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'Unbreakable Imperishability!'

Gu Zhantian snapped back to his senses in an instant as a glowing aura shielded his body. However, to Gu Zhantian's horror, the red colored brick seemed to be ignoring his defenses entirely as it knocked straight onto the back of his head!

Even though there wasn't any feeling, his head felt as though it was slammed by a torrent of water, putting him in a daze.

"Hmph! You think you can remain standing after receiving Yours Truly's Nine Five Legendary Brick? That's a fool's dream!" Lin Fan laughed coldly as he slammed down against the head of Gu Zhantian. It had been a long time since the Nine Five Legendary Brick had unleashed its fullest potential.

Well, it was time to let this so-called commander be the test bed for it then.

"H-how could this be?"

Gu Zhantian's face was entirely stumped. However, he collapsed with a thud instantly.

Right now, the other three commanders were still working hard at trying to refine the Heaven and Earth Smelt. However, to think that this thing was so d.a.m.n tough! Even with their combined forces, they were unable to refine it at all! This was something that was impossible in their eyes.

"Not good! Gu Zhantian has fallen!" Suddenly, the three of them noticed what was happening in the distance as they exclaimed in shock. To think that the human would be able to take down Gu Zhantian!

Looking at the fainted Gu Zhantian, Lin Fan kept the Nine Five Legendary Brick back into his storage.


Lin Fan did not hesitate at all as he chopped down on Gu Zhantian. As one of the four commanders, his cultivation state was extremely high. After killing this guy, Lin Fan would definitely receive a huge amount of experience points, causing his cultivation state to climb up as well.

"STOP…!" The three commanders howled out in horror at the sight of this. How could they allow Gu Zhantian to be killed by that d.a.m.ned human?

However, it was all too late. They were way too smitten by the Heaven and Earth Smelt, and were thus too far away from Lin Fan right now.

Lin Fan slammed down with his Eternal Axe at the fainted Gu Zhantian, who couldn't even resist a single bit in that state.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing desolate celestial full cultivation being Gu Zhantian.'

'Ding…Experience points +100,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding…Cultivation State: Azure celestial full cultivation state.'

Instantly, Lin Fan could feel a surge of energy rising through his body. This was the boost in power that came with leveling up. This energy was way stronger than anything he had ever experienced before.

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