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The series of cries ringing out had everyone shivering in panic.

"Oh, mighty senior! Please spare us on account of us all being from the thousands of races out there! Please have mercy!" Suddenly, everyone started begging. Everything was way too cryptic!

To think that Yan Jingtian, who was a desolate celestial upper-level being, would die just like that! No one could even tell what had happened at all!

All they saw was a black flash of light followed by the cruel explosion of Yan Jingtian!

It was a gory and grotesque sight!

"Come back." Lin Fan beckoned to his Thunder Trainer King. This fella's training method was perverse to the maximum, without any bit of human morals within it.

Thunder crackled non-stop as though an electroconvulsive treatment was underway. The young man who was under the influence of Biggra was berserk just moments ago. However, under this intense training session by the Thunder Trainer King, he was just wailing in pain right now, without a single hint of that initial madness. Even that swollen object at his crotch had gone all soft right now.


This was the only thought that Lin Fan had towards the Thunder Trainer King.

"This man was once possessed. However, I have already relieved him of his sufferings. From here on forth, he shall no longer by bewitched. This can be considered a deed of merit." The young Thunder Trainer King reported.

Lin Fan looked at the Thunder Trainer King, then at the man from the Wings race.

How was this even training anymore? This was just a thorough lashing of his w.i.l.l.y! No longer bewitched? From here on forth, this man from the Wings race was probably going to end up a eunuch for the rest of his life! But then again, Lin Fan did not have the intention of letting any of them off anyway.

Men who killed deserved to be killed.

Everyone reaped what they sowed. Even for himself, Lin Fan was already mentally prepared should he meet with the same fate.

Admittedly, Lin Fan had thought too much of the bond among the thousands of races out there. But, the picture was undeniably clear right now. Politics, motives and plots, these things would never ever disappear.

As someone from the Human race, all he had to do was keep himself in line. As for everyone else, he would just let them be.

Of course, he wouldn't count on anyone to a.s.sist him in times of need. On the other hand, greed and l.u.s.t were notions that were common across all beings. However, if anyone were to dare invoke these notions against Yours Truly, they would be chopped down instantly. Lin Fan did not want to leave anything that could bring him troubles in the future.

"Heh, rob me? Why don't you guys open your eyes wide to take a look at just who it is that you're trying to rob? All of you had better wisen up and hand over all of your storage rings!" Lin Fan chuckled out. How dare these fellas act so brazenly before their Ancestor of the Dao of Robbery? Courageous fools!

"Big Sister Bai, by the looks of it, this guy isn't going to let us off. How about we take the risk and make a break for it? Even if only some of us can manage to escape, we would then let out the news of this guy and the supreme grade dao weapon in his possession! By then, he would surely be hunted down day and night, and will have to live a life of hiding!" A handsome man from the Dragon race remarked.

"That's right! Even though he managed to take down Yan Jingtian, he could only do so with a sneak attack! We might stand a chance if we just face him head on!"

"When he announced his name just now, I snuck a look at the fugitive list. He is ranked in the 200,000's, with a cultivation state of azure celestial middle level! Even though I've got no idea how he managed to pull up his rankings with that cultivation state, based on our own cultivation states, we would surely be able to kill him over a thousand times with our combined forces!"

Bailing communicated with the others about this. Even though none of their facial expressions changed, their hearts were thumping furiously. Eventually, they gritted their teeth.

"Alright, we'll follow with his requests first and have him calm down. Once he relaxes and lets down his guard, we will then strike and kill him instantly!' Bailing ordered with a cold laugh in her heart.

Azure celestial middle level! This cultivation state was nothing but an ant compared to them! But to play it safe, they should only strike when they were the most confident.

"Senior, please spare us!" All of them continued begging. One by one, they took out their storage rings. However, there was a flash of iciness hidden beneath their gazes.

Ever since Lin Fan ascended into the Ancient Saint World, he had yet to conduct a robbery. This return to his old trade was ever so reminiscent. The moment these folks handed over their belongings willingly, Lin Fan felt a familiar sense of achievement.

