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Lin Fan smiled, standing there pleasantly. His shoulders slightly moved as he endured Huben's triple-layered ax.

"Not bad, not bad… the power of triple-layered ax is stronger with each layer. All three layers at once, a normal person indeed wouldn't be able to endure it." Lin Fan was completely unfazed and smiled.

'Ding… congratulations "Eternal Demon Body" experience + 3000.'

When the triple-layered energy surged into his body, Lin Fan had actually thought it was quite comfortable as he converted the energy into the experience.

"How can this be?"Huben's expression changed, not believing what had happened. His triple-layered ax had been blocked by the mere flesh of this person, how was that possible?

The thirteen D cla.s.s students had originally wanted to close their eyes, but upon seeing the current scene, they began cheering.

"Teacher is awesome."

"Teacher you're so strong."

The students from the other grades began frowning in disbelief.

Lin Fan smiled as his finger delicately stroked Huben's ax, his nails gently rubbing against them.

"Triple-layered ax is a good martial skill, just that it seems you haven't completely mastered it… what a shame." Lin Fan said shaking his head.

Deflowering Finger instantly activated and Huben's axes gave off a humming sound. The subtle burst of strength startled Huben as his axes were pressed down.

"Hmph, it seems I underestimated you." Huben looked indignantly at Lin Fan, realizing that the person wasn't as weak as he appeared. No one would actually be stupid enough to dare challenge all four of them if they didn't have anything to back themselves up with.

When Lin Fan looked at the group of students cheering for Huben, he said in a regrettable tone, "I worry for all of your futures since you're his students."

Lin Fan didn't attack directly and had pushed back Huben with that one move. Using that chance, he started preaching.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, enough nonsense." Huben heard this and his face flushed incredibly. He raised his two axes and swung towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan shook his head, ignoring it, "The axes are gone, and you still want to fight?"

"What did you say?"Huaben was startled and even more enraged, but at that moment, his originally intact axes suddenly cracked and then broke into pieces.

"How is this possible?"Huben stared at his two empty hands, then at the shards on the ground, his rage skyrocketing, "You dare break my weapons? I will kill you!"

"Roaring Tiger Fist."

Huben roared as energy enveloped his two fists, and just like the roar of two tigers, his fist flew over wth great momentum.

"Hah, as a beacon for students, there is nothing wrong with losing. But when you don't even have the courage to admit defeat, how can you expect to properly teach your students… how disappointing." Lin Fan said regrettably, then looked towards the group of students, "I feel sad for your futures."

The students who had been previously cheering Huben were stunned, not knowing how to respond.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you…" Huben's face was beet-red, as the power in his hands increased several-fold.

"Teacher, watch out." Liu Shuishui exclaimed loudly.

Lin Fan smiled, "No matter, evil cannot win over good… the world is as big as your heart."

"Die." Huben's two fists crashed onto Lin Fan's body and a swirl of dust flew up from the ground.

'Ding… congratulations "Eternal Demon Body" experience + 2000.'

Lin Fan shook his head at Huben, 'Can't you at least punch harder? With four million experience and just going by thousands, who knows how long that will take.'

"Teacher Hu, your cultivation is still lacking." Lin Fan continued regrettably shaking his head.

"Immovable Imperial Fist."


Lin Fan slightly moved, and then a light fist landed on Huben's body. Huben then flew out of the stage with an expression of disbelief. The thirteen D cla.s.s students were long dumbfounded from start to finish when they saw this scene. They didn't think their teacher was strong to the point where a B cla.s.s teacher couldn't even fight back.

"Teacher is awesome!" Zhu You and the rest began cheering in excitement.

Lin Fan dismissed it and said in a serious tone, "The purpose of this lesson is first to teach you that you shouldn't be afraid of losing. You should be afraid of not accepting the results. On the path of cultivation, one would face many perils in order to reform themselves and to further advance. Teacher Huben refused to accept his failures, so his success on the path of cultivation would not be too great. As my disciples, I want you all to remember not to be like him, understood?"

"Teacher, we understand. We will not be like Teacher Huben." The thirteen students replied at the same time.

"Yes, you are all worth teaching." Lin Fan happily nodded.

At this moment, Lin Fan's image became even mightier within the thirteen student's hearts. They previously had just thought that their teacher was strong, but now they felt Teacher Lin was the very guide of their life, there to lead them out of the most troubled times of their lives.

Even the spectating students felt a change slowly happening deep within their hearts.

"This teacher is extraordinary."

"How does D cla.s.s have this kind of teacher. Is that why the words they said made so much sense?"

Huben, who was beaten off stage by Lin Fan, spat forth blood in anger upon hearing these words, a rage attacking his heart.

He didn't think in his many years of teaching, he would be taught a lesson by someone else and in front of so many students. Just how was he supposed to keep up his dignified image in front of the students in the future?

In the great Yan Dynasty, when a person reached a certain cultivation base, if they wanted to advance even more, they must join a sect and receive even further training. But some people held onto the thoughts of rather being a chicken's head than a phoenix's tail, staying within the school to teach students and possess the feeling of superiority.

Huben's failure startled Liu Qingfeng and the rest, who felt the power to be way too incredible.

They were all level five postcelestials, but in a one-on-one fight, Huben would have the upper hand. Now that Huben had lost, there was essentially no hope for them to win.

The three people were now fretting that if they lost, the humiliation they would face in front of the students would be immeasurable.

"It's you three's turn now… make your move." Lin Fan said plainly.

Liu Qingfeng and the rest looked at each other, then Liu Qingfeng stepped forth bringing his hands together, "Teacher Lin, your skills are superior. All three of us concede, so let's end this matter here."

Lin Fan looked at the three while frowning slightly. This pattern was off. 'According to logic, these three would try to fight me to the death. How could they give up so soon?'

If they gave up, he wouldn't be able to display his own glorious image in front if his students… this won't do.

"Teacher Liu, Teacher Jun, Teacher Li, when you go on stage to fight, only one can remain standing. A human's heart should be forgiving, so usually, I wouldn't be so aggressive. But you insulted my students, so as a teacher, I feel you must admit your own mistakes and act as a role model in front of everyone. That's why you should apologize to my students." Lin Fan said in a casual manner.

"What?"Liu Qingfeng and the rest were all startled. This was impossible, teachers couldn't apologize to students. This was an unprecedented matter in history.

Lin Fan slightly frowned as a middle graded sword appeared instantly in his hand, "Ha, so disappointing… Humans aren't saints, they aren't perfect. To not even have the courage to admit your errors, how can you teach students like this." Lin Fan sighed, then looked down at the students.

"You and you…you …or any other students currently here, was there ever a time where you were right but when in front of the authority of a teacher, you had to concede even though you were right?" Lin Fan felt his charismatic skills were getting better and better. A chicken soup for the soul must be drunk in big gulps. This truth also came in handy; power was only a surface façade. Only when one stood on the highest point of morality could one effortlessly crush all in front of them.

"Ever happened before?" Lin Fan looked at the students offstage, his tone rising.

Upon hearing those words, a feeling rushed in the students offstage. Things they had locked away began slowly unlocking when they heard Lin Fan's words.

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