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"HAHA! Not bad, not bad! Seems like the killing intent of the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm does help in raising the power of my War King's World Extinguishing Fist!" Within a region of the realm where the killing intent was especially putrid, a bald man clad in black armor was seated cross-legged on the ground, taking in the thick killing intent surrounding him.

This bald man was from the War world. With a pair of iron fists, he took on the entire world. In order to prove the power of his fists, he had ascended up into the Ancient Saint World.

Afterward, he caught wind of the mighty killing intent that laid within this Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm. He then thought of many ways to get himself in here in order to absorb the killing intent, so that he could infuse it within his War King's World Extinguishing Fist and push it to greater heights.

"If only I could cultivate here for a good 10 years, I could definitely push War King's World Extinguishing Fist to its peak! But a pity that those ancient race beings would never give me the chance. Seems like I've got to head over here more often from now on." Zhan Wudi's eyes were filled with disappointment. In fact, there was even some greed within them. If only he could make this entire place his, how great would that be?

However, a thought like that was fleeting and pa.s.sed by as quickly as it came. After all, everyone knew how strong the ancient race was. Leave alone taking over this entire place, whether or not he could remain alive to get out of this place later on was still a question.

'Seems like this place is entirely controlled by the ancient race. Who knows if there'll be any hidden opportunities left. But then again, opportunities present themselves to those with affinity. Those ancient race beings themselves may not even know of those opportunities if that's the case. Seems like I'll start taking a look around after cultivating for a bit more.' Zhan Wudi thought to himself.

All of the people who had entered this time around had gotten to where they were by struggling step by step. How could they not know of the motives of these ancient race tribesmen? However, right now, every single known secret ground within the Ancient Saint World was controlled completely by the ancient race.

Gaining entry to these places for anyone of the thousands of races out there would be tougher than ascending the Heavens itself.

Right now, the entrance fee for entering the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm was only 100 beings from the thousands of races. Even though it might be a little cruel, what was this small loss compared to the gains of the future?

"Brother Xiexing, you're here!" Zhan Wudi, who was in the midst of taking in the killing intent of the surroundings, could sense the presence of Wan Xiexing. However, he did not open his eyes and merely asked casually.

Wan Xiexing wasn't a threat to Zhan Wudi at all. Therefore, he wasn't bothered in the least bit. He knew clearly what the other party's cultivation and his capabilities were. He was no match for Zhan Wudi at all. Furthermore, now that he was taking in the killing intent of the surroundings, he did not want this to end so quickly.

Given his impenetrable body, what could Wan Xiexing do to him?

And even if this Wan Xiexing dared to sneak in an attack on him, he could turn the tides with the flip of his palms.

Hiding in a dark corner, Lin Fan observed this man clad in black armor. This man had an immense battle intent, which was sharp as a razor and could tear through the void. This was evidently someone from the War world.

Furthermore, his cultivation state was at desolate celestial lower level. He could be considered a powerful being. If Lin Fan were to take him on directly, there would be no issues given his current strength with the True Skill seeds. Furthermore, this man should only be trained in a single skill. There was no need to fear him if he only had a single True Skill seed if that were the case.

Lin Fan waited patiently, wondering what Wan Xiexing would do.

"Brother Xiexing, what are you trying to do?" Just then, Zhan Wudi, who had his eyes closed tightly shut, jerked momentarily. He had felt an icy cold hand fondling the back of his head gently. The hand then slid down his neck and continued downwards.

"Brother Xiexing! This is not a funny joke! Stop right now!" Zhan Wudi was in the midst of his cultivation as he suddenly hollered out. This holler was enough to reach the depths of one's soul. In fact, anyone whose cultivation state was too low might probably even feel their innards shudder with this single holler.

Zhan Wudi did not know what this fella was up to. However, he was in the middle of gathering the killing intent crystal right now. He couldn't let all his efforts go to waste just like this!

At this moment, his eyes suddenly burst wide open.

A frightening flash of light shot out from his eyes.

"Wan Xiexing! You're courting death!" Zhan Wudi could not believe this guy before him! To think that he would grab at the object at his groin!

