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"Everyone always comes forth to bully me. I, the Marquis of Despair, am the sovereign of Despair City, with an unlimited territory to my name. To think that even ants like you guys would dare to step forth to challenge my authority." Even though the Marquis of Despair's face was expressionless as he looked at the members of the six major sects, one could sense the boundless fury in that deep and sinister voice of his.

That clean, cute face of his turned extremely vile instantly. In the eyes of the members of the six major sects, it was as if a peerless devil had just raised his palm, causing a devastating force to ripple through the Heaven and Earth, destroying everything in its path.

Those disciples who had merely heard of the Marquis of Despair's name and were meeting him for the first time could not believe that this cute and doll-like boy child could possess such an immense amount of hatred within him.

Those frosty eyes of his pierced through the void. In that instance, the Heaven and Earth were not the only places that were sealed frozen. Their skipping heartbeats felt an immense repression immediately.

The elders of the six major sects looked around at their disciples with a look of fear. The Marquis of Despair's power of despair had seeped itself into their inner hearts. If this were to carry on, these disciples would undoubtedly fall into the endless abyss of despair, unable to pull themselves out of it forever!

The elders of the Shenzu Dian Sect stepped forth. Pursing their lips, mysterious golden glowing heavenly symbols shot out of their mouths.

These heavenly symbols brought with them a holy glow as they increased in number and density. Eventually, these heavenly symbols culminated into a G.o.d of Symbols.

The G.o.d of Symbol hollered out as a heavenly tune filled the entire sky. The feelings of hope and beauty, which represented the most positive of all energies, entwined with one another as they formed a river which coiled itself around the bodies of the disciples.

"W-what happened just now?"

"Why did I feel such endless despair within my heart!"

"Junior brother, how did I injure you?"

Beings of the Wings race commanded the most radiant of all energies in the world. When produced by the elders of the Shenzu Dian Sect, the power was intensified even further.

This tremendous amount of positive energy purged the power of despair cast by the Marquis of Despair immediately, allowing the disciples of the six major sects to recover from it.

Amongst the elders of the Shenzu Dian Sect, one of them was born with a strange attribute. Born with three wings, he was considered an abnormal being of the Wings race, and wielded even more power than other similar beings of his race.

But, this only served to display how far ahead the Marquis of Despair's strength was compared to them. Just purging the power of despair alone required them to use their skills to counter it.

Long Xuan looked at the members of the six major sects. He had not expected them to come forth to the Despair City for a rescue mission for these captive beings.

If the Marquis of Despair were the only one who had returned, Long Xuan would still have the confidence of keeping the lives of the members of the six major sects. But now that Gu Xiao, the son of the Sovereign King Wei, was here along with a huge number of chamberlains he brought with him, the current situation was looking extremely dangerous.

"Hehe…" The Marquis of Despair lowered his head as his glistening black fringe covered his eyes, leaving nothing but his bone-chilling sn.i.g.g.e.r. Suddenly, the Marquis of Despair tossed his head up. That initially calm gaze of his was now replaced with a strange gleam.

"ALL OF YOU CAN GO TO h.e.l.l!" The Marquis of Despair screamed out with a mad holler. Raising his hand, a sharp power of despair ripped through the entire void.

This formidable power caused the elders of the six major sects to truly feel fear. This was the power of the Heavens. THIS WAS POWER THAT BELONGED TO THE DIVINE G.o.dS!

"To think that this little devil's true state would be that of a divine celestial...!" Looking at the power that burst forth from the Marquis of Despair, Dulong's expression changed completely.

Divine celestial cultivation state… That was a state that trod on the Heavens itself. Even if they were to combine all of their forces, they still wouldn't be able to deal with the Marquis of Despair!

"Right now, the only thing we can do is to fight with all we've got, so that our disciples can escape." An elder from the Ju Lingshen Sect remarked.

"Burning everything away, if sacrificing our lives would mean that the Marquis of Despair is removed, that could be considered a good thing for us from the thousands of races out there as well."

At this moment, the high and mighty Mu Longtian, who had wanted the reverence of the beings of the thousands of races out there, was absolutely terrified. Upon sensing the boundless power of the Marquis of Despair which was like the vast seas, his face was pale as a sheet.

In front of this power, he finally knew what true fear was. His pupils were dilated from fright right now. To think that the Marquis of Despair would be this menacing! In fact, in front of this guy, he couldn't even find the strength to lift a single finger!

The thirty elders of the six major sects burst forth with their own powers in retaliation. Their aura pierced through the Heavens.

