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A brilliant city of demons loomed over the head of the big ancient demon, as all sorts of astral and demonic winds breezed around it, forming the perfect demon city. At the same time, there was a demon G.o.d who was spouting out golden incantations of sorts, along with a bright dazzling glow.

All of these captivated demons seemed to be immersed within a world of their own.


The Heaven and Earth trembled as golden lotuses filled the world, with a demonic aura bathing the Demon City in a G.o.dly presence.

"I am the big…" Suddenly, the eyes of the big ancient demon shone brightly. This sharp gaze was extremely imposing, as he took the entire Demon City into his palms.


The moment he hollered out these last two words, his ma.s.sive aura erupted forth completely.

"S-so strong! Could this be the process by which a spirit weapon transforms into a dao weapon?" Lin Fan could feel his mental self rattling in the face of the might of this aura. It was almost 100 times stronger than before!

All the captives there were entirely stumped by the scene before them as well.

"Incredible! This treasure's promotion into a dao weapon is even stronger than any other average dao weapon out there!"

"Just what sort of a G.o.dly being is this human?"

Right now, Lin Fan was like a divine being in their eyes. With his dazzling long locks and his suave looks, along with that sharp gaze of his and hands behind his back, this single image of him was etched into the eyes of every single living being out there, to be remembered forever within their hearts.

'Soul Rendering Pike!'

'Heavenly Vajra Demonic Ring!'

'Demonic Earth Hammer!'

Lin Fan tossed all four dao weapons of the four commanders into the sky.



With a single crack, all of the four weapons shattered apart instantly, as a current of energy rippled forth from the dao weapons, trying to leave this area.

With his heavenly encompa.s.sing palm, the big ancient demon grabbed the consciousness of the dao weapons and swallowed them whole into his tummy, causing his power level to spike up once more.

If anyone else in this world were to witness Lin Fan's act of destroying four dao weapons, they would surely spit out all their blood. Extravagant! This was so extravagant that one could break down from it!

But of course, Lin Fan had the utmost confidence that his skills of weapon crafting were second to none in this world. As long as he had the materials, Human weapons, Spirit weapons, Dao weapons, all of these would come without any difficulty at all!


A gigantic explosion surged forth from the big ancient demon. This was an explosion that sounded like the reshuffling and cracking of bones within his body.

This towering colossal big ancient demon instantly shot up to ten times his original height.

'Ding…Congratulations on promotion success.'

'Ding…Promoted to lower grade dao weapon.'

Raising his hand, Lin Fan grabbed at the Demon City and pulled it towards him. His heart was filled with glee right now. Strong! Way too strong!

Finally, it had been promoted to a dao weapon! Even though it might still be a lower grade dao weapon, Lin Fan knew that the power it possessed was stronger than even a middle-grade dao weapon.

"Master, I require the Shengyang Pills for cultivation." Suddenly, Lin Fan froze up for a moment. To think that the big ancient demon within the center of the Demon City would speak up!


Lin Fan was stunned right now. He had not expected the big ancient demon to obtain a consciousness of his own!

Even though he was astounded right now, there was a sense of elation that accompanied this feeling. This was it! He could finally see hope of the big ancient demon regaining its past glory!

Sweeping his robes, 1,000,000 Shengyang Pills formed a gigantic river of pills and floated into the Demon City. Opening his enormous mouth, the big ancient demon took in all the pills into his tummy and began cultivating them.

Lin Fan was now left with 2,000,000 Shengyang Pills. Seemed like he had to be conservative with his usage from now on. Just in case.

However, he was once again startled by the ma.s.sive spike in the aura of the big ancient demon once more.

Azure celestial full cultivation state.

Desolate celestial lower level.

Desolate celestial middle level.

'What? Isn't this way too sick? ' Lin Fan could not help but acknowledge the big ancient demon, who was now a dao weapon of his. To think that the rate of his cultivation speed rising was as fast as pouring water! However, the moment he reached the desolate celestial middle level, the aura began to stabilize. Evidently, the 1,000,000 pills weren't enough for him to go beyond this.

Even though Lin Fan could cultivate the Shengyang Pills consistently with the Mythical Parasol Tree, judging from the rate of consumption of the big ancient demon, even the Mythical Parasol Tree's production rate might not be able to satiate its appet.i.te for long.

Seemed like Lin Fan had to raid more secret treasures in the future.

Suddenly, something struck Lin Fan. That was right! Since the Marquis of Despair wasn't in the Despair City, there must be a f*ckload of treasures laying around here! Since he had already invaded and attacked straight into the Despair City, how could he let up all the treasures that were here?



By now, all the captives of the thousands of races out there began to clamor excitedly. They had not expected this human senior to be this strong! He was so strong that he could take down the entire Despair City singlehandedly, causing all four commanders to die right here, with all the other ancient race army devoured by that spirit weapon!

Terror! This man was the definition of terror!

If they had not witnessed it personally, they wouldn't have believed this at all!

With a wave of his hand, Lin Fan released all the prisoners of a cage within Despair City, allowing them to rescue their other comrades trapped in other cages. He then turned into a streak of light as he darted out towards the four spires.

Raid! The first thing he was going to do was to plunder the four commanders!

Those captives who were just released wanted to thank Lin Fan with their utmost grat.i.tude. However, raising their heads, they realized that he had already flown off into the distance. Eventually, they could only prostate themselves onto the ground and pray up into the skies in respect, before hurrying to release their fellow comrades.

From the first commander's lair, three medium grade dao weapons, two supreme grade spirit weapons, and 500,000 Shengyang Pills were obtained.

From the second commander's lair… Poor! Extremely poor! There were only four supreme grade spirit weapons and 500,000 Shengyang Pills!

In the 3rd commander's lair was nothing. NOTHING! NOT EVEN A PAIR OF UNDERWEAR! THIS POOR NUDIST!

From the fourth commander's lair, Lin Fan got another 500,000 Shengyang Pills.

"The f*ck? As the four great commanders of the ancient race, how could these guys be as poor as beggars?" Lin Fan was extremely exasperated right now as he headed forth towards the direction of the Marquis of Despair's lair.

This was his last hope. If even the Marquis of Despair did not have anything valuable, he would truly be outraged big time!

But what Lin Fan did not know was that the four commanders of the Despair City had many underlings under them. As such, their expenses were extremely huge.

Furthermore, the four of them were only focused on trying to attain the divine celestial cultivation state, and were always in seclusion usually. Therefore, being able to even craft 500,000 Shengyang Pills was already a pretty decent achievement.

Each time they wanted to try attaining the divine celestial cultivation state, they would end up being a pauper straight after.

The first commander was in the process of trying to attain the divine celestial once more when Lin Fan appeared. That was the only reason why Lin Fan was able to obtain at least some dao weapons from his belongings. Otherwise, during every single attempt, all of these dao weapons would be converted into power and energy to a.s.sist them in their attempts.

Lin Fan came before a tightly shut door. This door was etched with all sorts of weird carvings. However, Lin Fan did not pay much attention to them. Right now, the only thing he was interested in was whether the things behind the door could be worth it all.

Lin Fan stretched out his hand of hope as he prayed in his heart.


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