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Lin Fan churned his Earth spirit river silently while stealthily melding Flying Heavens into the ground. The moment Flying Heavens entered the ground, it blended in with complete ease, like a fish which had just discovered water.

Actually, if Lin Fan were to fuse the Earth spirit river together with Flying Heavens, it would turn into an even more terrifying weapon. However, in a long-term perspective, the most important thing was to turn Demon City into a true utmost treasure.

After all, using the big ancient demon as a core, there was greater potential to be unleashed from the Demon City as a whole.

The thought of trying to escape had yet to cross Lin Fan's mind for now. He wanted to try his luck first. If he were to get lucky and manage to get a clean strike in with Flying Heavens, he would definitely earn big time from taking down this desolate celestial upper-level being.

And if that didn't work out, he could always think about running by then. But right now, something was puzzling him.

Just who in the world was this Long Xuan person?

He couldn't recall offending a powerful being as such!

"I'll let you strike first then." Long Xuan looked over at Lin Fan with calm eyes. He wasn't fearful of Lin Fan at all. To him, someone who couldn't even grapple out of his electric dragon couldn't have too high a cultivation state anyways.

"Alright, but could you hold on first? You tied me up a little too tightly just now. I've got to stretch these sore tendons and muscles for a little bit first." Lin Fan shook his head and tossed his arms around, as though he was really stretching his body.

What should he do now? If Flying Heavens didn't succeed, he wondered how fast his 'Tunnelling' could get him away.

This was the first time Lin Fan was faced with a desolate celestial opponent. Hence, he did not have a plan to refer to at all. The only thing he knew for certain was that if he were to fight head-on, the chances of him dying were definitely ten out of ten. After all, the difference in their power levels was too great, just like the Heaven and Earth.

As for Long Xuan, he kept his smile on the entire time. There was no sense of anger or negative emotions coming from him at all. In fact, even his eyes were calm like still waters. It was as though he was secluded from the affairs of this entire world.

Based on this observation, Lin Fan could sense that Long Xuan wasn't somebody with an evil heart. However, someone who was abducting him for absolutely no reason must be his enemy. Towards this confusing situation he was in, Lin Fan still bore a heart of wariness.

No matter if they were kind or evil, anyone who wanted to harm him must definitely be a bad person.

Even if Flying Heavens were to deal him a fatal blow later on, he could only blame it on his own fate and not Yours Truly.

"You don't have to try and delay time. What if I were to a.s.sure and guarantee you your safety? Would you be willing to make the trip with me then?" Seeing the weird actions of this human before him, Long Xuan was extremely bewildered.

Currently, Lin Fan was in the midst of completing the latest edition of the 'Radio Calisthenics.'

The words of Long Xuan were like complete bullsh*t to Lin Fan. It was akin to a man and woman lying on the same bed together, when the former turned around to tell the woman, "Don't worry, I won't lay a single hand on you tonight."

Any experienced internet lurker would definitely tell that only an idiot would trust those words.

"It's getting late. Little Guang may be losing his patience soon. If you're not going to strike, then I will." Long Xuan looked up at the color of the skies and commented casually.

"Alright, alright. Hold on…" Lin Fan did not want to overthink things any longer. Now that he was here, he was like a rat pushed into a corner. Even if he didn't want to fight back, he had to.

"OH MY G.o.d? LOOK OVER THERE! THERE'S A MONSTER…!" Suddenly, Lin Fan's face turned into a look of utter astonishment as he looked over into the distance while keeping a sneaky gaze at Long Xuan. As long as this guy was distracted for even a moment, it would be a.n.u.s piercing time!

"Hmm…?" Just as Lin Fan had expected, Long Xuan was completely taken in by Lin Fan's award-winning act and turned his head into the distance!

'Flying Heavens! a.n.u.s Destruction!'

Suddenly, Flying Heavens, which was hidden beneath the ground, started to rotate at an extremely high speed and burst out of the ground in a single flash of light. A devastating typhoon coiled around Flying Heavens as it shot out towards Long Xuan's b.u.m.

