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In a hidden cave somewhere, a bunch of protective formations were engaged. These protective formations could hide the aura of the cave, as well as bewitch any living being that came close, keeping the place in a state of stealth.

At this moment, a group of beings from the thousands of races out were hidden within this cave. They were dressed differently in a few different groups.

Dragon race, Horn race, Wings race, Giant race, et cetera…

After settling down his tribesmen, Xiesheng came over with his bunch of seniors.

The scale of operation this time round was ma.s.sive. Six major sects had gathered tens of thousands of disciples to head forth towards Despair City in order to rescue their fellow comrades trapped within that place.

They had received news that the Marquis of Despair wasn't in the city right now. They had their own suspicions at the start as well towards the credibility of this news. However, upon further inspection, they had affirmed that this was a legitimate piece of news.

The Marquis of Despair was someone who would never leave the Despair City. Now that he had done so, this was practically a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Seniors, do you guys think that the rescue operation this time around would be successful? Can we truly overthrow the Despair City?" Xiesheng was filled with hope as he looked around at the sheer number of people gathered. However, the thought of having to go against the notoriously horrifying the Marquis of Despair was still giving him the shivers.

"That goes without saying. Six major sects with tens of thousands of disciples! Furthermore, we've got thirty Elders here of desolate celestial cultivation state. This is a really formidable force that's gathered. Even if the Marquis of Despair were around, this wouldn't be a completely hopeless operation. However, in order to minimize casualties, choosing to strike when the Marquis of Despair isn't around is the best chance we could ever hope for." Mu Longtian replied.

"This time around, Elder Dulong is making his appearance personally. There's nothing that's impossible with that." Long Yue'er continued.

"That's right. Elder Dulong is a powerful being who had duelled the Marquis of Despair for an entire day and night in the past. With the presence of such a powerful and experience elderly being, there is nothing that's impossible." Xiesheng's heart heaved a huge sigh of relief with that.

"Xiesheng, how are your tribesmen doing?" Suddenly, a stern voice boomed across from the distance.

A middle aged man walked over briskly. Every single step he took seemed to be filled with a deep, mysterious power, as he appeared before all of them in an instant.

This middle aged man was evidently trained in a set of unparalleled skills; and to an extremely high level with that.

"Elder Dulong!" Everyone cusped their fists and greeted with respect. Even the haughty Mu Tianlong's face was filled with nothing but admiration right now.

"Everything has been settled! The moment I arrived, I didn't not manage to engage the ancient race beings in a duel. All of them had been slain by a single man from the Human race." Xiesheng reported the truth.

"Human race?" The moment Dulong heard this, a cryptic look appeared on his face, as though he was really interested in this Human.

"The Human race had gone under the radar for around 10,000 years now. To think that a single human would appear here. Could this man have ascended from the Lower World of the Humans?" Dulong was quite curious.

Right now in the Ancient Saint World, it was easy to b.u.mp into beings of so many races. However, it would take more than a miracle to b.u.mp into a single human being.

The only two known supreme existences of the Human race had long entered seclusion, rescinding their involvement in the affairs of the Ancient Saint World.

This was an open secret in the Ancient Saint World. Some of the beings of the thousands of races viewed these two as mere cowards who have gone into hiding.

However, Dulong did not think the same. He knew that the only reason they would even have the confidence to retaliate and stand up for themselves was because of the five powerful beings from the Human race who had killed the Ancient One, one of the eight utmost beings of the ancient race.

"Elder, that human was nothing but an egomaniac. He may have already died in the hands of the ancient race." Mu Tianlong scoffed in disdain.

"Hmm? What's going on?" Dulong asked in puzzlement.

"Elder, after slaying those beings of the ancient race, that human headed straight towards Despair City, claiming that he was gunning for the Marquis of Despair's life." Xiesheng replied worriedly.

No matter what, that human was a benefactor of his tribe. If he were to die off just like that, it would be a real pity.

