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At this moment, all the members of the six major sects were howling out madly. Any disciple who wielded any weapons whipped them out instantly. As for those without any, they raised their aura to the peak, getting ready to duke it out.

The heightened battle intent right now was filling their entire bodies with adrenaline.

At this moment, the ancient race no longer seemed as scary to them as before. In fact, they were a little worked up. After all, their shot at performing was here. No matter what, they had to have these beings of the thousands of races revere and praise them.

They were the six major sects who had prepared immensely for this! How could they let a single human slow them up?

"Battle, battle, battle!"

Mu Longtian chanted before turning around and facing his junior brothers and hollering out, "Show them the spirit of our Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect! Kill every single ancient race being that comes to us!"

By now, the haughty Mu Longtian, who loved being in the limelight, had gone entirely berserk. Within his heart, there was only the intolerable feeling of his limelight being stolen by that human.

Each time the beings of the thousands of races out there praised the human, he would feel his heart ache for a moment. It was as though something important was missing from his heart each time that happened.

Oh, how much it stung and hurt…!

"Ah…!" By now, the beings of the thousands of races out there were cowering behind the backs of the disciples of the six major sects. However, when they caught sight of the figure on the clouds, they were shocked silly.

"Do not fear! With us around, your safety is definitely guaranteed!" Mu Longtian revealed a calm and rea.s.suring smile as he noticed the panicked expressions of these former captives.

It was a good thing that they were afraid right now. Afterward, when they were done with the ancient race beings, the limelight of that human would fall upon their shoulders as well.

Mu Longtian turned around and pointed two fingers out into the vast skies. He then shouted out with a look of absolute might, "ANCIENT RACE! PREPARE TO…To…to…"

Suddenly, Mu Longtian's face changed when he caught sight of that figure on the clouds.

That confidence of his shattered into immense fear immediately.

"Jue…w.a.n.g Hou!"

Within the void floated a bunch of ancient race beings. Standing right before them was a boy draped in black robes. He stood silently with a frosty expression. There wasn't a single strain of emotion to be found on his face at all.

His gaze was chilling and hollow. Exchanging glances with him would cause one to feel an immense dread immediately.

Beside him stood Long Xuan, who was frowning as he looked over towards the Despair City. He wondered where all the ancient race beings had gone to. However, the moment he caught sight of Dulong, his face changed.

Just what in the world was going on right now. Where was everyone?

The ancient race beings behind them were looking ever so malevolent, as the aura emitted by them caused the members of the six major sects to feel fear.


"Mu Tianlong, come back." Dulong glared at Long Xuan while dragging Mu Tianlong back to his side.

"Elder, this…!" Mu Tianlong gulped down his saliva. He had not expected the Marquis of Despair to be this terrifying. He could feel himself shivering without the other party speaking even a single word.

By the looks of it, if the Marquis of Despair were to strike, he could definitely snuff Mu Tianlong within a single breath.

Dulong stepped forth. The other twenty-nine elders followed suit, protecting their disciples behind them.

They had not expected the Marquis of Despair to return at this moment. And even more unantic.i.p.ated was the fact that there would be so many powerful ancient race beings along with him.

"Master." Long Xuan finally spoke up after looking at Dulong.

"Shut up. I don't have a disciple as such!" Dulong hollered out in wrath. His eyes were betrayed by a momentary grief before being replaced with endless fury.

The moment each person from the six major sects heard this, their faces froze up. To think that the man of the Dragon race who was standing beside the Marquis of Despair was a disciple of Dulong himself!

"Are you guys intentionally challenging the authority of me, the Marquis of Despair?" The Marquis of Despair finally spoke up. His black robe fluttered in the wind as a sinister frost emanated out from him.

"Actually, doesn't the Marquis of Despair seem like he's someone from the Dragon race?"

"That's right! Now that you speak of it, the double horns on his head are a mark of someone from the Dragon race! But how could the Marquis of Despair be such a young kid from the Dragon race?"

"I've got no idea either. The notorious name of the Marquis of Despair has stuck around for a thousand years now, but this is the first time I'm actually seeing him in person."

"But, doesn't the Marquis of Despair look just so cute?"

Some of the disciples began to discuss in whispers. The situation right now was too shocking for them to comprehend and understand as to what exactly was going on.

At the same time, some of the female disciples would not have believed that the Marquis of Despair was such an innocent and docile looking child even if it came at the cost of their own lives. To think that this was the notorious Marquis of Despair!

"Marquis of Despair, to think that you would appear as well. Since that's the case, today shall be the day we slay you!" Dulong knew that there was no other way out of this other than fighting them to the death.

"Hehe... Six major sects and ants of the thousands of races out there, aren't you guys getting out of hand? Honestly, Marquis of Despair, to think that your huge base would be destroyed by puny ants as such! This is indeed a laughing stock!" The ancient race beings around the Marquis of Despair burst out into laughter.

The aura of these beings from the ancient race was in no way lesser than that of the elders present. In fact, they were even superior.

"Ants, I am Gu Xiao, the son of the Sovereign King Wei, who is under the direct command of one of the Utmost Beings. Since you ants have dared to question the might of the ancient race, I shall use your fresh blood to help you guys atone for your sins!" Gu Xiao scoffed out as a ma.s.sive aura burst forth from him.

This mighty aura caused the disciples of the six major sects to freeze up. This aura was simply way too strong!

All the other ancient race beings behind Gu Xiao started smirking as well.

"Can we not kill them?" Long Xuan looked over to the Marquis of Despair. Even though the members of the six major sects numbered in the tens of thousands, Long Xuan knew that they were still no match for the Marquis of Despair or even Gu Xiao.

After all, Gu Xiao was someone who was almost practically going to hit divine celestial soon.


Suddenly, Gu Xiao appeared right before Long Xuan. Choking him, he lifted him up into the air.

"Hmph! Marquis of Despair, how dare your underling seek mercy for those puny ants? Should I help you to settle your family's affairs?" Gu Xiao jeered coldly as he increased his strength, choking Long Xuan even tighter.

Long Xuan's face was flushed red thoroughly right now, evidently no match for Gu Xiao.

"He is my man." Suddenly, the Marquis of Despair turned around and glared at Gu Xiao. That calm and deep gaze seemed to be hiding two razor-sharp swords within them. It was a warning to Gu Xiao that if he had dared to kill Long Xuan, he would die a terrible death, an extremely, extremely terrible death.

Gu Xiao felt his heart jerk for a moment as he glared back at the Marquis of Despair. Eventually, he snorted out coldly before relinquishing his grip on Long Xuan.

"Hmph, d.a.m.n it!" Gu Xiao's heart was thoroughly incensed, as his hatred for the Marquis of Despair burned to its core.

"Since you guys have made the trip towards Despair City, won't you stay here then?" The Marquis of Despairspoke up. Raising his hand gently, the entire Heaven and Earth started vibrating violently.

"Little Guang, please let them off!" Looking at the Marquis of Despair taking action, the color drained out of Long Xuan's face.

"HAHA…!" Suddenly, the Marquis of Despair laughed out maniacally. There was a tinge of helplessness in his laughter, mixed with a deep and immense despair.




Suddenly, it was as though something had invaded the disciples of the six major sects as their eyes jerked wide open, filled with an endless sense of despair within them.

Snot and tears began to flow out along with the cries.

The might of the great sect army was crippled with a single raise of the Marquis of Despair's palm.


Absolute power!

Each and every single one of the elders presents let out a look of fright.

This was true horror right now.

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