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The next day, Lin Fan awoken from his cultivation, then opened his data panel and carefully inspected it.

'Not bad, not bad.'

The experience for "Faceless Sky Devil" was near 30,000, and "Hidden Arts"had reach a terrifying level 12. Going from the past experience with Monkey Steals Peach, Lin Fan believed "Hidden Arts" would likely upgrade at level 20.

In a single night, he had raised "Hidden Arts", which had a max level of three, to level twelve. No one could compete with him.

Lin Fan was overjoyed. He brushed his teeth and prepared to shower his students with love once again today. When Lin Fan headed off towards his cla.s.s, he overheard some students and teachers discussing yesterday's incident. Overjoyed, he crept up near them, wanting to hear how they were evaluating him.

"The new D cla.s.s teacher has quite the talent to be able to make Liu Qingfeng's party face such humiliation. He is a competent person."

Lin Fan was pleased upon hearing these words. As expected, people were praising him. But when he continued listening, he realized something was off.

"That new teacher sure doesn't know how to properly act, forcing Liu Qingfeng's party to apologize to students. What's up with that, how are those four suppose to hold up their image in front of their students from now on?"

"Hah, to be able to defeat Liu Qingfeng's party yet to still be in D cla.s.s, his strength only should be enough to become a B cla.s.s teacher."

"Haha, that's what you all don't understand. Some would rather be a chicken's head than a phoenix's tail. The B cla.s.s has many hidden dragons, Liu Qingfeng's party is only considered average. If he goes to B cla.s.s, he won't receive as much as attention compared to being in D cla.s.s."

"That is quite reasonable, who would've thought that person had such plans in his heart."

"It will be better if you all don't get too close with that guy. Liu Qingfeng has quite good connections within B cla.s.s, I heard even the dynasty's thirteenth prince has a very good relationship with him."

Lin Fan felt that these people were portraying him as some sort of scheming person. How could he let this be?

"Everybody, I believe your a.n.a.lysis is wrong." Lin Fan then walked over pretending to be part of the people, discussing the same topic.

"Oh! Do you perhaps have some inside information?"The people discussing asked puzzledly.

Lin Fan's expression lit up then he began his stream of lies, "This all started yesterday. I was just casually wondering about inside the school and then happened to see a person standing next to the school's pond talking to himself. At the time, I thought that person was perhaps trying to commit suicide or something, so I decided to check things out and secretly eavesdropped on him."

"It was unexpected when I heard the person's first words which completely shocked me. He was saying how he wasn't teaching D cla.s.s for the fame or profit, but instead just wanted to do all he could to bring the lost and wandering D cla.s.s students back to the right path."

"Think about it, these D cla.s.s students suffer ridicule and are ostracized. Their hearts are likely warped, so when they graduate, what do you think they can do?"Lin Fan looked at a few people and inquired

"Those D cla.s.s students most likely will either just end up as mountain bandits or some other lowlife sc.u.m." The bystanders frowned slightly and replied.

"Correct, if no one is there to guide them, won't they really just end up going astray? Think about it, the person was able to defeat Liu Qingfeng's party, so his cultivation base is likely not weak. If he goes to B cla.s.s, isn't it likely he will become a well-respected teacher? But instead, he decides to remain in D cla.s.s and endure the discrimination from other teachers. Just this dedication only is very admiring, don't you all agree?"Lin Fan sincerely said this, to the point where it felt like it was actually true.

These people also began doubting and started feeling ashamed of their previous gossiping.

"That a.n.a.lysis seems accurate, it seems this new teacher is perhaps really broad-minded."

"Shameful, shameful… The other person is so broad-minded, and we are here talking behind his back, this is really despicable."

"Thank you, fellow brother, for your intake on the matter. Otherwise, we would've misunderstood the new teacher."

Seeing that everyone realized their mistake, Lin Fan also smiled in satisfaction, then waved his hand dismissively, "No matter, no matter… Although I am unfamiliar with this righteous, selfless, and forgiving person, I just felt that facts shouldn't be flipped. If you all are really repenting, then do speak of this to others, as it's also a good deed for the society."

"Of course, of course. This kind of thing cannot be miscommunicated. We will definitely notify the others of it." A few of the pa.s.serby hastily said.

"I have other matters, so I will leave now." Lin Fan was overjoyed and brought his hands together before leaving. He couldn't let a good deed he had done be miscommunicated, that would tarnish his reputation.

As Lin Fan joyfully hummed a tune and walked into cla.s.s, he realized the thirteen students were all doing their own things and had completely ignored him. Lin Fan slightly frowned, where did all the previous respect for him go?

"Ahem…" Lin Fan pretended to lightly cough a few times.

As soon as he coughed, the students all jolted, and when they saw their teacher standing at the podium, they all instantly rose and shouted in unison.

"Teacher, good morning."

"Yes, you can sit now." Lin Fan nodded and said, "What were you all doing?I was inside for some time now, did none of you see me?"

"Ah, teacher, when did you come in? I was just looking at the door wondering why teacher still hadn't arrived yet." Liu Shuishui was the only girl in the cla.s.s and acted very cutely.

"Yeah, teacher, we didn't see you enter at all." Cao Tianjiao also felt it was bizarre.

Then the other students also began agreeing.

Lin Fan was currently confused, 'A full person like Yours Truly walks through the door and stands in front of the podium, yet you all couldn't see me? Are you all perhaps near-sighted?

Then Lin Fan suddenly remembered he was currently cultivating his "Hidden Arts". It seemed the reason his students couldn't see him was probably due to "Hidden Arts". After figuring out the situation, Lin Fan smiled, "Good morning. Let's not waste any more time, I will be empowering you all today."

"Teacher, what do you mean by empowering?"Zhu You tilted his head and asked.

"Yes, this empowering is a unique martial skill of mine. Explaining it is rather difficult, but after you experience it, you will all understand. Alright, Zhu You, let's use you as an example." Lin Fan was too lazy to explain and then continued on dismissively.

"Teacher, my name is Zhu Di, not Zhu You." Zhu You said with depression, the name change sounded a bit bad.

"Hm?" Lin Fan frowned and he stared straight at Zhu You, as if saying 'you dare defy your teacher?'

Zhu You could only concede, "Alright teacher, I was wrong."

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, the boy is worth teaching.

Lin Fan had already decided on this time's empowerment, 'Let's give him "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body".'

This was a body training skill, and once it reached level three, it's power would be quite good. Ordinary weapons wouldn't be able to cause any damage, and once it reached level six, it would jump drastically in strength. People of the same cultivation base would not be able to do any harm.

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