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"This fella is simply way too scary! No, I must definitely not get caught by him! Otherwise, I'll really be dead meat!" Lin Fan grit his teeth together. Disregarding the dangers of that bottomless abyss before him, he fused together with the Earth spirit river and delved right into that world beyond.

"Wanna run? You're not escaping today!" Long Xuan snorted furiously. His patience had been mowed down by Lin Fan.

The searing pain from his a.n.u.s was causing him to feel a great humiliation. While it wasn't to the point where he would want to kill Lin Fan just yet, he still wanted to teach this human a lesson nevertheless.

Long Xuan's claws grasped out once more. However, it wasn't grabbing at the ground this time around. It was aimed right in the direction where Lin Fan had leaped in.

As though they were grabbing out at the firmament themselves, those five fingers of Long Xuan stretched out right before Lin Fan, forming a light barrier with them as well. This blocked off Lin Fan's path forward entirely. At the same time, a boundless force rippling with energy chased tightly behind him, forcing out Lin Fan.

"Aiyo! F*ck me…!" Lin Fan was sent tumbling out by this ma.s.sive force. Unable to steady himself, he was sent back for tens of miles.

"How could you bully someone of my cultivation state as a desolate celestial? You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" Lin Fan scolded out immediately towards Long Xuan's shamelessness.

This act of bullying the weak was something Lin Fan enjoyed doing it personally. However, now that the tables had turned on him, how could he tolerate something like this?

But knowing that he couldn't defeat this guy, what else could he do other than scold out?

"Lad, you're way too sneaky a character. Against someone as despicable as you, what shame is there to speak of?" Long Xuan looked at Lin Fan and flicked his robes. With that, a thousand feet long electric dragon appeared, howling malevolently.

"This again." Looking at this thousand feet long electric dragon, Lin Fan was speechless. Entering Stealth mode, he ran off into the distance immediately.

However, this thousand feet long dragon covered the entire sky with its body. Floating in the sky, it looked even more formidable. Coiling its body together, it formed a strong vortex, sucking Lin Fan straight back into the center.

"JUST WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS???" Lin Fan could not even resist as he was sucked back and coiled around by the dragon once more.

He tried to force out every single last bit of energy in his body. However, it was as though someone had tossed a gigantic rock into the ocean. It couldn't cause any waves to appear at all.

'Blood Sea, shrink!'

Now that Blood Sea was at Level 9, Lin Fan could change the size of his bones and body. However, every single inch Lin Fan shrunk by only caused the electric dragon to coil itself around him tighter. There was completely no room for resistance!

"Lad, give it up. This is the Binding Dragon Whip. It's a middle-grade Dao weapon and can take on many forms. No matter how much you struggle, there's no way you can get out of this. Just save your strength." Long Xuan laughed gently. He was gleeful on looking at how this tricky little human had been brought to subjugation by him.

"Let me go! How can Yours Truly fall into the hands of someone as random and absurd as you? Hurry up and let me go! The only people who are trying to catch me in the Ancient Saint World is the ancient race! Are you someone from the Dragon race who has sided with them as well?" Lin Fan's body was glimmering with a bright crystal jade glow right now as he exerted every bit of strength he could with Eternal Immortality. However, none of that changed anything.

Upon hearing these words of Lin Fan, Long Xuan's face changed slightly. However, he regained his composure almost immediately, "That's right. I'm someone from the Dragon race who had sided with the ancient race."


In reality, Lin Fan was feeling slightly nervous upon receiving Long Xuan's answer. If he were to be sent over to the ancient race, the only outcome awaiting him was death for sure.

"It's alright, you can continue scolding. I'm long used to it. However, you can relax. I, Long Xuan, a.s.sure you that you will definitely receive no harm to your life." Long Xuan replied.

"Hmph! No harm to my life? Does that mean you want Yours Truly to be a traitor just like you and be a dog of the ancient race? Let me tell you, Yours Truly isn't afraid of death!" Lin Fan seethed out.

