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"You've got some capabilities eh?" The poison king had not expected this fella to be able to dodge his claw-like grab. That intrigued him. However, he chuckled out almost immediately afterward, emanating a powerful aura with it. Following that, a dense putrid mist spread widely behind him.

This mist covered the entire sky. It was so vile that even the Heavens seemed to be corroded by it, turning black against it.

"Lad! I, the poison king's Triple Supreme Poison Mist can devour the entire Heaven and Earth. I can be considered a desolate celestial powerful being in that sense. As long as you touch a single bit of it, your entire body shall corrode and die! Let's see what you can do about that!" The poison king burst out laughing. This Triple Supreme Poison Mist was made up of the Heaven Poison, Earth Poison, and Human Poison. Combining these three strongest poisons of the world, it was a terrifying existence.

"Hmm…" Lin Fan frowned. Now that he had cultivated the True Skill seeds, his speed was extremely fast. With a slight movement, he retreated away from the affected area.

Before he was sure of the effects of this Triple Supreme Poison Mist, Lin Fan did not want to rush in blindly.

He was pretty startled by the fact that even the void was turning black from the corrosive effects of this mist. To think that it could be this strong!

'Nirvana Finger!'

The True Skill seed within Lin Fan's body began to churn continuously. With a single finger point, the void shattered. That rapidly approaching Triple Supreme Poison Mist was dispersed away due to the Nirvana Finger.

However, to Lin Fan's surprise, the poison mist gathered itself back together once more after it was gusted away!

"HAHA! Give it up, lad! Even though your skills are pretty decent, they are useless. Perhaps you may think that my Triple Supreme Poison Mist may not be able to reach you now. That's right. However, the poison mist is infecting the sky at the same time. Even if you don't touch it personally, you will still receive the effects sooner or later!" Spreading out his palms, the poison king slapped out into the sky. Every single slap seemed to possess a boundless amount of power, as it churned and moved the poison mist.

And indeed, just like the poison king had said, each place where the poison mist pa.s.sed by would have a dark green trail, which would be absorbed by the void.

Gradually, the entire sky began to turn dark green on its own. Many nerve-like fibers started to appear in the sky and filled the void densely, as though they were about to consume and devour the entire Heavens.

"You poisonous little sh*t! Yours Truly didn't do anything to you, so why the h.e.l.l are you bothering me? Do you think I'm a pushover?" Lin Fan was furious towards this guy who had struck out at him without provocation.

Overbearing. How could he be even more overbearing than Yours Truly? At least, before Yours Truly struck out, he would always let the other party know what they had done wrong!

But the fact that this guy would just strike out at Yours Truly without a single word, wasn't he just looking down on Yours Truly?

"Survival of the fittest. Only the strong shall survive. I don't need a reason to kill you. You should just resign to fate and be my Infinite Poison Puppet obediently. Who knows? Maybe, if I were to become an utmost being of this world one day, I might return you your freedom." A sinister glint shone past the eyes of the poison king.

Swinging his arms, he sent out yet another flurry of palm strikes. With that, the Triple Supreme Poison Mist jerked for a little before turning even more ferocious.

"How dare you act so brazenly? Yours Truly shall let you understand that being impertinent is a crime!" Lin Fan hollered out. Sucking in his tummy, his True Skill seed began to rotate, as an illusory figure of a Roc appeared behind him suddenly.

'Roc's Breath!'

Lin Fan opened his mouth as though he was devouring the entire Heaven and Earth. The illusory figure behind him did the same, as a powerful suction force was exerted out.

The Roc was one of the largest living creatures in the entire world, and could encompa.s.s everything. Legends had it that the utmost cultivated Roc could suck up the entire Pacific Ocean dry with a single opening of its mouth.

Within the void, that wildly rampaging Triple Supreme Poison Mist was swooping in towards Lin Fan without any restraint at all.

