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The Eternal Axe was a legendary weapon to begin with. But after its destruction in a great battle, the spirit within the weapon itself was on the brink of destruction as well. After countless years of self-rejuvenating, it had finally revived once more. However, the power of the weapon had dipped significantly from its mighty awe back then.

If the Eternal Axe truly had to be graded right now, it could be considered to be a supreme grade dao weapon. However, it did not possess any properties or abilities that a dao weapon should have. Other than being resilient and tenacious, it didn't have any other use at all.

'Smelt! Fuse together!'

'Ding…Congratulations on smelting.'

The Heaven and Earth Smelt shook for a little bit before the lid slammed open. A razor-sharp aura surged out with immense force, slicing the boundaries of the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm into lines of tears.

An endless amount of energy streams surged forth from the void. Right now, the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm was only left with a single strain of killing intent.

Once Lin Fan absorbed this strain of consciousness, the entire Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm would cease to exist entirely in the Ancient Saint World.

'To think that it would still remain as a supreme grade dao weapon after fusing. Seems like there are still quite a number of broken shards out there. This was just a single shard out of all of them.' Lin Fan gripped the Eternal Axe tightly in his hands. The aura surged immediately as though he was a peerless G.o.d of War, piercing through the clouds straight into the peak of the Heavens.

'Ding…Congratulations on discovering Heaven Splitting Three Stances, Second Stance: Destruction. Do you wish to comprehend?'


Lin Fan was elated in his heart. Even though the Eternal Axe did not evolve because of this shard, he had obtained the second stance of the Heaven Splitting Three Stances. This could be considered pretty decent as well.

Suddenly, Lin Fan found his consciousness tossed within a state of unbridled mysteries.

Within this mysterious consciousness realm, Lin Fan caught sight of that peerlessly might gigantic figure once more. The moment he opened his eyes, the entire ground quaked as a gigantic shockwave rippled throughout the world. Lin Fan could actually feel the repressing pressure of that wave.

So strong!

Wielding the Eternal Axe, the giant cleaved out. That single cleave brought about an unceasing destruction of the Heaven and Earth, disintegrating everything in its path and bringing them with it into the void.


A single war cry burst out from the giant's mouth, causing Lin Fan to jerk awake immediately.

'Ding…Congratulations on comprehending Heaven Splitting Three Stances, Second Stance: Destruction.'

'To think that it would be so forceful!' Lin Fan could not help but exclaim. Shifting his eyelids, he cleaved out with the axe.


The axe gleamed brightly as the entire Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm quaked violently once more. With that single cleave, the void was split cleanly, causing torrents of energy to gush out like a waterfall. Instantly, the s.p.a.ce within the entire Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm began to topple down.

'Incredible! To think that a single strike could take down the entire Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm!' Catching sight of the scene before him, Lin Fan could not help but be startled by the magnificent strength of it all. Shifting nimbly, he sprinted out of the entire place.


Looking at everything caving in from all directions, it was as though everything was about to turn into nothingness.

Turning around, Lin Fan was equally dumbfounded by the sight before him. However, his face suddenly changed as he cried out in a heart-wrenching pain, 'Treasures…!!!'

Lin Fan had not expected a huge ton of precious treasures to be flung within the collapse of the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm right before its destruction!

'Holy f"*ck! Are the ancient race all just a bunch of dumbf*cks?! How could there still be so many treasures left after they had maintained control over this Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm for such a long period of time?' Lin Fan's heart was dripping with blood right now.

To think that he had to watch the destruction of so many treasures into that torrent of surging energy with his very eyes!

Even though his physical body state was already that of an azure celestial lower level, he did not dare to attempt leaping into this berserk torrent of energy to try to grab hold of some treasures.


Heart-wrenching pain!

Lin Fan felt like a sharp knife had just found its way to pierce deep into the very depths of his heart. This was a pain he couldn't even describe with mere words.

If the Heavens were to give him one more chance, he definitely wouldn't destroy this Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm with his itchy fingers! He would definitely cherish the chance to seek out these treasures thoroughly! However, it was all too late for regrets right now.


