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The thirteen students looked at the dazzling image of their teacher onstage, their hearts boiling.

"Ever happened before?"

They wanted to shout out to their teacher that it had. Even though they were garbage, they still had times where they were right, but they had faltered due to their inner fears and could only stay silent in the end. Lin Fan looked at the students immersed in their thoughts, then slightly sighed. They were still kids, and their hearts were too pure.

"On the path of martial arts, one must be straightforward and true to their hearts. If you bury the truth in your heart due to something like fear, you will never go far in the path of martial arts."

"Now, tell me clearly, has it ever happened before?" Lin Fan's momentum was like a sun of justice, shining down on all the students offstage. The voice traveled deep into the hearts of the students and completely blew them open.

The students who were initially here just to spectate felt their blood begin to boil on hearing him, the unhappiness they had buried deep in their hearts began to surge forth.


"I have…"

"Teacher Lin is right. No one is perfect, just because we have different opinions than the teacher, why are we in the wrong?"

"One time, the flow of my true energy became blocked. I believed it was due to one of the martial skills I was cultivating, but my teacher said it was a health problem due to my body and forced me to drink bitter medicine. I kept this incident buried in my heart and never said anything because he was my teacher."

The students under Lin Fan's encouragement began pouring out all the anguish they had in their hearts. Liu Qingfeng and the rest on stage began to look extremely displeased.

How did a simple compet.i.tion turn into this? They had become the target of public criticism, just what was going on? The collapsed Huben repeatedly spat forth blood upon hearing Lin Fan's words; it was infuriating, incredibly infuriating.

Reversing black and white, how could he be so despicable?

Lin Fan looked at the agitated students and motioned for them to settle down, "Although you all aren't my students, you are still students of the Sky Heaven School. I want to tell you all that if you believe you are right, then don't let others influence you. Stay true to your heart and do what you believe is right."

The students looked up at Lin Fan, their respect gradually rising, "Thank you, Teacher Lin, for your lesson."

The students were all good students. They knew how to be accepting, they weren't stupid. If they thought about it, they would be able to realize who was wrong or right, it was just that they were still too innocent.

Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction. The results were good, students were indeed easier to sway.

Then Lin Fan looked towards Liu Qingfeng's party, "You three must apologize to my students."

The expression on Liu Qingfeng and his group changed repeatedly, then they lightly said, "Teacher Lin, you have to leave us a lifeline for the future. If you make us apologize to the students, how are we supposed to keep up our image in the future?"

Lin Fan closed his eyes, then suddenly opened them, raised the sword in hand and flourished it, "In that case, be prepared to receive my attack."

"Teacher Lin wait!" Liu Qingfeng's party hastily lifted their hands. They knew they weren't a match for Lin Fan. If they really fought, their outcome could possibly be worse than Huben. Furthermore, they didn't know what other kinds of things the person would say to the students.

"Are you all going to apologize?"Lin Fan looked at the three and smiled.

"This…" Liu Qingfeng's party hesitated. Just how could they do something like apologizing to students? They were teachers, how could they apologize to a bunch of D cla.s.s students. If the word got out, they would become laughingstocks.

"I think Teacher Liu should apologize."

"After hearing Teacher Lin's word today, I feel that I shouldn't have looked down on people. I apologize to fellow students of D cla.s.s."

"Yes, me too."

"Teacher Liu, apologize."



The students who had been initially quiet began chanting out together.

This was the desire of their hearts…

The decision had been set in motion and was irreversible now.

Liu Shuishui and her cla.s.s watched the current scene. They were speechless and surprised; they had never thought a day like this would come.

Liu Qingfeng's party looked at their surrounding and finally nodded, "Alright, we apologize."

Lin Fan slightly smiled and then beckoned towards Liu Shuishui and the cla.s.s, "Everyone come over and accept the sincere apologies of the three teachers."

Liu Shuishui and the cla.s.s were surprised and a bit scared, but under Teacher Lin's encouraging eyes, they plucked up their courage and walked on stage. The thirteen students formed a line and stood upright, but they couldn't bring themselves to look into the three teachers'eyes.

"Remember, when you receive someone's apology, you must look them straight in the eyes. In the future, you must remember to be forgiving to others, understand?"Lin Fan said.

"Teacher, we understand." Liu Shuishui and the rest said as they flushed excitedly.

Liu Qingfeng's party were very angry within their hearts, Huben, who was collapsed on the ground, remained motionless on the ground pretending to gravely injured after seeing the current scene.

'Yeah right, like I would apologize to students, not even in your dreams. I will just quietly lie here and avoid this situation.'

"My fellow three teachers, come." Lin Fan spread out his hands and said.

Liu Qingfeng's party looked at each other then sighed helplessly and walked over to the thirteen students. Liu Shuishui and her cla.s.s clutched the edges of their clothes nervously, but they still obeyed their teacher and looked straight ahead at the three teachers.

But after looking, they realized that the B cla.s.s teachers were actually not so scary after all.

""We apologize to you all." Liu Qingfeng slightly closed his eyes and finally said these words, then he looked towards Lin Fan, "Excuse me then."

After being embarra.s.sed in front of so many students, they didn't know just what would happen in the future.

"Wait…" Lin Fan spoke up at this moment.

Liu Qingfeng's party stiffened, did he perhaps want to demand something else?

"Since the teachers have apologized to you all, then you should accept them in good faith. Tell the three teachers, we accept your apology." Lin Fan smiled deviously in his heart and said.

The thirteen students nodded, then looked towards the three teachers, "We accept your apology."

The thirteen students felt like they were dreaming at this moment. They had never thought a day like this would come for them. For B cla.s.s teachers to apologize to them, it was something they never even dared to think about before.

The faces of Liu Qingfeng's party became paler and paler, then they left without looking back even once. Huben then also quickly got up and slipped away dejectedly.

Lin Fan looked towards the thirteen students while smiling, and nodded his head in satisfaction. He then he looked at the students offstage, " You all remember these words."

"Stay true to your hearts."


'Ding… congratulations mentor profession, experience + 200.'

Lin Fan then smiled happily. As expected, those with brains live the best while those with no brains like Li Qingfeng's party can only walk away in gloom.

Life…needs to be grasped when the opportunity comes.

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