"Huh…?" In an inexplicably fast time, Long Xuan's calm face changed momentarily. However, he reacted back almost immediately.

A white flash of light appeared around Long Xuan immediately like a protective bubble.

Lin Fan had evidently felt his Flying Heavens penetrating a little in! However, before it could make a full entry, it was blocked outside by this mysterious force, unable to inch any bit closer.

d.a.m.n it! He was so d.a.m.n close to scoring this goal!

'Invincible Biggra!'

Lin Fan slapped his storage without panicking or fearing, sending countless number of Biggras dancing in the skies.

"You wanna take me away with you? Dream on! Explode…!" Lin Fan hollered. Immediately, all the Biggras exploded into a white mist and covered Long Xuan in this thick, dense cloud.

However, just like Flying Heavens, the white mist was blocked out by the protective barrier and was unable to penetrate it at all.

"Long Xuan kiddo! Just you wait! One day, I'll definitely return to destroy your a.n.u.s!" Lin Fan did not have the intentions to continue fighting with Long Xuan.

If a desolate celestial being were to be taken down by him this easily, then this Ancient Saint World would definitely be way too easy!

In actual fact, Lin Fan knew that the Ancient Saint World had practically put the thousands of races out there through a h.e.l.lish mode to get through.

'Earth spirit river! Tunnel!'

Fusing with his Earth spirit river, Lin Fan tunneled into the ground and began escaping.

If he were to traverse through the void in the face of a desolate celestial being, that'd be as good as an amateur trying to pull off a stunt in front of a master. The only thing awaiting him would be death. His only chance at life was to tunnel through the grounds.


Flying Heavens, which had penetrated Long Xuan's a.n.u.s slightly, was ejected automatically, as fresh blood sprayed out across the skies. Flying Heavens then entered the ground and followed tightly behind Lin Fan.

"Hmm…!" Long Xuan's face had changed slightly by now. "d.a.m.n it! To think that he could be so low."

"Human! I, Long Xuan, have tried to treat you nicely with politeness and grace while inviting you to make the trip with me. To think that you would pull off such stunts before me. Since that's the case, then I shall break all of your limbs and take you back with me. We'll see what else you can do when it comes to that!" Long Xuan was indeed slightly angered right now. It wasn't because this human had pulled off some stunts before him. It was because that trick was so despicable! To think that this human would try piercing his b.u.t.thole!

Furthermore, that feeling stung till now! d.a.m.n it, his soul nearly came out from it!

If not for the fact that this human was present, he even felt like moaning out right now!

Long Xuan's face turned frosty once more as he glared at the ground, "Hmph, I've got to admit you've got some capabilities. However, you must be dreaming if you think that you can escape from me through tunneling through the ground!"

Long Xuan strode through the skies. Making a claw shape with his hands, he ripped out at the void before him. A ma.s.sive surge of energy burst forth, causing the void to topple down and distort. Clawing at the ground, he tore up the entire stretch of ground hundreds of miles away immediately.

Lin Fan, who was tunneling through the ground rapidly, was petrified at the sight of the ground being ripped up right behind him and tossed up into the sky.

'Holy sh*t! Just where in the world did this guy come from? How the h.e.l.l is he so d.a.m.n strong? To think that he can tear up the entire ground with a single claw! That would require some absurd amount of strength!!!' Lin Fan was filled with disbelief. To think that the ground in a radius of 100 miles around him would be torn with a single grasp!

Up in the void, Long Xuan was like a giant who burst out with tremendous force, causing an entire crater to form in the ground.

"Found you…!"

'Holy f*ck…!' Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat. From the void, a flash of light suddenly shot at the ground right before him, splitting it entirely. The ground was instantly divided into two, with a trench so deep one couldn't even make out its bottom!

"Get out…!" Long Xuan's eyes shimmered. Slapping his palm onto the ground, a wave like energy pulsated out immediately, causing all the surrounding ground to topple in, closing in towards Lin Fan.

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