Lin Fan's jaws dropped wide open as well with a face of absolute disbelief. To think that Wan Xiexing would be THIS perverted! Not only did he reach out and pull at Zhan Wudi's object at his groin, he had even fondled it gently for a little bit!

"I. WANT. TO. DO. YOU…!" Wan Xiexing's eyes were bloodshot right now. Pushing Zhan Wudi onto the ground, he started pursing his lips and kissing Zhan Wudi all over.

"WAN XIEXING! GO TO h.e.l.l…!" Zhan Wudi was completely riled up by now. To think that Wan Xiexing would do such a thing to him!


Zhan Wudi sent Wan Xiexing flying away with a devastating punch.

'Holy f*ck…! Why the f*ck did you have to touch him like that, brother!' Lin Fan was completely stumped right now as well. This fella had better not kill Wan Xiexing just like that! Otherwise, Yours Truly's experience points would be lost just like that!

However, to Lin Fan's astonishment, Wan Xiexing did not suffer any injuries from Zhan Wudi's punch! All he did was spit out a single mouthful of blood!

"How could this be…?" Lin Fan could not understand this at all. Wan Xiexing was only an azure celestial full cultivation being while Zhan Wudi was a desolate celestial lower level being! Even though it was just one cultivation state apart, that single punch by Zhan Wudi should have been enough to shatter Wan Xiexing's body completely!

"DON'T RESIST! IT'LL BE OVER REAL QUICKLY…!" Wan Xiexing howled out before pouncing forth without any regards for his life at all.

"ARE YOU F*CKING INSANE…?" Zhan Wudi yelled out and sent another punch flying, determined to kill Wan Xiexing. Even though the both of them knew one another, to think that this fella would do something like this to him! Unforgivable!

Lin Fan was completely dumbfounded right now. In fact, he began to question Biggra's effects. Even though he knew that Biggra was strong, something seemed to be off with this situation!

Could it be that Biggra's effects had changed slightly after it was turned into a skill? Or, could it be that anyone who was in heat would have both their offensive and defensive capabilities augmented?

Otherwise, how else could he explain why Wan Xiexing could stand up against Zhan Wudi for such a long time!

Right now, Wan Xiexing was sprawled on Zhan Wudi's back. Like an agile snake, he was coiling himself around Zhan Wudi and was gnawing at his neck area. Zhan Wudi's clothes were decreasing by the moment as well. It seemed like Wan Xiexing was preparing for a back entry!

Lin Fan was watching silently. Seizing an opportunity, he moved in a flash and churned his True Skill seed, hollering out.


A flash of axe broke through the void.

Being coiled down by Wan Xiexing, Zhan Wudi suddenly had gooseb.u.mps. He could sense danger surging through his mind. Punching out with both hands, his battle intent was unparalleled.

'War King's World Extinguishing Fist!'

Even though Zhan Wudi had yet to master his War King's World Extinguishing Fist to its ultimate state, he had done enough to be able to cultivate this skill into a True Skill seed. Breaking through the void, the fists brought with it a devastating amount of power while it struck out at Lin Fan.


Suddenly, Wan Xiexing, who was behind Zhan Wudi, made use of the chance to jerk suddenly, causing Zhan Wudi to scream out in utmost pain, "F*CKER! I'LL KILL YOU!"

Zhan Wudi was completely incensed by now. Grabbing out with his claw-like hand, he was bent on pulling Wan Xiexing over. However, Wan Xiexing, who was bending behind him, was sticking to him like a dogskin plaster, rendering him unable to exert much strength.

'True Origins Crushing Kick!'

Lin Fan's body flashed once more as he kicked out. This single kick broke through the void and brought with it every single emotion known to mankind as it landed on Zhan Wudi's crotch.


An even more tragic howl burst out from Zhan Wudi's mouth. The pain in his groin right now was like tidal waves, crashing down repeatedly.

In light of the pain, Zhan Wudi bent over, causing his a*s to be raised in the air. Seizing the opportunity once more, Wan Xiexing pushed in completely. He was like Christopher Columbus who had just discovered America right now! He had just discovered new grounds!

"All of you… go to h.e.l.l…!" Lin Fan was the one who made use the opportunity to slash down with his axe.

Killing two birds with one stone.

A flash of axe light appeared as Firmament burst out as well, tearing down this dimension.

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