Like the toppling of a high-rise building, the dimensions broke apart as every single thing was sucked in. Culminating to a single point, a gigantic explosion burst forth as a ma.s.sive shockwave was sent echoing out of the blast radius.

Everything was turned into dust. Nothing was left.

The Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm had ceased to exist in the Ancient Saint World from this point forth.

'It's gone!'

Lin Fan stood at an empty spot, looking at the void which the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm used to occupy with extreme pain. He was filled with immense regrets right now. Even the gigantic stone door had disappeared, as though it was never there in the first place.


Lin Fan's sigh was filled with helplessness. Who could truly understand the pain he was in right now?

However, he adjusted to normalcy pretty quickly as well. Fine, so what if it was gone? Yours Truly didn't need treasures like these to raise his power level! And, it was probably for the better now that the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm was gone. At least, those dumbf*cks from the ancient race couldn't use this as an excuse for the beings of the thousands of races out there to commit ma.s.sacres anymore.

He had made sure to kill everyone else who had entered this time around, except for that darned Mu Tian who had managed to escape.

And that fella had a spirit vein in his possession! Lin Fan did not know the sort of powers or abilities a spirit vein would provide to its user, but he reminded himself to be careful from here on forth.

Seemed like he had made his first enemy in the Ancient Saint World. But of course, Yours Truly wasn't afraid in the least bit. Back in the Xuanhuang World, Yours Truly had scammed a f*ck ton of people! But still, Yours Truly made it out dandy and well!

Suddenly, the void vibrated as a group of figures appeared.

Lin Fan frowned, thinking that it was a group of ancient race beings who had rushed over to hunt for his life upon sensing the destruction of the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm. However, when he caught sight of those who had arrived, he heaved a sigh of relief. They weren't ancient race beings, but from the thousands of races out there.

"Halt there! Who are you?" Just as Lin Fan was above to leave, a man who was wielding a longsword in the void asked him sternly. Lin Fan took a look at the man in the sky. He was elegant and lofty, strutting his chest upright, with his posture resembling that of a longsword itself.

This man was surrounded by a strong sword will. Evidently, he should be someone from the Sword race.

"And who are YOU guys?" Lin Fan's face crumpled. Since this guy was acting a little c.o.c.ky, Lin Fan did not have to be polite to him at all!

"Hmph…!" Looking at how arrogant the other party was, the man snorted coldly. With that, a ma.s.sive amount of sword will burst out, covering Lin Fan's body like a cage.

"If you don't wish to die, you had better answer my question!" He cried out authoritatively as his gaze swept through the surroundings. He was bewildered by something.

Where was the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm?!

There were both men and women who were gathered around this man. All of them were cheery and chirpy, as though they had a complete disregard for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan's brows creased as he stepped forth. Churning his True Skill seed, Firmament Sword burst forth. The sword will that Lin Fan exerted canceled out the opposing sword will from the man immediately.

"Eh…?" The man exclaimed in surprise, somewhat curious now. "Seems like you've got some capabilities. However, there's been innumerable people with capabilities who had died in the hands of the sword G.o.d, me, Yan Jingtian!"

"Brother Yan! This man is acting really shifty! How about let's take him down! I'll use my Soul Searching technique to make out what this man was really up to then!" A devilish looking girl beside Yan Jingtian smirked. Her eyes shone cruelly as though Lin Fan was nothing but a prey to her.

"HAHA! Sister Bailing's Soul Searching technique is unparalleled in this world! As long as anyone's souls were searched through, they would cough out the truth about everything immediately. We have made our way here to the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm only to find it disappearing entirely! Evidently, this man must know something about this weird phenomenon!"

"That's right! For him to appear right at the side of the secret ground, he must have come out from within and had obtained some sort of treasure! If we can kill him and s.n.a.t.c.h away the treasure, that would be a pretty happy occasion too!"

Upon hearing these words, Lin Fan's heart tightened. Seemed like this bunch of people here were out to murder others for their treasures.

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