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"What the h.e.l.l is up with this human? Why do I get the feeling that he's toying with us?" Gu Haitian was raining down his fists onto the body of this human. At the start, he thought that his fists were more than enough to kill this human being.

However, to his surprise, this human would stand up time and again, as if it was nothing to him at all.

"Impossible! This human must be making his final struggles with his energy level depleting rapidly. It won't be long now before we suppress him completely!"

"That's right! The reason for him being able to survive so long must be due to that defensive treasure he possesses. However, that treasure couldn't possibly have an infinite power! A large amount of its energy must be expended in order to defend against every single one of our strikes!"

After hearing the a.n.a.lysis of the other two commanders, Gu Haitian was gradually buying back into their words as well.

'That's right. This human mustn't have too long left.'

"Ha, look! He's starting to retaliate! But, he is simply way too weak!" The third commander, Gu Batian, snorted in contempt. With a single punch, he caused the impact of Lin Fan's attack to dissipate immediately as he burst forth towards Lin Fan.

'Soooooooooooooooooooo good…!' Lin Fan felt like he was a little boat riding the waves of pleasure right now, floating about aimlessly without any destination in mind.

Surges of energy burst forth from all directions, crashing down on this little boat constantly.

'Ding…Congratulations. Eternal Immortality has leveled up.'

'Physical Body State: Azure celestial upper level.'

'Levelled once more!' Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. This was the best feeling ever!

Looking at the three of them expending all their efforts relentlessly without any complaints of fatigue, Lin Fan was heartened. Where else could he look for such hardworking people?

He wondered what sort of physical body state these three commanders could bring him to.

Lin Fan's heart was filled with antic.i.p.ation right now. How great would it be if they could bring him up to desolate celestial full cultivation state?

But of course, this was all just one sided thoughts on Lin Fan's part.

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes.

One by one, the ancient race ants began to quieten down as a look of horror began to spread in those hideous pitch black faces of theirs.

And that was because, it had been a long time since the human had been pummelled up, down, left, and right in the hands of the three commanders. However, he stood up time and again as though he just couldn't die!

The beings of the thousands of races out there were equally dumbfounded. Even those of the Giant race wouldn't have such a resilient lifeforce as this human!

With every single strike of the three commanders, the skies changed colors, as though the entire world was about to be destroyed. Yet, it was as if there was no impact on the human at all, as he stood up time and again after each and every single attack!

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