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In reality, Lin Fan was a young man who was easily contented. He didn't need the Marquis of Despair to be ultra rich, but there should be some respectable amount at the very least, shouldn't it?

Not much, really! Just perhaps somewhere in the ballpark figure of a few tens of millions of Shengyang Pills? 180 Dao weapons or so? That much will do.


As the door swung open, a dazzling rainbow colored light shone out of it.

"Aiyah! It's so dazzling!" Lin Fan covered his eyes as his body trembled with excitement, "Too dazzling! I can't take it anymore! No more!"

It was embarra.s.sing, but Lin Fan was hard right now, as though he had just witnessed the succubus of the century. His saliva was dripping down from his open mouth.

Rich! He had struck gold this time around!

Catching sight of everything before him, Lin Fan could not help but leap with joy.

Indeed, an existence like the Marquis of Despair must be living a really hollow and empty life! Someone like that must definitely have ama.s.sed a large amount of treasures in order to fill up the void in his heart!

The place was filled with Shengyang Pills piled up like mini mountains. The scene of this amount of Shengyang Pills was probably even criminal, as it could fill anyone with the impulse to dive right into them and grab them l.u.s.tfully, before tossing them into their own bags.

This amount of Shengyang Pills formed a Shengyang Dragon of its own, coiling and swimming in the air.

Lin Fan gulped down his saliva. There were definitely at least 10,000,000 pills right here.

Spirit weapons and Dao weapons floated around in circles in the air one by one.

Taking in a deep breath, Lin Fan closed the door before releasing Demon City into the air.

Suddenly, all the Spirit and Dao weapons began to vibrate, as if they had discovered an invader in their midst. One by one, illusory figures appeared out of the weapons.

"Big ancient demon, you'll take care of these weapon spirits! I'll go for the pills." Lin Fan rubbed his palms together and ordered.

"Yes." The gaze of the big ancient demon shone brightly. To him, all of these weapons floating in the air were nothing but food!

The big ancient demon hollered out before pouncing at the weapons. He was bent on devouring all of them. As for Lin Fan, he leaped out towards the pills, grabbing them bunch after bunch.

"HAHA! I'm rich! Eh? There are other pills too! Not bad, not bad! It's been a really long time now since I've popped pills for leveling up! The fight earlier on has tuckered me out, man! Time to just be a pill junkie!" Lin Fan remarked in satisfaction.

"Not bad, not bad! This Heavenly King's Way Pill tastes really sweet!" Lin Fan was living an extravagant life right now as he popped these pills into his mouth like they were completely free.

'Crunch, crunch, crunch. Delicious!'

Heaven and Earth Yin Yang Pill.

Heavenly Ascension Booster Pill.

Triple Fire Dragon Pill.

All of these were extremely precious pills with tons of miraculous usages, pills which the ancient race and beings of the thousands of races out there would go absolutely nuts over.

However, to Lin Fan, the only thing extraordinary about these pills were the number of experience points they gave.

Amongst them, there was even one pill which could increase one's cultivation speed by ten times! However, to Lin Fan, that effect was absolutely worthless.

There were so many ancient race beings in the Ancient Saint World out there for him to slay. Where would he even find time to sit down and cultivate?


Lin Fan was entranced in a state of indulgence right now. It had been a long time since he got to enjoy life as such.


Suddenly, a strange phenomenon occurred in the Despair City.

A golden colored cloud was making its way towards the Despair City with haste. Thunder crackled from within the cloud, accompanied by many other figures. There was a mighty, gigantic dragon, a colossal and towering giant, and even some spirits who wielded thunderbolts in their hands.

The sound of war was imminent as the battle intent of that group filled the entire sky.

"Elder Dulong, we're reaching Despair City up ahead!" Looking at that ma.s.sive Despair City, Xiesheng commented as his heart was pounding with nervousness right now.

The ancient race was extremely hostile and violent, preying on every single living being in this world. They were practically the devils of all devils.

