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'Huh…? How can this be…?' Lin Fan could not believe his very eyes. Within that group of people ahead were even some ancient race tribesmen!

In fact, these ancient race tribesmen were conversing with the beings of the other races as though they were really familiar with one another!

'Just what in the world is going on right here?' Lin Fan was taken aback. Even within the poison king's Ancient Saint World Secret Records, nothing like this was mentioned!

At the edge of the Heaven and Earth stood a gigantic door. There were some mysterious runic symbols inscribed on that door, as they gleamed with a vicissitude and an ancient glow.

As to what was lying behind that gigantic door, no one knew. Furthermore, why were these ancient race tribesmen communicating with those other race beings so harmoniously?

Lin Fan was completely bewildered right now. He could not understand just what was going on.

Seeing something like this, he felt that he would feel really miserable within his heart if he didn't clarify with them what was going on right now.

To think that Yours Truly had fought like crazy with those ancient race tribesmen, yet these people here were all friendly and chummy with them?

Lin Fan kept his aura within him. Fusing with the Earth spirit river, he tunneled into the ground and headed forth. Under the hidden state of the Earth spirit river, these people could definitely not sniff him out no matter how high their cultivation states were.

Just like that, Lin Fan remained hidden as he eavesdropped on their conversation. At the same time, he finally understood what the situation was all about.

Amongst the thousands of races out there who had ascended into the Ancient Saint World, some of them did not have any concerns towards all the races out there. All they wanted to do was attain their utmost divine cultivation state. In fact, even if all the thousands of races out there were annihilated, their beliefs wouldn't waver in the slightest bit.

As such, the ancient race had an agreement with these beings of the thousands of races out there. The ancient race would permit them entry into these secret grounds in search of greater opportunities. However, these people had to offer members of the thousands of races out there as tribute in return.

"Mu Tian, this is the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm. There are tons of opportunities awaiting you within." An ancient race tribesman with a ma.s.sive aura stood st.u.r.dily before the mysterious door.

Mu Tian was donning grey robes, and carried with him a strong stench of a death aura. It was as though there were tons of vengeful spirits howling and struggling within that death aura. "Good. Very good! Don't worry! I've already adhered to your request. Please take a look."

Opening his mouth, a graveyard flew out from within his mouth. This graveyard was eerily creepy, with many tombstones planted within it. With a flick of his robes, all of these tombstones vibrated ma.s.sively as figures rose from them one by one.

All of these figures were beings of the thousands of races out there.

"Nothing more, nothing less. I've got exactly a hundred here." Mu Tian replied.

Lin Fan took a look at these beings from the thousands of races. There were people from many different races. In fact, all of their cultivation states were above earth celestial.

Lin Fan did not know what the outcome of all these beings would be, neither did he know why they were being captured here. However, his heart jerked at the next moment as his eyes opened wide in disbelief.

Looking at these beings of the thousands of races out there, the ancient race tribesmen howled before leaping in for the ma.s.sacre. Some of them were devoured whole, while others were ripped into two.

Blood danced around the skies as though it was raining. Hidden beneath the ground, Lin Fan was absolutely dumbfounded right now, as the stench of blood seeped down into the Earth. His nose was choking with the dense stench of blood right now.

'H-how could this be…?' Lin Fan was truly horrified by the scene before him. To think that there would be so many people being ma.s.sacred by the ancient race tribesmen without even knowing why they died!

Following this came the blessings of the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World, as light rained on these ancient race tribesmen. Revealing a look of relish, all of their power levels increased together with the blessings.

"Not bad. All of these people were pretty high up on the fugitive list." The ancient race tribesmen nodded their heads in satisfaction.

They then looked over at the others, "What about you guys?"

The ma.s.ses behind Mu Tian released the beings of the thousands of races out there they had captured as well. And the outcome awaiting these people were they very same as their predecessors, being slaughtered cruelly without a single room of resistance.

"Even though you guys haven't sided with us from the ancient race, you're far more useful than those trashes who have. Don't worry, this will be a fair compet.i.tion this time around. May the opportunities we encounter receive the blessings of our own fates." The ancient race tribesmen had enjoyed the ma.s.sacre earlier on. Especially the fact that they had received the blessings of the Heaven's Will, which allowed them to boost their cultivation states.

"But rules are still rules nevertheless. Once we enter, life and death are all fair game. Let's just hope that you guys don't get killed off by me." Mu Tian replied grimly.

The ancient race had control over every single secret ground that was currently known in the Ancient Saint World. Anyone who wanted to enter would have to obtain approval from the ancient race. However, once they were inside, everything was fair game.

"HAHA…!" On hearing these words, the ancient race tribesmen burst out laughing as well and did not take it to heart.

Lin Fan was burning with fury within his heart right now. To think that he would encounter something so b*stardly cruel! All of those beings of the thousands of races out there were killed mercilessly by these ancient race tribesmen without any room for resistance!

Even though Lin Fan could not claim that he was as saintly as Mother Teresa, he still couldn't endure the fact that these beings of the thousands of races out there were being sold out by their very own comrades!


"The Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm has been initiated!"

Suddenly, a beam of light burst out from that mysterious door. That gigantic stone door slammed wide open as Mu Tian and the other ancient race tribesmen entered it one by one. Without hesitation, Lin Fan tunneled in beneath the ground as well.

Be it for the sake of leveling or anything, Lin Fan only had a single goal in his mind right now, 'Kill every last one of these G.o.dd.a.m.ned sh*tbags.'

The more things he encountered, the more Lin Fan understood the words of the Heavenly Emperor Yuan and the others back in the Xuanhuang World.

The Ancient Saint World was indeed a d.a.m.ned h.e.l.l. This was a dog eat dog world, a place every single bit as horrifying as what h.e.l.l would be like.

Upon crossing the door, Lin Fan's mental state shook for a moment before he recovered from it.

A ma.s.sive whirlwind of a killing aura coiled over.

Looking around at his surroundings, Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat. This place was dark and grim, filled with corpses all over the place.

'Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm.'

Lin Fan finally understood. Based on the poison king's Ancient Saint World Secret Records, this Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm was a secret ground. Legends had it that this was the battlefield where the ancient race engaged in a ma.s.sive onslaught against the thousands of races out there. At the end of it, some powerful beings exchanged blows and broke through the void, opening a brand new dimension. As such, this place became a secret ground.

Since tons of powerful beings had perished here, all of their treasures and belongings were lost here within the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm as well.

'Get stronger!'

This was the only thought in Lin Fan's mind right now. He had to use the shortest amount of time to become the strongest person there could be!

If one imagined the Ancient Saint World as a spherical world, then this world would be divided into eight even portions. These were the eight districts that were controlled by eight utmost beings of the ancient race. As for these utmost beings, they were gathered at the center of this world, controlling the entire Ancient Saint World from the core.

High and above, no one could topple them down at all.

One could only wonder what sort of methods Heavenly Emperor Yuan and the others had used to lure out the Ancient One.

However, Lin Fan was still hopeful towards the future. He would wait till he got much, much stronger one day. By then, the Ancient One should have regained his strength in the Xuanhuang World as well. He would then try to find a way to bring the Ancient One back into this world, after which, Lin Fan would then head straight to duke it out with those eight utmost beings.

This was a plan Lin Fan had already thought up thoroughly.

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