"Not bad, not bad! Wisen up, and you shall suffer less!" Lin Fan laughed frostily. Did these guys really think that their whispers could have escaped his surveillance?

Looking at Lin Fan making his way forward, each and every one of them was sweating in their palms.

The death of Yan Jingtian had a devastating impact on them. That was a desolate celestial upper-level being! Yet, his death was so d.a.m.n tragic!

If not for the fugitive list's introduction of his cultivation state, they wouldn't have dared to resist at all!

But right now, their hearts were all intent on taking the gamble.

After all, they were heartened, because a cultivation state such as azure celestial middle level wasn't too high. The reason why this guy could have killed so many powerful beings must be due to his crafty sneak attacks.

Now that they were being wary, as long as they made the first move, they could definitely kill the other party!

The moment Lin Fan strode forth, everyone's faces changed as they suddenly hollered, "STRIKE NOW…!"

'Overturn the living!'

With a nimble movement, Bailing's entire body was shrouded in a red mist. Within the red mist, numerous succubi were dancing bewitchingly in the nude, trying to charm all the living beings around them. Anyone who was charmed could not possibly pull himself out of her seduction.

'Demon G.o.d Wheel!'

A being from the Demon race burst forth with an immense demonic aura. Striking out with a flurry of palm strikes, the void was torn apart instantly as a gigantic demonic G.o.d appeared, slamming down at Lin Fan's head with the Demon G.o.d Wheel.

"GO TO h.e.l.l…!" Everyone screamed out as they struck out from all directions, blocking Lin Fan's path forward completely while unleashing all their killer moves.

To them, this was their final shot at it. If they were to let this chance go, they would no longer have any hope anymore.

"HAHA! I knew you guys wouldn't go so easily. But, really now? Killing me with just your standards? Dream on, fools!"

'Doomsday Calamity G.o.d Fist!'

Lin Fan's eyes shone with an endless brilliance as he sent out a normal looking punch. However, while that punch was traversing through, it was as if a doomsday calamity had descended down upon the world. A supreme doomsday G.o.d unleashed its unrivaled might, caging all of these living beings within a shroud of horror. This was a move that bypa.s.sed time, s.p.a.ce, and everything.




Everything was destroyed entirely under the might of this devastating force, without any chance of survival.

"H-HOW COULD THIS BE…?" Everyone was completely stumped by the immense force striking out.

"TRUE SKILL SEED?! YOU'RE ONLY AN AZURE CELESTIAL! HOW COULD YOU CULTIVATE TRUE SKILL SEEDS? IMPOSSIBLE!" The moment everyone caught Lin Fan displaying his moves with the churning of the True Skill seed, they exclaimed out in shock.

"Hmph. All of you are frogs in a well indeed. The supremacy of Yours Truly isn't something that you mere plebeians can understand!" Lin Fan snorted coldly with an immense killing intent.

From now on forth, Lin Fan would not go easy against beings of the thousands of races out there as well. If anyone wanted to f*ck up Yours Truly, they better have the capabilities to do so.

Those charming succubi who wanted to tempt Lin Fan's souls were vanquished with that single strike. At the same time, that Demon G.o.d Wheel was disintegrated as well.

"Impossible! Even with the True Skill seeds, you shouldn't be THIS strong!" Bailing shrieked in disbelief, unable to disguise the horror within her expression.


One by one, they were all destroyed under the might of that gigantic fist without any room for resistance.


"Hmph, even if you're Daddy Heavens, I'm going to kill you today." Lin Fan cried out. He wasn't afraid in the least bit of threats like this!

"N-No! Please don't kill me, please! Please! I'll be your slave! Please!" Bailing's pleas were getting anxious by the second as the look of terror in her eyes thickened.

"You don't have the right." Lin Fan slapped out, disregarding her beauty entirely. Even if she were the most beautiful woman on this planet, Yours Truly wasn't biting sh*t like that!


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