"Look at your dog like appearance! Seems like you're a true dog in your heart as well! Yours Truly looks down on you! I despise you! In fact, I don't even want to take a look at your contemptuous face!"

Suddenly, Long Xuan's chest heaved up and down as his face flushed slightly red.

"HAHA! What's wrong? Feeling ashamed, aren't you? That's right! Yours Truly is telling you the truth. If you're truly feeling ashamed, you had better let Yours Truly go right now! At least Yours Truly can give you that bit more respect!" Looking at how Long Xuan's condition seemed a little off, Lin Fan could not help but praise himself in his heart. Seemed like his Kung Fu of scolding others had improved by quite a bit right now. To think that he could cause the Blood Qi of a desolate celestial to rumble with just mere insults! What a genius he was!

"How could this be?" Long Xuan's face changed. He could feel an unspeakable energy surging through his body. In fact, it was causing his blood to rumble profusely!

Long Xuan's body was gathered with a large amount of Saint Spirit Energy. Forming a dragon with it, he wanted to forcefully swallow down this unspeakable energy and break it down from within.

However, the moment this Saint Spirit dragon came into contact with that unspeakable energy, it began to be torn apart, turning back into strands of Saint Spirit Energy!

"Lad! What have you done to me?" Long Xuan's eyes burst wide open and were filled with fury.

Looking at the gaze of Long Xuan, Lin Fan was startled as well. He realized that Long Xuan's eyes were bloodshot right now, as though he was about to eat him up entirely.

"What! You've already tied Yours Truly up here! THE ONLY THING I COULD HAVE DONE WAS YOUR MUM!" Lin Fan hollered back.

Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that something was amiss with this situation. By the looks of it, Long Xuan seemed to be bearing the symptoms of Biggra!

That was right! This guy was struck by Flying Heavens! And when he was crafting Flying Heavens, Lin Fan had added in Biggra as a material as well!

Even though Flying Heavens might not have penetrated fully in, the effects of Biggra must have entered him through that slight entrance!

"HAHAHA…! This retribution for you turning into a dog of the ancient race!" Lin Fan burst out laughing. He had not expected Flying Heavens to be so powerful! This was indeed a worthy of a weapon crafted by Yours Truly!

"YOU…!" Long Xuan glared at Lin Fan. However, now was not the time to be punishing the human. After all, that aura had started erupting out within his body. He could just lose control of himself at any moment now!


Long Xuan suddenly howled out as his entire body glowed brilliantly. Those initially slender white fingers of his started changing, as scales lined his entire body. His hands turned into the claws of a dragon as well!

The void began to ripple as a vortex suddenly appeared. The vortex seemed to be connecting to some place as a surge of Dragon Qi burst out from within.

As though this Dragon Qi had a mind of its own, it turned into a series of snow-white dragons that swam into Long Xuan's body.

'F*ck! This fella's trying to suppress the effects of Biggra!' Lin Fan was startled by this scene. He had truly never seen anyone successfully suppressing Biggra till now.

But evidently, Biggra could no longer cut it much longer. It was truly impossible to have a powerful being such as Long Xuan lose his mind entirely due to it.

Lin Fan spotted a series of red mists being steamed out from Long Xuan's head. These were the medicinal effects of Biggra!

No! He could definitely not waste any more time here. Otherwise, by the time this fella was done discharging all the Biggra from his body, Lin Fan would truly be in for it.

However, this Binding Dragon Whip was simply way too powerful! He couldn't break out of it no matter what.

'Faceless Sky Demon!'

'Eternal Axe!'

Now that Lin Fan couldn't budge a single inch, he could only rely on the Faceless Sky Demon to cleave down this thing with his Eternal Axe.

Even though the Eternal Axe was a damaged legendary weapon, also known as an utmost treasure here, it still possessed devastating powers. It should be enough to sever this Binding Dragon Whip.

However, something stunning happened immediately.

The moment the Faceless Sky Demon appeared, the Binding Dragon Whip flashed brightly.

Instantly, the Faceless Sky Demon was coiled in together with Lin Fan.


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