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"Disciple…!" Dulong, who had an extraordinary demeanor, felt his heart being carved out at the sight of that bloodstained figure.

Long Xuan was his disciple, his one and only disciple. In all these years, he had only taken in Long Xuan as a disciple. And because Long Xuan was his most beloved disciple ever, the deeper one loved, the deeper the cut it left as well. Back then when his beloved disciple had chosen to side with the Marquis of Despair, his firm heart shattered into pieces.

Ever since then, Dulong had never once taken in another disciple, nor had he ever mentioned the fact that he had a disciple as well.

His heart was in turmoil.

At this moment, a single phrase suddenly struck Dulong, 'Who could lead an impeccable life?'

But right now, it was all too late.

This disciple of his had once tried looking him up, trying to explain his actions. However, Dulong had never ever given him the chance to do so. Time and again, he would wallop this dear disciple of his half to death. From the very beginning, he had never ever taken the time to listen to any words he tried to say.

At this moment, Dulong regretted everything. Why had he never granted Long Xuan the chance after all those years!


The Marquis of Despair's scream was shrill right now as that once expressionless face was filled with panic. Turning into a streak of light, he burst off towards the plummeting Long Xuan.

"Hmph! How is he befitting of the t.i.tle as the Marquis of Despair if he's so merciful? Since you refuse to strike on your own, I'll do it for you." Looking at everything before him, Gu Xiao commented casually.

To Gu Xiao, the beings of the thousands of races out there were nothing but ants. Other than being food for the ancient race, they had no other purpose.

Gu Xiao had always been someone who loved killing beings of the other races. After all, the more of them he killed, the more blessings he would receive in return from the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World.

This was a great boon to his personal cultivation.

In fact, he had been coveting the beings of the thousands of races that were captive in the Despair City for a really long time now. With its convenient location near the ascension point, the Despair City possessed a boundless amount of resources.

Gu Xiao had always dreamed of owning the Despair City one day. If he could do that, he would definitely be able to hasten his speed of attaining the divine celestial cultivation state.

Before attaining the state of divine celestial, every cultivation state prior to that was simply child's play. One would only step on the true path to eternity after they entered the divine celestial cultivation state.

Even though he coveted it, there was nothing he could do. After all, the Despair City was a place conferred by the utmost being lord himself. Even if he were the son of the Sovereign King Wei, if he ever offended the utmost being lord, his death would come in a matter of seconds.

Casting his gaze at the members of the six major sects, Gu Xiao's lips curled into a cold sneer.

"Not bad. There are so many beings of the other races left. This should satisfy my killing thirst." Gu Xiao stepped forth. He had long tossed any concern about the Marquis of Despair, who was now berserk and had lost all his battle intent, to the back of his head.

The chamberlains behind Gu Xiao looked at the members of the six major sects as though they were viewing food as well, slurping with their saliva dripping.

How nice would it be if they could kill such a large number of beings of the thousands of races!

"Young master, could we devour some of them?"

"Of course." Gu Xiao granted the permission.

"Thank you, young master!" The moment the chamberlains heard this, their eyes shone with glee. Right now, they had really lucked out!

It had been such a long time since they came across such a quant.i.ty of beings to kill. These sorts of oppressive ma.s.sacres were the sort of slaughtering they enjoyed the most.

In fact, those defenseless elders were the real delicacies in their eyes. However, they knew that those elders would definitely be reserved for their young master. They could only choose from the small shrimps around.

But it didn't matter. This would suffice as well. As long as they got to kill, they would definitely feel excited.

"Senior brother, they're coming!" Long Yue'er's face was pale right now. In fact, she was even shivering. The Marquis of Despair alone had caused them to feel fearful. However, the aura emanating from these ancient race beings were causing them to feel chills down their spines as well.

"I see them." Mu Longtian had not expected such a tragic fate to befall him one day. If he couldn't defeat the Marquis of Despair, so be it. However, to think that he would feel such fear even for these ancient race beings before his face!