"HAHA! Courting death! This poison mist of mine isn't something you can swallow just like that!" The poison king reared his head into the skies and burst out into laughter at the sight of how this man had dared to try swallowing his Triple Supreme Poison Mist.

This wasn't the first time he had met with such death seeking behavior. However, he was long used to these overly confident people.

Roc's Breath was a skill of the Roc Sect. Ever since Lin Fan had obtained it, he had been working hard on cultivating it. Part of the reason why the Mythical Parasol Tree could take in the Saint Spirit Qi of this world so quickly was also due to the Roc's Breath skill.


Lin Fan's tummy was like a bottomless pit right now, taking in the Triple Supreme Poison Mist continuously. Even a single speck of the poison mist that was covering the skies could render an utmost celestial being dead instantly. In fact, even a desolate celestial being might even lose their lives if they weren't steady enough against this poison mist.

"HAHA! Courting death indeed! Since you want to seek out death, let me fulfill your wishes!" The poison king could not stop laughing at how Lin Fan was sucking in the poison mist endlessly. Flicking his robes, he slapped out with both palms, causing a ma.s.sive amount of poison mist to be shot out of his palms.

"Alright then! I'll turn you into my Infinite Poison Puppet, so that you can be a vessel for all my poison mists for the rest of eternity!" The poison king had planned for this in advance. This was because he had the utmost confidence in his poison capabilities being unparalleled, and that no one in this world would be able to break them.

'Infinite Poison Refinement Technique!'

The poison king hollered out. Suddenly, countless poisonous bugs swarmed out of that hideous body of his. Each of these bugs looked vile and nefarious, containing a horrifying amount of poison in them. Closing his palms together into a seal, he sent out seals after seals towards Lin Fan, each of them emitting Poisonous Qi of their own.

And of course, all of these were sucked in by Lin Fan into his tummy as well.

As time pa.s.sed by the minutes and seconds, the poison king's face started changing.

"How can this be…?" He stopped his hand seals with a face of utter disbelief. Just what in the world was going on with this guy? How could nothing be happening to him after he had taken in such a large amount of Triple Supreme Poison Mist?

At the same time, he had even added in the Infinite Poison Refinement Technique! This guy's body should be changing right now with all the poisonous bugs that must be swarming within his body at! He should have turned into a poison puppet!

"Just who in the world are you?" The poison king's face turned stern as he yelled out.

"HAHA! You're asking ME who I am? Back when Yours Truly asked you the same question, you ignored me entirely. And now you want me to reply you? Dream on! By the way, your poison mist seems pretty decent!" Lin Fan burst out laughing.

Upon entering his body, the Triple Supreme Poison Mist was taken in by the Heaven and Earth Smelt and was smelted instantly. Within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, the Triple Supreme Poison Mist began to shrink continuously until it became a dark green seed.

'Ding…Congratulations on smelting.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining True Skill Triple Supreme Poison Mist seed.'

Lin Fan had not expected it to smelt into a seed!

"Well, since you're so good at utilizing poison, how about you have a taste of YOURS TRULY'S poison?" Lin Fan looked at the poison king before he spat out a poison dragon.

Looking at this, the poison king's face changed immediately, "H-how could this…? How do you possess my Triple Supreme Poison Mist?"

Looking at this poison dragon he spat out, Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy. However, he noticed that the shine of the seed within him had dimmed a little. This skill evidently took up a lot of energy.

Lin Fan did not know how to create the Triple Supreme Poison Mist by himself. Therefore, the poison dragon that he spat out was also the mist that was created by the poison king himself. Each time he used it, the total capacity would decrease by a little bit. Once Lin Fan used up all of the Triple Supreme Poison Mist, the seed would shatter immediately.

As though he had just seen a ghost, the face of the poison king turned extremely frightful.

"Oh, that's not enough for you? Let Yours Truly give you one more then!" Lin Fan opened his mouth and spat out yet another poison dragon.

With that, the True Skill seed within his body disintegrated.

"YOU…!" Seeing this, the poison king screamed at the top of his lungs.

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