'Void Piercing Heavenly Dragon!'

The elders of the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect hollered out as their skin tore apart, turning into a 100,000 feet long dragon. Howling wildly, their dragon energy erupted out from all over the place, fusing together.

Ju Lingshen Sect, Shenzu Dian Sect, Water G.o.d Sect, Heaven Horn Sect and Heavenly Eye King Sect.

Thirty elders of the six major sects all poured out every single last thing they had right now. Their rumbling combined powers culminated in the sky.

Gu Xiao, who had been silently observing everything, was pretty displeased. He had not expected the Marquis of Despair's powers to be this strong. To think that he had broken through to divine celestial in such a short period of time. This was something Gu Xiao could not accept.

Even though the Marquis of Despair was nothing but a lapdog for the utmost being, what about that cheap being, Long Xuan, then? How dare that lowlife try to overtake the mighty ancient race beings as well?

Gu Xiao had been stuck in the midst of transitioning to a divine celestial for a long time now. From the unknowns, he would always try to entrust his consciousness to obtain a spot within that realm. However, he would always be stuck at the most crucial step, never able to attain that sought-after cultivation state.

Long Xuan was in a dilemma right now. On one hand, it was his master who had groomed him all the way from the past. On the other hand, it was someone who was really important to him.

"Marquis of Despair, today, our six major sects here shall perish together with you!" Dulong yelled out angrily as his boundless power merged with that of his comrades.


A towering colossal giant stood tall between the Heaven and Earth. Heavenly tunes could be heard, while it seemed as though every step it took would take down an entire world itself, bursting forth with an endless amount of energy.

"Anything below divine celestial is nothing but an ant." The Marquis of Despair's frosty gaze stared straight at the giant as he placed his small, tender palms together.

Instantly, a gigantic hole tore open in the void. It was pitch black within the hole, as a surge of energy rippled out into the world from within, along with with a violent force.

This devastating energy was enough to annihilate the Heavens and tear down the worlds. In the face of this power, every other living being seemed so puny and fragile.


That t.i.tanic giant howled out in anger. However, in the face of that formidable opposing force, it began to crack apart bit by bit.

'Spear of Despair!'

Suddenly, a long, shining black spear that was covered by the power of despair extended out slowly from that pitch black hole.

This long spear shone with a glistening black glow. There was a large number of heavenly despair symbols inscribed on it, as though all the energy of despair within the Heaven and Earth was gathered on it, bringing with it its apocalyptic powers.


That long spear jerked for a moment before it bolted out towards the six major sects.

"Little Guang! Stop!" The moment Long Xuan caught sight of the spear, his face changed immediately. Shifting nimbly, he appeared before that enormous crumbling giant.

The moment the Marquis of Despair caught sight of Long Xuan's figure, that expressionless face of his moved momentarily. Suddenly, it was as though he had lost all control as he howled out sorrowfully.

"DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE ME TOO?" That long spear stopped in its tracks immediately. Following the Marquis of Despair's long howl, it vibrated immensely. Perhaps it was telepathic, as it seemed as though the Spear of Despair could sense that emotion of despair within the Marquis of Despair's heart right now.

"Little Guang, I…!" Long Xuan looked over at the Marquis of Despair.


Suddenly, a cold light shimmered as a skull pierced through Long Xuan's body, biting off half of Long Xuan's heart as it penetrated him.

"Marquis of Despair, you're way too merciful. A disobedient dog as such deserves nothing but death. Why do you need to speak so much?" Standing in the distance, Gu Xiao chuckled sinisterly as a skull rested in his palm. He then took out the half ripped heart and placed it in his mouth, gnawing on it.

"Yum, yum. Not bad. The heart of someone from the Dragon race tastes pretty good indeed." Gu Xiao laughed cruelly.

"Lit…tle…Guang…" Lowering his head, Long Xuan glared at the gaping hole in his chest that was gushing with fresh blood. He then murmured softly towards the Marquis of Despair in the distance, his eyes filled with overwhelming emotions. Finally, as though every single last bit of strength had left him, he collapsed into a downward descent from the skies.

At this moment in the secret chamber…

Lin Fan propped up his full belly as he burped a few times.

"Holy sh*t! There are simply way too many pills! I can't eat anymore! I'm truly bloated right now!" Lin Fan had never once imagined that he would one day be feeling bloated to the brink of explosion through popping pills.

"Eh? What's going on outside? Why is it so noisy?" Lin Fan pondered weirdly.

Rubbing his tummy, he stood up and walked outside.

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