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Lin Fan looked at Yan Jingtian calmly. The mount of treasures beneath before him glowed brilliantly, seducing the demons of greed within one's heart.

Each step taken by Yan Jingtian caused him to take in a deep breath, as though the excitement bubbling inside him was way too overwhelming.

Badump! Badump!

His heart thumped furiously with an unspeakable sense of nervousness.

An abundant amount of wealth was right before him! However, everything was still way too cryptic for Yan Jingtian!

In front of this amount of fortune, everyone's mind would practically be a mess. They weren't in the right frame of mind to think properly at all.

That supreme grade dao weapon especially! Something like that could cause even brothers to turn against one another!

"You! Scram off!" Yan Jingtian stopped before he ordered Lin Fan sternly.

He had this unshakable feeling of a repressing pressure coming from this person's presence before the treasures. Even though he wasn't really afraid of Lin Fan, that was a really unpleasant feeling for him.

"I-I'm so nervous I can't move! T-that big brother from the Wings race! C-could you come and help push me away?" Lin Fan pretended to ask for help anxiously.

Everything would be fine as long as Yan Jingtian would appear before him. Lin Fan would wait for him to be at his happiest before he gave that guy's a.n.u.s a good piercing.

"Sure…!" The young man from the Wings race was extremely exhilarated in the face of this request as he replied instantly.

He had already planned out everything in advance. As long as he could get close to these treasures, he would definitely s.n.a.t.c.h them all away. Given his innate potential as someone from the Wings race, he knew that Yan Jingtian could almost definitely not catch up with his speed.

A supreme grade dao weapon and a supreme grade spirit weapon! Families could go to war over these items, let alone these 'companions'!

"You don't have to come over." Yan Jingtian frowned, somewhat displeased.

The moment the young man from the Wings race heard this, he was equally ticked off. However, he did not dare to voice out any displeasure at all. After all, Yan Jingtian was their boss. He did not have the guts to go against their boss right at this moment.

"Kid, you had better not try anything funny." Yan Jingtian warned Lin Fan.

"N-no…! I-I wouldn't…!" Lin Fan raised both of his hands up to his chest level and shook them hurriedly, a.s.suring the other party that he would definitely not try anything nasty.

Soon enough, Yan Jingtian came before Lin Fan. Looking at the ma.s.sive amount of treasures before him, Yan Jingtian's eyes shone with a bright brilliance of excitement.

Treasures! All of these were treasures!

Lowering his head, Yan Jingtian fondled the treasures before him. In fact, he could even sense these treasures beckoning welcomingly to him! As for that kid, he had no intentions of keeping him alive.


Yan Jingtian flicked his robes, wanting to keep both weapons within his storage ring first. However, to his dismay, none of them would budge a single inch!

Could it be an issue with his storage ring? But how could that be?

"Eh?" Yan Jingtian shot a dirty look at Lin Fan. He then stretched out his hand and grabbed at the Eternal Axe.

"Eh? What in the world?" No matter how hard he pulled, he couldn't lift up the Eternal Axe at all!

He was a desolate celestial upper-level being! How could he fail to lift up a single supreme grade dao weapon?! This was impossible!

Unable to accept this fact, Yan Jingtian pierced the long sword in his other hand down into the ground before using both hands to pull this Eternal Axe.

Everyone else were absolutely bewildered right now. What in the world was Big Brother Yan doing? Why was he exerting this much force?

Wasn't it just two weapons, that's all? Did he have to resort to this?

But of course, Yan Jingtian wouldn't ask for help from them at this moment. With a hurrah, he squatted down and pulled at the Eternal Axe. His b.u.m raised highly up in the air.

"RISE…!!!" Yan Jingtian channeled all the True Energy within his body into his arms and tugged and pulled, wanting to lift up this Eternal Axe.

But nope, nothing worked. It still wouldn't budge a single inch.

Looking at the state Yan Jingtian was in right now, Lin Fan laughed within his mind. Controlling with his thoughts, Flying Heavens, which was hidden beneath the ground, began to revolve.

'a.n.u.s EXPLOSION!'