The six major sects here had sent out a large number of disciples and thirty elders for this expedition, in order to take down the ancient race and rescue the beings of the thousands of races out there. Any amount they could save would be worth it.

Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect, Heaven Horn Sect, Ju Lingshen Sect, Shenzu Dian Sect, Water G.o.d Sect, et cetera…This was a mission they had undertaken extreme precautions for.

All of them knew how horrific the Marquis of Despair was. If the Marquis of Despair were in the Despair City right now, most of them would probably not be getting out alive.

Therefore, this was the best chance they had in capturing the entire place now.

"Hmph! This time around, the ancient race shall know of my might, the great Mu Longtian!" The haughty Mu Longtian's eyes shone with arrogance as his battle intent was raring right now. This time around, he was bent on having his name spread across the entire Ancient Saint World.

He was determined to have all the ancient race beings remember his name.

"Senior brother, our priority should be to rescue these people. We mustn't crave for battle." Xiesheng reminded him.

"What's there to be afraid of? The Marquis of Despair isn't even in the Despair City right now. What else do we have to be afraid of?" Mu Longtian retorted.

Xiesheng looked at Mu Longtian before sighing. His senior brother had a haughty disposition to begin with, and would never listen to the words of others.

"Junior Brother Xie, Senior Brother Mu is right. What do we have to be afraid of?" Long Yue'er continued.

"That's right, Junior Sister!" Mu Longtian nodded his head calmly before focusing his gaze up ahead.

The mood of the disciples of the six major sects was tense right now. This was the first time they were openly pitting themselves against the ancient race.

Even though they had a decent force of a few tens of thousands of people, this was still nothing compared to the sheer size of the ancient race army.


The golden cloud appeared above the skies of the Despair City and ruptured open. From within, a large number of beings from the Giant race leaped out with their ma.s.sive bodies, forming a thousand feet tall giant.

The defensive capabilities of the Giant race were astoundingly strong as they landed on the ground with a thud.

"The Giant race has arrived! Prepare to receive your death, ancient race!" An elder of the Ju Lingshen Sect burst forth with a terrifying aura. They were the vanguards and shield for the expedition, blocking the ancient race outside so that those disciples from the other sects could make their way to rescue the beings of the thousands of races.

Instantly, some of the disciples from the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect transformed into hundred and thousand feet long dragons, howling malevolently.

Meanwhile, disciples from the Water G.o.d Sect were manipulating the weather, causing a slight drizzle to rain down upon the battlefield. These raindrops brought with them a ma.s.sive amount of energy, bringing with them a healing and rejuvenating power as they landed on the bodies of the members of the six major sects.

The Shenzu Dian Sect, made up of the Wings race, emitted a saintly glow as they sang out, causing mysterious runes to float around in the air.

The G.o.dly scriptures and heavenly tunes filled the sky as an illusory image of the Heavens filled the air.


The drums of battle were pounding loudly, invigorating the members of the six major sects with a boost in morale and heightened senses.

"Ancient race! Come on out and receive…death…?" Filled with a relentless battle intent and no fear of death, the members of the six major sects wanted to shout out with a war cry. However, they were all stumped suddenly.


They had made all preparations and were about to dive head front into the fortress. However, what was this?

Despair City!

Where were the ancient race beings gone?

The beings of the thousands of races out there, who were now free and roaming about, stared at this group of people blankly as well, wondering what they were up to.

The members of the six major sects viewed the beings of the thousands of races out there with equal bewilderment.

In the minds of the members of the six major sects, they had already thought of how the outcome would be when they came over. These beings of the thousands of races out there would definitely be filled with grat.i.tude and excitement upon their appearance, taking them as their hope, future, and saviors!

But, the situation right now was nothing like they had imagined!

Not only were there no ancient race beings, all of these beings from the thousands of races out there were glaring at them, as though there was something wrong with them!

This…this wasn't the way this script was supposed to play out…!

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