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"Just what in the world is this Poison Sutra and Ancient Saint World Secret Records? But, since this poison king is such a weak sh*t, this Poison Sutra shouldn't be anything spectacular either." Lin Fan looked at the two booklets which emitted a ghastly glow, and did not bear too much of a hope towards them.

'Ding…Do you want to learn Poison Sutra?'


Suddenly, all sorts of information surged into Lin Fan's mind. All that information transformed into poisonous bugs that he had never ever known about. Some of them were as small as dust particles, while there were some as gigantic as mountains!

All sorts of poisons, poisonous creatures, poisonous pills and skills... Every single thing surged into Lin Fan's mind.

He was bewildered. This Poison Sutra was an unparalleled Encyclopaedia of Poison! It possessed information about all sorts of poisons in this world!

But what Lin Fan did not know was that the fact that the poison king could have climbed to the peak of the Poison world as a bullied weakling was all thanks to this Poison Sutra.

There was a mental skill that was hidden within this Poison Sutra, one which could allow one to concoct any sort of poisonous creatures and items into skills.

At first, Lin Fan could not be bothered with this Poison Sutra at all. After all, that poison king fella had turned himself so hideously ugly all because he was cultivating such a sick skill.

However, the moment Lin Fan's mind crossed Biggra, he suddenly realized that the mental skill COULD be of some use!

As for all the other poisonous toxins that were annotated within the Poison Sutra, Lin Fan decided that he wouldn't cultivate them at all. After all, if one wanted to cultivate the Poison Sutra, they would have to be bitten by all sorts of poisonous bugs in order to suck in their poison within one's very own body. They could only then start to cultivate and temper these poisons using their mental arts.

No matter what, over time, this process would definitely acc.u.mulate a large amount of poisonous substances within one's body.

That ugly and hideous face of the poison king must have been a side effect of taking in way too much poison from these bugs.

"This is a really dark skill right here. However, the accompanying mental skill does seem pretty decent. Looks pretty promising." Lin Fan started to a.n.a.lyze the mental skill carefully.

If Lin Fan were to turn his Biggras into a skill and could send out an entire burst of Biggras with just the slap of his palm, who in the world could be his opponent by then?

The very thought of it was pretty horrifying on its own!

However, based on the description of the skills, it seemed as though he would have to pop in quite a number of Biggras himself first. Wouldn't he be dead if the effects of Biggra got so overwhelming that he couldn't even cultivate properly?

This was a really serious question that he had to ponder over carefully.

Lin Fan then picked up the Ancient Saint World Secret Records and took a good look at it. This was a pretty good item that contained all sorts of details about the Ancient Saint World, opening up a brand-new perspective for Lin Fan.

All sorts of information about sects, secret grounds, ancient race, ancient beasts, and the thousands of races were included within this.

Reading ten rows with a single glance, Lin Fan memorized everything within his mind.

Upon memorizing everything, Lin Fan realized that things were definitely not as simple as he had thought them to be in the Ancient Saint World.

"Huff…" Lin Fan heaved out a deep breath as he finally understood in his heart.

He had thoroughly been a complete noob in the Ancient Saint World, knowing practically nothing at all. After reading the entire Ancient Saint World Secret Records, Lin Fan had evolved from a noob into a veteran of the Ancient Saint World.

Finally, he could start to understand the various things he would end up encountering in the future from now on.

Lin Fan started channeling his Earth spirit river into the ground. With a single wave of his hand, a razor-sharp current rippled out from within, bringing out a vortex of mud into the sky. This left a gigantic hole in the ground.

The mental skill that was found within the Poison Sutra was something Lin Fan felt that he really wanted to give a shot at no matter what. Something that could turn Biggra into an entire skill? He definitely had to try making it work.

With the sweep of his hand, a large amount of Biggras acc.u.mulated within the pit.

Lin Fan took in a deep breath. He could not help but start to get nervous.

Once he exploded all of these Biggras, he would then absorb them into his body and begin to temper with them. Lin Fan had already thought of how things would be if this did not work out. That would be an extremely terrifying sight.

One Biggra was more than enough to cause one to lose the very concept of sanity. If he were to absorb this amount of Biggras within him and ended up failing, he would really be doomed.

He might very well end up piercing through the entire Ancient Saint World altogether.

Therefore, Lin Fan was taking a huge risk, betting on the success of this tempering and refining process.

However, fortune favored the bold. Who knew what would happen if he didn't even give it a shot.

Furthermore, everything that was introduced within the Poison Sutra had supposedly worked thus far. That should have been enough of comfort for Lin Fan's mind. However, the main point was still that Biggra was simply way too strong.

"Hais, f*ck it! If this Poison Sutra is lying, then this world would truly have no love within it any longer!' Lin Fan told himself.


The countless Biggras burst into a thick mist, covering the entire pit.


Lin Fan opened his mouth and took in all the mist into his body. Instantly, his eyes turned redder than ever.

In that instance, Lin Fan did not even dare to hesitate and started churning the skill annotated within the Poison Sutra immediately. Immediately, that violent, thick mist of Biggra was covered up by a mysterious force and began to shrink within his body.

Nevertheless, the nature of Biggra was still extremely violent and volatile. While it was being suppressed by that mysterious force, it was still struggling, as though it truly wanted to break free. However, how could Lin Fan allow that? If he did, true tragedy would definitely ensue!

Lin Fan started pushing with every single thing he had, together with the mysterious force of the Poison Sutra's mental skill, repressing the effects of Biggra so badly that it could barely move at all.

The days and nights exchanged place for quite a few times…

'Ding…Congratulations on cultivation success.'

Suddenly, Lin Fan opened his eyes. His eyes were shimmering as he looked at that seed that floated gently within his body.

Lin Fan knew that he had successfully cultivated Biggra into a True Skill seed.

From this day forth, Biggra had evolved. It was going to walk on the path of prestige from this day forth.

"HAHAHAHAHA…!" Suddenly, Lin Fan burst out laughing maniacally. This was a feeling that was even greater than finding any treasure in the world!

Waving his hand, a white mist shot out. As though it had a consciousness of their own, it shrouded Lin Fan's body. He then opened his mouth and swallowed the entire mist back in.

'Biggra has finally been turned into a skill by Yours Truly! From now on, a single wave of my hands shall cover the entire world in Biggra! Who else in the world could be a match for Yours Truly from now forth?' Lin Fan was extremely excited right now. At the same time, his thoughts strayed back towards his glorious times back then.

So what if someone's cultivation state was higher than his? Could they look down on Biggra just because of that?

However, as for the other G.o.dly pill of his right now, he decided to forsake the idea of cultivating that. Whoever chose to cultivate that must be a dumbf*ck.

From here on, Yours Truly was headed to be the greatest character in this entire world! How could he be tainted with such unsightly stuff?


Lin Fan burst out from underground with utmost confidence. He then looked over into the distance. From now on, all the ancient race beings in the Ancient Saint World would have to bow down under the might of Yours Truly!

"Eh? What the h.e.l.l is going on up ahead? Why are there so many rich and powerful auras gathered up ahead?" Before Lin Fan's excitement had not even withered when he was distracted by something in the distance.

There was a group of people gathered,, their auras bursting through the sky infectiously.

'Where the h.e.l.l did these guys come from? Aren't they afraid of being noticed by the ancient race at all?' Lin Fan was bewildered.

However, in light of safety, he had better stay hidden first before slowly inching forward.

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