Yan Jingtian was in the midst of exerting all his force when he felt a strange, cooling sensation in his a.n.u.s. At the same time, there was a deep pain accompanying this sensation.




'This…!' Yan Jingtian could not understand what was happening right now. However, just as he was about to speak, an immense pain found its way surging straight up into his head. He did not dare to hesitate anymore as he redirected all his True Energy into resisting this.

'Flying Heavens!'

Lin Fan raised both his hands. To Yan Jingtian's horror, he realized that something was buried deep within his body!

"YOU…!" He pointed a finger at Lin Fan with a look of disbelief. However, before he could even speak up, Flying Heavens unleashed all the force within him.


Blood and meat flew in all directions before turning into dust.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing desolate celestial upper-level Yan Jingtian.'

'Ding…Experience points +60,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining middle-grade spirit weapon Ascending Sword.'

'Not bad, not bad! This guy was pretty useful. 60,000 experience points are pretty decent!' Lin Fan smirked.

As for everyone else, they were just in a complete state of shock right now.

What in the world was going on here? Why the h.e.l.l did Yan Jingtian blow up just like that?

"Just who are you?" At this moment, everyone finally understood that this man was the true predator pretending to be a prey!

Looking at all these people, Lin Fan flicked his robes and all the treasures on the ground flew back into his storage.

"Yours Truly here is Lin Fan. I was just messing around with you guys. Do you fools really think that Yours Truly can't take you guys down?" Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red. Weren't these guys just so c.o.c.ky earlier on? One should just look at the state of shock on their faces right now!

The difference in their reactions was way too pleasurable to watch!

'Desolate celestial lower level.'

'Azure celestial full cultivation state.'

'Desolate celestial middle level.'

"Not bad, there are ten of you in total." Lin Fan swept his glance around, and was satisfied with what he saw. If Yours Truly were to reap in all ten of them, he should be able to level up.

"Trying to run?" Suddenly, the wings of the young man from the Wings race flapped as he tore into the void, wanting to seize the opportunity to run.

How could Lin Fan give him the chance?

"What's this?" The moment the Wings race being entered the void, he wailed out as he tumbled down from the skies.

Earlier on, Lin Fan had already covered the entire skies around with Biggra, just in case anyone would think of running away. Otherwise, he would have chopped off all of their heads long ago if he hadn't made preparations beforehand.

"Senior! Please let us go! We were all forced by him!" The bewitching Bailing's face was now extremely pale as she begged for mercy. That pitiful face of hers which was wrung in pain was especially difficult to look at right now.

What a beautiful maiden she was! That was the sort of beauty that Yours Truly could not help but develop bad intentions towards!

"Senior! As long as you let me go, I'll be yours from now on forth! I'm willing to remain by your side forever to serve you alone!" Every single action of Bailing was mesmerizing to the core. Those eyes of hers which were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears left her looking ever so helpless.

"I WANT…!" The young man from the Wings race who was now under the influence of Biggra howled out with bloodshot eyes. The way he looked at everyone was as though he wanted to violently 'love and cherish' every single one of them right now!

'Thunder Trainer King, come on out!'

With the wave of his hand, a flash of lightning appeared through the void.

"I am the Thunder Trainer King. Do you require my Training services?" This bald headed young kid looked at the ma.s.ses. Even though his facial expression was calm, there was a shine of imposingness within his glance.

"Go and give him a good training session." Lin Fan ordered.

"Yes." The Thunder Trainer King nodded his head and appeared beside the man from the Wings race in a flash, "You are deeply poisoned. I am the Thunder Trainer King, I shall relieve you from your world of suffering."


"Your majesty here is salvaging you. Do not resist."



This was the first time Lin Fan had witnessed the Thunder Trainer King taking action. With that, his heart skipped a beat as well. This was b.l.o.o.d.y horrifying!

Looking at the pitiable state of this man from the Wings race, everyone could not help but take in a cold breath of air.

So…cruel! Just who in the world was this child?

Why the h.e.l.l were his methods so gory and…stinging to the eyes?

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