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'Ding…Congratulations on killing desolate celestial middle-level Fox race member, Bailing.'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing desolate celestial lower level Demon race member.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining skill, 'Demon G.o.d Wheel'.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining physical body skill, 'So Near, Yet So Far.''

After killing everyone, the notifications from the system rang maniacally.

'To think that I would obtain both a skill and a physical body skill!' Lin Fan smirked at his luck.

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding…Azure celestial upper level (150,000/400,000)'

'To think that these fellas would bring about so many experience points! Not only have I leveled up, I've gained quite a bit of additional experience points as well.'

He was only 250,000 experience points short of another level up right now. There was hope.

For Lin Fan, skills weren't all that important. The main focus was for him to obtain experience points. Amongst these people, some of them were here naturally, while others had ascended up.

This was especially the case for the man who had wielded the Demon G.o.d Wheel. That man wasn't weak in the least bit, summoning a ma.s.sive amount of demonic energy with the sweep of his hand. In fact, he had even managed to get in touch with the source of the Demon G.o.d. The only reason for his fall was because he had met an insane sicko like Lin Fan.



Lin Fan learned both the Demon G.o.d Wheel and 'So Near, Yet So Far'. However, he would still have to level them up before he could turn them into True Skill seeds.

After cultivating Demon G.o.d Wheel, an illusory figure of a wheel appeared in the unknown netherworld. This wheel was inscribed with a dense number of runic symbols, and there were carvings of figures of demonic beings on it as well. It was as though all these demons could be called to unleash h.e.l.l upon the world the moment this skill was mastered to a certain degree of proficiency.

However, this was far from enough for someone like Lin Fan. He wanted to master this skill to its extremities, so that he could turn into the G.o.d of all demon G.o.ds as he called upon them down into this Ancient Saint World.

This Demon G.o.d Wheel was like the medium of communication for those of the Demon race. Those of them from the Demon race were able to summon an illusory figure of the demon G.o.d upon cultivating the skill to a certain state.

If not for the fact that Lin Fan possessed so many True Skill seeds, there was no way they would have been defeated this easily.


Suddenly, Lin Fan felt a strange presence. A strain of consciousness rocketed out from Bailing's body, wanting to seize the opportunity to escape.

"You had better remember this! How dare you kill me? The Fox race will never let you off!" Bailing seethed out before entering the void.

"Oh? You think you can escape after threatening Yours Truly? You've got to be looking down on me!" Lin Fan had not expected this trick to be up Bailing's sleeves.

Instantly, he opened his mouth widely.

'Roc's Breath!'

The Heaven and Earth shook, as though they no longer had any control over themselves, with everything gravitating towards Lin Fan.

"H-HOW COULD THIS BE…?" Bailing's consciousness had turned into a streak of light. However, it found itself being sucked towards Lin Fan, without any room for resistance!

Sucking the consciousness closer towards himself, Lin Fan grabbed it with his hand, "Hmph! Run? Do you think you can really run away?"


Suddenly, as though their bloodline was connected, a talisman paper burst forth from Bailing's consciousness.

"Seems like this talisman paper is the only thing that's keeping your consciousness alive. But, even if you call your daddy over, it ain't gonna help you!" Lin Fan laughed coldly with a killing intent. He had already made up his mind about this death feud. There was no way his heart would soften right now.

Floating up into the air, the talisman paper revolved continuously as a mysterious energy emanated out of it. Turning into a light beam, it channeled into the firmament.

"Little buddy, please give your majesty here some face and let my daughter off." An image appeared in the sky, as though it was carried over by that consciousness.

Looking at the man in the image, Lin Fan frowned.

This man was nine chi tall, with an extremely mighty demeanor. His voice was imposing, and he had a sharp gaze. That chilling aura was enough to have anyone veer away from his eyes. This was the aura of a man who stood beneath no one. Even the voice alone was booming like thunder, causing one's heart to squirm in the face of it.

"FATHER! SAVE ME! THIS MAN WANTS TO KILL ME!" Looking at the figure in the image, Bailing implored hurriedly.

Lin Fan glared at the other party with a thumping heart. Even though this was only a strain of consciousness, he could feel the forceful might that was forcing him to submit mentally. If this man were to appear before him for real, he might be able to crush Lin Fan with a single raise of his hand!

But of course, what a pity that this wasn't the real person. This was just a strain of consciousness that was kept within the talisman paper.

"You wish for me to let her off?" Lin Fan was not fazed in the face of danger as he chuckled.


"But your daughter tried to kill me. If I let her go just like this, where would MY face go?" Lin Fan asked as he smirked.

This fella expected Yours Truly to let go of his daughter just like that? Did he take Yours Truly as a pushover?!

If anyone could try to kill Yours Truly just because they had a strong backing, then how could Yours Truly reign supreme over the world in the future?

The man in the image frowned as he snorted coldly, evidently displeased. He had not expected this man to not give him the respect that he deserved.

"If you do not let her go, there will be nowhere in the Ancient Saint World where you can stand tall again. Try me if you dare."

"Threatening me...F*CKING THREATENING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!" Lin Fan was NOT happy right now. Was there something wrong with this guy's head? How dare he threaten Yours Truly while his daughter was in the hands of Yours Truly?

Was he really taking Yours Truly as a limp p.e.n.i.s?

"TRY? LET ME TRY THEN!" The one thing Lin Fan hated was to be under the threat of others. Since that was the case, he would grant him his wish then.


"FATHER, SAVE MEEEEEE…" With a tragic wail, Bailing was squished into nothingness in an instant.

"Hmph! What do I not dare to try? If you've got the guts, come over and challenge me for 300 rounds then! Yours Truly kills whoever he wants to! Do you really think you're the daddy of the Heavens?" Lin Fan snorted coldly while glaring straight up into the skies.

"YOU B*STARD! I'LL MAKE SURE I SMITE YOU INTO DUST!" The Fox Emperor howled in anger, evidently riled by Lin Fan.

"Smite ME into dust? You had better take care of yourself first! Since you're here, you had better be prepared to leave your consciousness behind too!" With a war cry, Lin Fan stretched out and grabbed at the void.

"Hmph. Someone like you thinks that he's able to take down the consciousness of your majesty here? What a fool." The Fox Emperor sneered coldly. Unleashing an immense amount of energy into the air, the consciousness charged at Lin Fan.

This consciousness wasn't invincible. However, for a mere azure celestial being, this was an existence that was comparable to that.

"Demon City! Teach him a lesson!" Slapping his storage, Demon City floated up into the sky and howled out at the Fox Emperor. With a single slap, demonic energy filled the void, taking down everything with it.

"Huh…?" The Fox Emperor was stunned for a moment. "Why would the big ancient demon be here?"


With that slap of the big ancient demon on the consciousness of the Fox Emperor, he grabbed the entire strain and devoured it whole into his mouth.


By the time the phrase was completed, there was nothing left of the consciousness.

Returning to the Demon City, the big ancient demon began to refine this strain.

"HAHA! Fox Emperor? If you were to appear before Yours Truly, Yours Truly would make sure you have your tails between your legs!" Flicking his robes, Lin Fan's disposition was beyond imposing.

As to how Demon City would turn out, Lin Fan was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Now that there was such a powerful being like the big ancient demon as the foundation, the potential of Demon City was practically limitless.

As long as he could revive the Bloodline of the big ancient demon, who else in the world could be a match for Yours Truly? By then, Yours Truly could even start with combo attack techniques!

Oh, that was right! There was still the Ancient One!

Together, the three of them could gang up and whack anyone for free! What bliss that would be!

However, for now, it was quite the tragedy that he had angered yet another figurehead…

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