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Any single one of the four commanders could be an existence that could reign over all parts of the world with absolute ease. Now that the four of them joined forces to gang up against a single human, one could possibly imagine the sheer might of this lineup.

If it were anyone else that had to go against these four, they would most likely be disintegrated into dust immediately, without any room for resistance.

Sealing the Heaven and Earth, all four commanders unleashed their ultimate moves, as their True Skill seeds churned. It was as though the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World was their direct source of energy, with four beams of light shining down from the Heavens onto them, channeling additional power to them consistently.

Seizing the opportunity to strike with a sneak attack, the four commanders were now on the offensive, with their flurry of strikes slamming through the void. In an instant, thousands of palm strikes merged into the void, as a series of expressions appeared on all of their faces.

Sinister, vile, l.u.s.tful, and malevolent looks…

All four of them were spread out in four directions, blocking Lin Fan's path of escape entirely. It was as though they had welcomed some sort of ultimate heavenly wisdom to form this killing formation of absolutes.

For the past 100 years, they had been in seclusion, trying to obtain that much desired Divine celestial cultivation state. However, the difficulty in attaining it was way more difficult than anyone could imagine.

However, due to that, they had comprehended a fair amount of heavenly wisdom of this world. Every single strike that came from them now brought with it a stunning amount of energy from the Heaven and Earth.

'That is some terrifying strength there!'

Lin Fan frowned. He could tell that these four were far from simple. However, he had not expected that once they joined forces together, they would seal every single opportunity of survival and escape for him.

The four commanders were existences that couldn't be compared to any other ordinary ancient race beings.

At the same time, Lin Fan was gradually beginning to understand why the ancient race could continue to oppress the beings of the thousands of races out there for such a long time.

At this moment, even if a desolate celestial full cultivation state being were to appear, he would definitely be disintegrated into mere dust in the hands of these commanders.

'So Near, Yet So Far!'

Lin Fan's body shifted like an agile snake as his feet swiveled around with the powers of the Yin and Yang along the Heaven and Earth. With a single point of his finger, a dense number of apertures ruptured through the void, as though it was made out of paper.

Doomsday Calamity G.o.d Fist!

Black Tiger Steals Heart!

Twisting Heaven and Earth!

Instantly, Lin Fan's True Skill seeds began to churn as well, as each and every one of them gave off a brilliant glow. The light being emanated was razor sharp, as it pierced through the layers of time and s.p.a.ce.

Brilliantly dazzling, the light spread out in the entire place.

Going on the offense, Lin Fan had immediately employed a couple of his ultimate moves, bent on going all out against the four commanders.

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