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"Where are those ants? To think that they could have disappeared in the blink of an eye." A group of ancient race tribesmen were floating in the skies at this instant. They tried sensing around the surroundings. However, they couldn't find any traces at all.

"Doesn't matter. In this Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm, only we, the ancient race, shall head out alive. Look at those pathetic worms. To think that they would betray their fellow thousands of races just to seek entry into the secret grounds. But no matter what, the only outcome awaiting them would be getting killed by us ancient race! HAHA…!" The powerful ancient race tribesman laughed loudly.

"All of these guys think that they're smart by hiding their cultivation states. And, they really think we wouldn't do the same as well? They truly think that they can exit this place after coming in? But, little do they know that they're nothing but fishes in our net. We'll let them seek out the opportunities first before killing them and stealing over the opportunities for ourselves. What an easy gain that would be!" They continued.

The Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm wasn't some really exquisite secret ground. Most of the opportunities here had been uncovered by the ancient race. At least, that was what could be seen on the surface and deep within. As for whether there were any more hidden opportunities, no one else could be certain about that.

These ancient race tribesmen were ordered to keep a watch over this secret ground. In order to make the most out of this, they struck a deal with beings of the thousands of races out there. If they wanted to enter this place, all they had to do was bring 100 captives from the thousands of races out there.

Each time the ancient race tribesmen killed these beings of the thousands of races, they would receive the blessings of the Heaven's Will. This was as good as rearing pigs to kill for the ancient race tribesmen.

And of course, the pigs were none other than these people from the thousands of races out there.

Once these beings of the thousands of races out there obtained entry within the secret ground, these ancient race tribesmen would follow behind closely. They wouldn't head out to look for these so-called opportunities with them. Instead, they would just wait patiently.

By the time these beings of the thousands of races out there found any opportunities, they would then be ma.s.sacred and have those opportunities stolen. Even if they didn't get to find any opportunities, killing them would give these ancient race tribesmen some blessings from the Heaven's Will.

A trade like this which gave them nothing but benefits was the best in their eyes.

In the eyes of the ancient race tribesmen, members of the thousands of races out there were nothing but ants. To think that these fools would dream of finding a single glow of hope in this place which they knew the ancient race would have wiped clean. How stupid could they get?

Lin Fan trod forth shiftily. The things that these guys did were simply way too infuriating. Even though there were no humans amongst those beings of the thousands of races, wasn't this still such a beastly act to commit?

No matter what, the just and righteous Lin Fan could definitely not let something like this happen.

In order to seek vengeance for those of the thousands of races out there who had perished, he was determined to give these guys his own trial and sentence them himself.

Within this Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm laid a thick, dense killing intent. In fact, there seemed to be some sort of consciousness that lied alive within this deep killing intent. Lin Fan could make out scenes of battle between the thousands of races and the ancient race from this shroud of thick killing intent.

Lin Fan knew that the battle intent that was emitted by powerful beings during battle could dissipate over time. However, these battle intents wouldn't disappear entirely. They would turn into a form of special existence on their own.

'Roc's Breath!'

Lin Fan took in a deep breath and sucked in a ball of killing intent within his tummy. Suddenly, thunder boomed out within his mind as though there were a thousand galloping horses and armies.

After that, a notification rang out from the system as the killing intent was entirely suppressed down.

'Ding…Experience points +10.'

Lin Fan had not expected that this small amount of killing intent he had taken in could amount to 10 experience points! That was pretty surprising.

Evidently, this killing intent must be something good to be able to convert into experience points. There should be some special properties attached to it as well.

However, Lin Fan did not place this on his mind momentarily. His goal first now was to first sniff out those of the thousands of races out there who had betrayed their fellow comrades.


Suddenly, the void before him began to vibrate as the entire Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm's void seemed to be tearing apart. At the same time, an accompanying aura appeared. This aura was heavy and vicissitudinous, bringing with it a really familiar feeling.

Lin Fan leaped forth a few steps before keeping in his aura and hiding in a corner.

'Heavenly Star Eruption!'

In the distance ahead, a figure in long robes floated in the skies. Pushing his hands out like a slap, a gigantic glowing ball of energy burst forth against a ferocious creature that was born from the killing intent of this place.

This ferocious creature was gigantic and huge. Its body was made up of parts from the fallen beings of the thousands of races and the ancient race.

That creature was turned into dust by this energy ball instantly. Within the dust laid a single piece of crystal with a ghastly glow.

"Seems like lady luck's shining on me for me to encounter an ancient realm beast." The man stretched out his hand and retrieved the crystal with a smirk.

"Even though this crystal may only possess one percent of its original strength, it's some sort of reward nevertheless." Wan Xiexing laughed out wildly.

Lin Fan looked over at that man. He had a pretty decent cultivation: Azure celestial full cultivation.

If this were in the past, Lin Fan might have felt that exchanging blows with him might get a little tricky. However, ever since he had cultivated those True Skill seeds, his battle power had increased by quite a fair bit. As such, killing someone like him was as easy as a hand flip.

"Who's there?" Wan Xiexing's face was startled as he kept the crystal and turned his gaze behind him.

Lin Fan revealed himself as he cast a look of disdain at this guy.

"Who are you? I don't recall seeing someone like you amongst those of us who entered the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm." Wan Xiexing looked at Lin Fan warily.

"I've seen people from the Star world before. While their cultivation states may not be as high as yours, their courage was definitely way beyond yours. To think that you would offer 100 beings of the other races up for death. What a shameless person you are!" Lin Fan said.

"Hmph…!" Wan Xiexing snorted coldly. To think that this person was here to teach him a life lesson! But, words were meaningless at this point. With the flip of his hand, the energy of the stars descended and burst forth towards Lin Fan.

"Lad, mind your own business!"

'Saint Star Punch!'

This punch of Wan Xiexing possessed the power of the stars. It was as if he had taken the stars down from the galaxies, turning them into a fist before pummelling it over at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan leaped into the void and activated his True Skill seed. Instantly, a flurry of figures were left in the void.

'Biggra Palm!'

Lin Fan wanted to let this guy know the true meaning of horror. He had intended to take this guy down with a single strike. However, on second thoughts, he might as well recycle this trash.

With a single palm strike, a Biggra dragon burst out howling.

"What's that palm skill?" Looking at how his fist was pierced through that easily, Wan Xiexing was astonished.

"Hmph... Palm skill? This is a palm skill that lets you blossom in spring!" Lin Fan couldn't be bothered explaining much to this guy.



The Biggra dragoon coiled itself around Wan Xiexing before erupting into a thick, dense mist.

"What in the world…?" Wan Xiexing had never seen a palm strike of this type before. To think that this mist would be produced by that palm strike! Furthermore, the shocking thing was that this mist seemed pretty adhesive! No matter how much he slapped it away, it seemed to be gravitating towards him and entering his body through all his pores!

His nose, his skin, et cetera…

"AHH…!" Suddenly, Wan Xiexing found himself losing control of his mental state as he howled out.

After the mist dissipated, Lin Fan was nowhere to be found.

The only person left there was Wan Xiexing, with bloodshot eyes and a ma.s.sive surge within his heart that he couldn't shake off.

"I…I…!!!" Wan Xiexing's breathing was hurried right now. There was only a single thought on his mind.


Looking at Wan Xiexing turning into a streak of light and bursting forth into the distance, Lin Fan smirked frostily, 'Small fry, Yours Truly shall play with you today.'

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