"That human was far too arrogant. The Marquis of Despair has controlled the Despair City for thousands of years, with his foundation embedded deeply. Even the six of us major sects would have to go full force in order to deal with him, let alone harbour any thoughts of killing him. All he has is some dumb guts." Long Yue'er carried on.

"Forget it, forget it. Everyone, head off to prepare. We'll leave in a bit. This time around, we've got to seize the opportunity when the Marquis of Despair isn't around to rescue everyone out of the Despair City." Dulong sighed for a moment before waving his hand dismissively.

He couldn't bring himself to believe that a single human could take down the Marquis of Despair. After all, he was the clearest about the Marquis of Despair's true strength. Furthermore, there was a secret that he would never ever speak of.

In his great battle with the Marquis of Despair back then, he could sense that the Marquis of Despair was just toying around with him. If the other party truly had the intentions of killing him, there was no way he would be standing here alive right now.


Heading on his way, Lin Fan's mind was filled with some thoughts.

There was definitely a risk in his visit to the Despair City this time around. The battle might be fierce, but it was definitely impossible for them to kill him.

With Eternal Immortality protecting his body and Rebirth through Blood ensuring his revival, it was all good. Furthermore, even if he were to meet with a fearsome foe with nowhere to run, he could retreat within the Heaven and Earth Smelt safely.

Of course, that was the worst-case scenario, for him to hide in the Heaven and Earth Smelt till he could get strong enough to burst out of it.

With this thought, Lin Fan was filled with confidence. After all, an experienced driver would never crash the car.

Failing this would mean an eternal life of d.a.m.nation for Lin Fan.

After all, there were eight districts of the Ancient Saint World. To think that he was only stuck in a small corner in one of the districts! If he couldn't even get rid of this small BOSS, how could he lift his head up high in the world from here on forth?

"Human there! Hold up!"

"HAHA! To think that we would b.u.mp into a lone human! What luck!"

A small patrol squad of the ancient race let out a look of excitement upon catching sight of the lone Lin Fan. Lin Fan lowered his head and rubbed his chin. Raising his palm gently, he exterminated this patrol squad instantly.

Ants like these weren't enough to bother Lin Fan. He did not want to let such things disturb his train of thoughts.

Despair City…



A series of wails rang out from all directions. One by one, beings of the thousands of races were locked up in cages and subjected to endless torture under broad daylight.

Despair... Endless despair.

All of them had lost all hope for their future. In this cruel and tormentuous place, no one would ever come to save them.

"THIS ISN'T THE HEAVEN I WAS PROMISED. I HATE THIS PLACE…!" A being who had ascended cried out tragically.

He had thought that he would be welcomed into a land of Heaven upon training to the peak of his world. However, it was h.e.l.l that he had discovered upon entering this place, a hopeless h.e.l.l of despair.

"IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN SAVE ME…? ANYONE PLEASE…!" A being from the Horn race cried out with blood all over his body.



Accompanying these wails was the maniacal laughter of the ancient race. Torturing these beings from the thousands of races out there was something too enjoyable for these ancient race beings.

"SAVE YOU? After entering the Despair City, there is no longer any more hope of aid for you!"




Suddenly, the ground shook as a gigantic explosion rang out.

"Yours Truly is Lin Fan of the Human race! Today, I shall take down the Despair City!" A voice permeated through the entire sky of the Despair City.

The moment the beings of the thousands of races out there heard this, they started howling.

"SAVE US…! WE'RE…!" Suddenly, everyone's heart felt a ray of light shining within them. That was hope!

"SOMEONE FROM THE HUMAN RACE HAS ARRIVED!" One of the ancient race beings hollered out.

"HAHAHA! A SINGLE HUMAN? HE CAME HERE SINGLEHANDEDLY? HAHAHA…!" Some of the ancient race beings who were in charge of tormenting the beings of the thousands of races began to burst out into laughter at these words, as though they had just heard the biggest joke in the entire world.

"H-how…?" The hope that had just lit up within the hearts of the beings of the thousands of races extinguished in an instant.

A single person? What use could that be?

Against the ancient race, that was as good as a teacup against a meteorite.

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