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In reality, Lin Fan's azure celestial full cultivation had quite the gap to cross against the desolate celestial cultivation state. However, the presence of the System turned every impossibility into a possibility.

Cultivating True Skill seeds to raise his power level along with all sorts of devious methods, even a desolate celestial was nothing to him.

A boundless amount of Heaven's Will shone down from the Heavens onto the three commanders. At the same time, the True Skill seeds within all of their bodies were rampaging berserk right now, producing a limitless amount of power.

This immense power pierced through the Heaven and Earth, heading straight for Lin Fan.

"Human, remember this! The ancient race shall not tolerate you trampling on us! To us, all of you beings of the thousands of races out there are nothing but ants!" The three commanders yelled out as the Blood Qi within their bodies rumbled furiously.

"d.a.m.n. Aren't you shameless, Heaven's Will? To think that you would a.s.sist them so blatantly!" Lin Fan could not help but scoff contemptuously as he sensed the protection the Heaven's Will was falling onto them. But even so, Lin Fan wasn't afraid.

All they wanted was a fight, wasn't it? Who was afraid of whom?

'Twisting Heaven and Earth!'

With a war cry, Lin Fan's fingers grasped out into the void like a claw. A tuft of black and white smoke fused together in the claw-like shape of his hands as it swiveled continuously.

Ever since he had cultivated the True Skill seeds, his Twisting Heaven and Earth had turned even stronger. Grabbing out, his hand could reach any part of this world.

Lin Fan set his sights on the crotches of the three commanders, readying himself for the deadliest attack in the world.

'Black Tiger Steals Heart!'

'Nirvana Finger!'

Combining all his other special moves, Lin Fan struck out with everything he had, causing the void to tear apart rapidly as he clashed against the powers of the three commanders.

"Just where in the world did this human come from! To think that we're not able to take him down even with the blessings of the Heaven's Will!"


'Ancient Demon Suppression Fist!'

The vast sky was covered by the fists of the three commanders. Each of these fists was mighty and gigantic, just like meteorites. Carrying a devastating power with every single fist, they crashed down towards Lin Fan.

"Hmph! You guys fell for it again!" Suddenly, Lin Fan smirked coldly. Shifting his body nimbly, he grabbed out with his claw-like hands as he cried out.


All the Twisting Heavens and Earths that were hidden within the void appeared suddenly, grabbing out at the crotches of the three commanders at lightspeed.

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