"Protect the elders!" Looking at the approaching ancient race beings, Xiesheng was nervous as well. However, he wouldn't allow the ancient race beings to harm their elders at this juncture!

Dulong frowned. He knew that this would go really badly. After all, he was clear about the strength of these ancient race beings. They were strong, really strong.

Even if they were at their peak state right now, they still weren't a match for these ancient race beings.

The household name of the Sovereign King Wei was well known amongst the ancient race beings. In fact, it was a name that was even more horrifying than the Marquis of Despair. Even if the person here before them was just his son, he still wasn't an existence they could easily deal with.

'These so-called six major sects are nothing but some pariah sects formed by a bunch of ants in some faraway land. If we could force out the location of these sects from them and devour their roots, the divine celestial state would definitely be in my grasp.' Gu Xiao thought to himself with a cold laughter.

To him, they truly were no different from any other ants out there in the world, equally puny and weak.

At this moment, all of the beings of the thousands of races who were previously held captive in the Despair City were now scared sh*tless against the might of the ancient race beings. At this moment of franticness, the only thing that came into their minds was to search for that powerful and almighty human being who had rescued them earlier on.

But, to their dismay, he was nowhere to be found! It was as though he had disappeared from the world altogether!

"Eh? To think that there would be such a pet.i.te and tender looking girl from the Dragon race. Alright, I'll use your blood to rinse my mouth first!" Gu Xiao raised his hand. With a scratch of his five fingers, a ma.s.sive amount of energy surged out.

"AHHHH! SENIOR BROTHER! SAVE ME!" Long Yue'er's face was pale as a sheet right now as her body gravitated towards Gu Xiao uncontrollably.

The moment Mu Longtian caught sight of this scene, all the blood drained from his face. His legs wobbled uncontrollably, as he did not dare to head up front at all.

Looking at the helplessness of her senior brother who was just shaking there, her face was filled with despair.

"Let go of my senior sister!" Suddenly, Xiesheng was the one who hollered out instead. Bursting forth with his dragon power, he grabbed Long Yue'er in his arms and tossed her back. In return, he was now the one who was being sucked towards Gu Xiao!

"Hmph! Know your place." Gu Xiao glared at Xiesheng icily before swinging his arm out. For someone like Xiesheng, this amount of power was comparable to that of the Heavens; he was unable to defend against it at all.


Like a kite that was cut loose, Xiesheng was sent slamming onto the floor as he coughed out mouthfuls of fresh blood instantly.

"Junior brother!!!" Immediately, Long Yue'er headed forth to support him up. She had not expected that the one who would save her would be the junior brother she would commonly lecture on a day to day basis. On the other hand, that once revered senior brother of hers was the one who was rooted there helplessly.

"Puny! Simply way too weak! Forget it, I'll just devour all of you then!" Gu Xiao jeered coldly. Opening his mouth widely, he darted towards the members of the six major sects.

The moment the chamberlains caught sight of their young master unleashing his big move, they pounced forth like tigers as well towards the disciples of the six major sects. If they were to hesitate, they might not even have any sc.r.a.ps left!

The moment the disciples of the six major sects caught sight of these ferocious ancient race beings pouncing towards them, they felt their hearts sink in fear. Those beings of the thousands of races who were just rescued moments earlier felt an immense dread filling them up as well.

Who could come and save them now…?

"Ancient race…" Just then, a solemn and imposing voice rang out from the distance. A st.u.r.dy aura covered the entire void as it pushed down towards these ancient race beings.

"Huh…?" Gu Xiao's brows creased as he stopped what he was doing and looked over to the distance. As for the beings of the thousands of races out there, this voice was like a rescue rope that was dropped into that abyss of h.e.l.l for them to climb out.

The disciples of the six major sects looked over in bewilderment, wondering who this voice belonged to.

"It's that great human lord!"

"That human lord hasn't left at all! He's here to save us!"

"That's the lord who slaughtered the four commanders along with million ancient race soldiers!"

The beings of the thousands of races erupted out in cheers.

The elders of the six major sects focused their gazes as they looked at Lin Fan warily.

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