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'What's the situation right now?' This fight between both parties was earthshattering and dizzying, where one could not make out the actual situation within.

Lin Fan was hoping desperately that none of the BOSSES would die. The best-case scenario was for both of them to be gravely injured.

After all, when the sandpiper and the clam fought, it would always be the fisherman who would win.

Lin Fan had been hidden for a really long time now, awaiting that scenario to play out. When he saw Mu Tian slaughtering all the ancient race tribesmen, his heart was dripping with blood as well.

All of those were precious experience points! If only they were killed by him instead! That amount of experience points would be pretty significant!

But in order to get the final catch of these two BOSSES, he had to endure the pain and continue waiting patiently without revealing his secret location.


Suddenly, a wild laughter burst out. This was Gu Yao's voice.

"Mu Tian, what else have you got? Lay it all out!" Gu Yao wasn't doing that well right now. The armor on his body was shattered and torn. It gradually dimmed, without the formidable aura it emanated earlier on.

Even though this spiritual armor had been destroyed, Gu Yao wasn't infuriated in the least bit. After all, he was of the ancient race's descent and was in possession of a heavenly skill blessed by the Heaven's Will. As long as he had sufficient treasures, he could easily replicate that armor once more.

As for any other living beings in the Ancient Saint World, once a spirit weapon was destroyed, it was destroyed forever. They could only be dreaming if they were expecting any ancient race beings to repair it for them.

"d.a.m.n it…!" Mu Tian was in a terrible state right now. His hair was a mess, and many cracks had appeared on his Gigantic Sky Burial, as though it could crumble at any moment.

He had built up this spirit weapon painstakingly, only to have it destroyed by this ancient race b*stard. The sorrowful howls of the spirit weapon were even permeating into everyone's ears.

"Gu Yao! I swear that I'll not let you off till you drop today!" Mu Tian howled as a fiery rage burned in his heart. Even if he were to tear Gu Yao into pieces, that would barely satisfy his hatred right now.

How much time and effort had he used in order to turn his Gigantic Sky Burial into a supreme grade spirit weapon? JUST HOW MUCH TIME AND EFFORT?

Back then when he had obtained the Gigantic Sky Burial, it was only a lower grade spirit weapon. Over the years, he had been through countless of secret grounds and killed numerous strong beings in order to turn his Gigantic Sky Burial into a supreme grade spirit weapon. To think that it would be damaged so badly by Gu Yao. How could he tolerate that?

"HAHA! Kill me? Do you have what it takes?" Gu Yao taunted.

To him, treasures weren't important in the least bit. While losing a supreme grade spirit weapon might be quite regrettable, he knew that his riches was boundless as an ancient race being. As long as he could obtain credit for the ancient race, he was bound to be rewarded with tons of these treasures.

But to these ants of the thousands of races out there, supreme grade spirit treasures were extremely hard to come by. After all, they couldn't craft weapons by themselves. If their weapons were destroyed, it would be an extremely crushing feeling for them.

"YOU…!" Mu Tian's Blood Qi was rumbling furiously right now. This was the anger that was born from his supreme grade spirit weapon being damaged. The anger was feeding this power right now.

He sprayed out mouthfuls of fresh blood as the color from his face drained even more.

In order to give his Gigantic Sky Burial the strength to bang down Gu Yao, he had infused his own energy within it as well. To think that this would be the tragic outcome of his precious weapon!

"You are already gravely injured. What more can you do to fight against me?" Gu Yao took a stride forth as the void rippled. Even though his strength wasn't as formidable as before, killing Mu Tian with this amount of strength was still something easy for him.

The ancient race was born with an innate physical body state that was way better than anything this world could provide. Blessed by the Heaven's Will, they held an immense advantage against any other person of the same cultivation state.

Furthermore, now that he had the buff of his treasure, he could take down anyone with nothing to stop him in his path.

If not for these privileges, the ancient race would have long been overthrown from their position by all the other races out there. How could they maintain their mighty reign after these millions of years?

Mu Tian looked at Gu Yao with his heart filled with indignance. However, it was exactly as Gu Yao had said. He had already reached his limit. Even if he were to continue clashing against Gu Yao, his outcome would still be the same.

'No, I must absolutely not die here! With this spirit vein, I can definitely enter full cultivation state with ease! In fact, I might even get into that G.o.dlike divine celestial cultivation state!' Mu Tian thought in his heart.

Eyeing the scene before him, Lin Fan was starting to lose his patience. If this Gu Yao were to strike right now, Mu Tian would surely die there and then. But if Mu Tian were to die right now, he would be making a really terrible loss!

'Time to act…!'


Shifting nimbly, the Stealth True Skill seed within Lin Fan's body activated. In order to deal a fatal strike, those seeds that boosted his power level were churning as well.


Suddenly, Lin Fan reappeared in the void. Hollering out, he slammed with his axe. This earth splitting axe cleave brought with it a devastating force as it ripped through the void without giving Gu Yao any chance to react at all.

"WHO DARES TO…?" Gu Yao's face changed immediately as he cried out. In a maddened rage, he sent a flurry of punches with his will within them, punching out into the void.

'True Origins Crushing Kick!'

'Black Tiger Steals Heart!'

'Twisting Heaven and Earth!'

Instantly, Lin Fan seemed like the maniac as he swiveled three True Skill seeds within his body and burst forth with so much force that the entire void was torn apart.

"T-this power! To think that this man has cultivated this many True Skill seeds!" Mu Tian whose breathing was extremely heavy right now was startled by the scene before him.

It was extremely difficult for anyone to cultivate a True Skill seed. Furthermore, the True Energy that was required to convert them was boundless like the vast seas, and the states required for every skill to be turned into a True Skill seed was different as well.

And to think that this man could produce three of them at one go!

All three of these skills had been turned into True Skill seeds! If their power were to be combined together, that was a force that could probably devastate the entire world!

"N-no. I must seize this opportunity to get out of this place as soon as possible!" Mu Tian was panicking right now. He then shifted his body nimbly, trying to get out in the chaos.

"Escape? Dream on!" Lin Fan laughed coldly upon spotting Mu Tian trying to escape.


Now that his three skills were being struck out together, Lin Fan waved out with his palm. Instantly, a gigantic dragon was formed from the Biggra mist as it cut off Mu Tian's path forward.


Gu Yao screamed out suddenly, "What is this skill?"

Gu Yao could not believe everything that was in his face right now. To think that there would be a flurry of fists and kicks coming from the air! Gu Yao had expected his unparalleled defenses to take these strikes with ease.

But, he found out in horror that these fists and kicks ignored all of his defenses and kicked straight at his groin!

This was an utter humiliation to Gu Yao!

"Any skill that takes your life should be as b.a.l.l.sy as mine! You guys dare to dream of ascending up into the Heavens when you're just mere sc.u.m? Let Yours Truly teach you guys what it means to be a proper living being!" Lin Fan laughed coldly as his axe flashed out once more.

This axe was enough to devastate everything as it tore through the void, bringing with it an unparalleled sharpness.


That was the last cry that rang through the world before Gu Yao's body was split cleanly into two.

Everything was way too surreal for Gu Yao.

He wanted to resist, but he couldn't react in time at all.

The pain in both his chest and groin was way too much for him to handle. It came crashing down like a tsunami, wave after wave after wave.


The flash of Lin Fan's Eternal Axe shone brightly in the entire s.p.a.ce. This was the end of Gu Yao, who had reigned supreme for his entire life.


His pitch-black blood sprayed all over the sky.

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