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'This is unbearable to watch. My heart feels a little pained.' Lin Fan clutched at his chest and took a deep breath. He then returned to his initial expression, and the pained expression had disappeared entirely as well.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing azure celestial full cultivation being Wan Xiexing.'

'Ding…Experience points +40,000.'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing desolate celestial lower level Zhan Wudi.'

'Ding…Experience points +50,000.'

'Ding…Obtained War King's World Extinguishing Fist.'

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding…Azure celestial middle level.'

The experience points that Lin Fan had obtained from killing these two people with Biggra were pretty significant. Not only did he level up, he lucked out as well, because a single skill popped out!

Lin Fan truly understood right now. Whether or not items appeared was completely dependent on luck.

And even though these two people had a pretty decent cultivation state, none of them gave off any treasures. What a pity!

However, that grim and sinister Mu Tian did seem to be holding on to a treasure. Lin Fan wondered what he had.

'Ding…Do you want to learn War King's World Extinguishing Fist?'


Lin Fan did not care what sort of skills he was learning any longer. After all, any utter trash skill could turn into an insanely powerful skill in his hands.

With Lin Fan's current cultivation state, he could immediately master War King's World Extinguishing Fist to a pretty decent level. While it couldn't be said to be invincible, it was still pretty respectable.

Lin Fan punched out with both his fists and the void rippled. One fist carried with it the 'Will' of the fist, while the other fist carried with it 'Destruction'. It was all-encompa.s.sing, with a boundless, devastating power, as though the doomsday had appeared once more.

"Indeed, this is pretty strong. If not for the fact that Wan Xiexing was being so h.o.r.n.y, Zhan Wudi might have been able to stall for a really long time with these fists alone." After retrieving his fists, Lin Fan could not help but acknowledge.

After keeping both of their storage rings, Lin Fan noticed a group of people approaching from the distance, then disappeared from where he was.

Post Lin Fan's departure, a group of ancient race tribesmen appeared.

"Eh? Why have everyone disappeared?" They had sensed a disturbance in the surroundings and rushed forth. Therefore, they were naturally bewildered that there was no one upon their arrival.

"Continue searching. It's almost time to take them all in." The ancient race tribesmen remarked.

"Mu Tian, who possesses the treasure, is our only target. Kill everyone else on sight."

"Hehe. These bunch of ants are sure agile on their feet."

Now that Lin Fan had leveled up once more, he could feel the power level within his body surging yet again. With every single strike, even if the Earth did not shatter, he could create waves of impact at the very least.

'Weren't those two fellas way too poor?' Lin Fan looked through the storage rings with a face of exasperation. To think that there wasn't anything significant in their storage rings! Just how poor were they?

But, what Lin Fan did not know was that the both of them had ascended into the Ancient Saint World without knowing the actual circ.u.mstances up here. They had thought that this would be a perfectly wonderful place. Therefore, before they ascended, both of them kept all the treasures that they had acc.u.mulated over their lifetime into some cave so that they could pull off some gimmick for others to search for their treasures as well.

However, to their dismay, they found out after ascending that the Ancient Saint World was a complete sham! At the same time, they utterly regretted their actions.

If they had known that the Ancient Saint World would be so scammy, they wouldn't have left their items back in their Lower Worlds.

Wan Xiexing had killed an ancient realm creature earlier on and received a crystal. Devouring the crystal, Lin Fan obtained some experience points from it. However, this was far from enough for someone like Lin Fan.

Lin Fan had not expected to let anyone who entered this place off. The moment he b.u.mped into any of them, he would kill them for sure.

All these b*stards were way too cruel, without any heart of sympathy at all. To think that they would sell out their comrades in order to gain access to a secret ground. Where were their morals?

In the Ancient Saint World, the only people who could stand up against the ancient race were practically only those who had ascended into this world. After all, these were the beings that had gone through bloodshed and trials in their lives before entering this place. Anyone who was born naturally in the Ancient Saint World was way too naïve about life.

While it wasn't that there weren't any naturally born powerful beings in the Ancient Saint World, there was really just a few of them to be found.

Lin Fan stopped in his tracks and hid in a corner.

He had spotted an ancient race tribesman entering a cave nearby. Right after he entered, someone from the Thunder race followed suit.

Lin Fan had some vague impressions of this person from the Thunder race. Back outside, he didn't even let a little kid go. He was a thorough degenerate!

'An ancient race tribesman and a degenerate. G.o.ddammit! Yours Truly swears that if he doesn't f*ck you guys up real bad, he'll follow your surnames." Lin Fan observed his surroundings. Once he was sure the coast was clear, he moved nimbly and appeared at the entrance of the cave.

Lin Fan did not know what was going on within, and did not have the intentions to enter real deep either.

'Heh. Courting your own death. Yours Truly shall see if you guys have got the luck then.' Lin Fan couldn't be bothered to exchange blows with these guys. Whatever! If he could sneak kills on them, he would. And even if he couldn't, he would try as best as he could to do it.

'Biggra, I'm counting on you!' Lin Fan took in a deep breath and the True Skill seed churned. He then spat out a huge breath of air, causing a gust to appear as Biggra surged within the cave.

The True Skill seed of Biggra was shining brightly right now, as the quant.i.ty in its storage was decreasing. Slapping his storage, Lin Fan cultivated thousands of Biggra instantly and swallowed them into his tummy, replenishing the supply.

'Yours Truly refuses to believe that he can't kill sh*ts like you!' Lin Fan spat out once more. Under the control of Lin Fan, the Biggra mist permeated the cave.

Suddenly, Lin Fan could sense that the person from the Thunder race was fighting it out with the ancient race tribesman. The fight seemed to be pretty intense. In fact, it was so intense that neither of them had realized this mysterious mist that was surrounding them.

Biggra rose slowly and filled the entire s.p.a.ce between these two.

"What's this?" The person of the Thunder race had suddenly noticed the mist as his face changed. However, he snapped back into focus almost immediately as the ancient race tribesman sent a punch to his face.

"Hmph, ant! Don't get distracted." The ancient race being laughed frostily. He did not put the surrounding mist to heart at all. Slapping out, he cleared the mist as he continued fighting.

"You want to kill me, eh? Let's see if you've got the capabilities then." The Thunder race being was surprised by the punch. However, he hollered out in rage and retaliated mercilessly. Gathering the power of thunder within his palms, the void crackled and boomed out non-stop.

Lin Fan controlled the Biggra as his face was equally ice cold. To think that these two fellas still did not know that they were at death's door! But that didn't matter. It was time to let them understand some pain!

Both the thunder race and ancient race beings took in a large amount of Biggra with every single breath they took. Furthermore, each time they struck out, the ripples that were caused would create even more reactions within the Biggra mist.

Gradually, both of their eyes began to turn bloodshot as the colors of their faces started changing too.

"W-what's happening…?" The breathing of the Thunder race being was starting to get haphazard. It was as though something was penetrating his heart.

The same thing was happening to the ancient race being, as his breathing got ever more hurried. But this wasn't the scariest thing of all! They were slowly discovering something new!

At the start of everything, each time they glared at one another, their gazes were filled with contempt and hatred. However, they were beginning to realize that the other party didn't seem that detestable all of a sudden…

Each time that feeling surged within their hearts, they themselves would feel the fear accompanying the realization of that feeling. But that wasn't the only creepy thing. They were beginning to lose control of their bodies!




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