiao heard this, he burst out in anger. "Take down this human! I've got to see just what sort of capabilities he possesses!"

"Yes, young master!" Instantly, the eight chamberlains following Gu Xiao nodded their heads as a menacing aura burst forth from them.

"Watch out!"

Elder Dulong could not help but warn out of instinct. The eight chamberlains were extremely powerful, somewhere around their own cultivation states. Coupled with the fact that they had an innate advantage over the other races, if they were on the same cultivation states, beings of the thousands of races would definitely find it hard-pressed to go against any ancient race being.

But the moment he said those words, he regretted it immediately. After all, the next scene sent their sanities tumbling down the rabbit hole.

Lin Fan looked at the eight chamberlains. Desolate celestial full cultivation state.

If this were earlier on, he might have required some tricks to get at them.

But, he no longer required stuff like that.

He had received an explosive growth with all the pill popping, such that his level had risen twice. Right now, he was a desolate celestial upper-level being.

Despair City had existed for a thousand years now. In order to fill the void in his heart, the Marquis of Despair had acc.u.mulated a large number of pills. For any commoner, these pills would be treasures that were priceless. Even if they were to consume just one, they would definitely take their time to digest it. However, for Lin Fan, these were nothing but experience points.

The moment he swallowed them, the system would automatically convert them into experience points which gushed into his body. With that, he broke through the experience cap for 2 straight levels instantly.

Who wouldn't fear a power like this?

"Know your places." Lin Fan snorted coldly as his five fingers ripped out like a claw. Tearing through the void, an immense amount of energy burst forth.

This tremendous energy rippled continuously as a gigantic palm that covered the sky descended from the Heavens, grabbing out at the eight chamberlains.

"What?"' Seeing this, all eight of them froze up as fear filled their eyes.

To them, that puny human from before had suddenly turned so terrifyingly mighty! In fact, that single claw-like swipe had sealed their own personal s.p.a.ce as well. They were rooted there, with nowhere to run nor dodge!

"YOUNG MASTER, SAVE US…!" The eight chamberlains suddenly howled.


That heavenly piercing gigantic palm caught all eight chamberlains within its grip and squeezed.

In the blink of an eye, the eight chamberlains did not have any room to resist at all. Just like that, they were squished to death, as their pitch-black fresh blood sprayed through the skies.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing desolate celestial full cultivation state ancient race being.'

'Ding…Experience points +50,000'

Eight notifications from the system appeared at the back of Lin Fan's mind.

Just like that, he had received 400,000 experience points. Seemed like other than popping pills, there was nothing that could beat the experience points gained from killing ancient race beings.

Lin Fan would never ever show any mercy towards the ancient race beings. Any one of them he b.u.mped into would definitely be killed and converted into experience points.

And right now, tens of thousands of pairs of eyes were fixated on him. Of course, Lin Fan felt the need to show an appropriate display of might. Taking down everything in his way with sheer brute force was the only way Yours Truly could ensure his name would be pa.s.sed down in the history of the beings of the thousands of races.

"Hmph! How dare mere desolate celestial full cultivation beings act so impertinently before Yours Truly!" Lin Fan tossed his robes and shouted at Gu Xiao imposingly, "You can come now!"

By now, all members of the six major sects were thoroughly stumped. Their eyeb.a.l.l.s were opened so wide that they could almost fall out of their sockets at this instant.

To think that desolate celestial full cultivation beings couldn't even hold on for a single round against this human! Wasn't this way too horrific?

For these members of the six major sects, those eight ancient race chamberlains could be considered as invincible existences! Even elder Dulong would not dare to claim that he could take on all of them by himself.

If they were all in their peak state, they could take advantage of their numbers and probably kill these eight chamberlains if they all struck together. However, even then, the number of casualties would be uncountable.

The jaws of the beings of the thousands of races were opened so widely that one could almost stuff an entire egg within them, as they glared at Lin Fan in the air with utter excitement.

"Yours Truly is the Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan! Today, I shall conduct the execution of all of you from the ancient race! Is there any indignance you would like to voice out?" Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back as he glared at Gu Xiao straight in the eye with a casual expression.

Gu Xiao's face was crumpled up, speechless right now. But those beings of the thousands of races erupted out in cheers.





By now, every single one of the beings of the thousands of races out there just wanted to hug Lin Fan's thighs desperately and serve under him.

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