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Human weapons.

Spirit weapons.

Dao weapons.

Utmost treasures.

Lin Fan recalled the four tiers of weapons that Li Tianquan had told him about. This was interesting indeed.

In fact, all four tiers could be further divided into different grades:

Supreme grade.

Upper grade.

Middle grade.

Lower grade.

Human weapons were really normal. While they possessed all sorts of effects, they were easy to craft and could thus be considered as dead-weights.

As for spirit weapons, they should probably be something like Demon City and the likes. Demon City, in particular, had the big ancient demon who had ruled over ancient times as its core. As for Soul Devouring Beads, that could be considered a spirit weapon as well. However, it should be of a pretty low grade. Probably something of a lower grade or so.

Ever since the Demon City had absorbed the Earth spirit river, it could be considered a supreme grade spirit weapon. If Lin Fan were to gather all five elements into it, it should probably turn into a supreme grade Dao weapon. And if he could even gather up the spirits of Yin and Yang to infuse within it causing the bloodline of the big ancient demon to activate, Demon City could very well turn into an utmost treasure.

Even though there was no spirit core in the Nine Five Legendary Brick, its effects were definitely heaven-defying. It could, therefore, be considered as an utmost treasure. In fact, it might even surpa.s.s the tier of an utmost treasure if one were to consider it that way.

No matter who it was who was struck by the Nine Five Legendary Brick in the head, it would bypa.s.s all defenses and send the other party into an instant comatose state. A BUFF as such which totally neglected all cultivation states was something that even mere utmost treasures might not possess.

As for something like Flying Heavens, Lin Fan didn't even know how to categorize it anymore. Each and every item produced by the system only got more extreme as the time pa.s.sed.

Rather than striking straight in the face, Flying Heavens was a sneak attack weapon. How should he even compare this to anything else?

Seemed like anything crafted by Yours Truly could never be looked at with a normal train of thought. After all, all of these were f*cked up to the extreme!

But honestly, it was really pitiable for the thousands of races out there. To think that none of them could create a true treasure of their own. If they wanted something good, they would have to s.n.a.t.c.h it over from the ancient race.

Upon s.n.a.t.c.hing something over, they would still have to work with it to smelt and fuse with tons of other items before they could slowly craft it to a higher grade or tier.

Furthermore, even that did not guarantee them that they could obtain a treasure that was compatible with their own fighting styles and uses.


Lin Fan was pushing his way ahead. By now, the desolate grounds no longer held any value for him. After all, the beasts here had way too low of a cultivation state for him to be bothered with their experience points.

His mind was actually lingering consistently on that ancient race base. If he could take down everything there, his experience points would probably rocket to a terrifying state.

'Despair City, the Marquis of Despair... Even though that BOSS is a cute, little boy, anyone who is my enemy must be slain down! If I can kill him, my cultivation state could most definitely go up to the next level.'

However, Lin Fan was only an azure celestial lower level right now. He was far from having the strength to clash against the Marquis of Despair head on. The only thing he could do now was to slowly raise his power level to a certain state before he could finally take down the Marquis of Despair.

Recalling that aura he felt that day from the Marquis of Despair, that guy might very well be at the desolate celestial full cultivation state.

Just as Lin Fan was deep in his thoughts, a gigantic web with a ghastly glow suddenly appeared, blocking Lin Fan from his path forth.

'The f*ck…?' Lin Fan was startled. He was having a relaxed time flying about. Therefore, he was naturally taken aback by this thing that had just appeared.

'Reel in…!'

As though it had a life of its own, this gigantic web that covered the sky suddenly retracted, covering Lin Fan's entire body and wrapping him up.


Electric snakes swam around the coils of the web. At the same time, an electric dragon was curling in the sky before coiling itself around Lin Fan.

'The f*ck! How the h.e.l.l does everything I think about just appear suddenly before my face all the time? I was just thinking about treasures and this thing pops up all of a sudden! Give a man some room to breathe man!'

"Who is there? Who's the b*stard who's trying to sneak an attack on Yours Truly? If not for the fact that Yours Truly has a really powerful physical body state, Yours Truly would have been electrocuted into unconsciousness by this stupid electric thing!' Lin Fan struggled. However, that electric dragon was extremely strong and thick. It coiled around Lin Fan tightly, not giving him any room to move at all.

"Stop struggling." Just then, a voice rang out from above him. A set of white robes appeared as a suave looking man appeared floating in the sky above, looking down at Lin Fan who was struggling.

"Who are you?" Looking at this person before him, Lin Fan frowned. What a strong aura this was! When Lin Fan caught sight of the two horns on the head of this man, he was startled, "You're from the Dragon race?"

Yours Truly has been wandering around for a couple of months now, but Lin Fan did not recall offending anyone from the Dragon race. Why the h.e.l.l was this guy tying him up here for no reason at all?

And by the looks of it, it seemed as though he was bent on eating up Lin Fan! Evidently, he looked really strong. If they were to really clash, Lin Fan might not be his match at all.

When Lin Fan raised his head further and caught sight of the other party's cultivation state, his heart skipped a beat. Holy mama! He had really met with a f*cking ghost this time!

Desolate celestial upper level.

This cultivation state was definitely enough to torment him over and over cruelly for sure!

And just what in the world was this thing made up of? How the h.e.l.l was it so st.u.r.dy? To think that Lin Fan could not even break out of it even with his physical body state!

Lin Fan was starting to get nervous right now. Following his motto, 'F*ck off from the strong', he definitely could not continue to act tough right now.

"Oh, handsome and suave dragon race being! I'm from the human race! With that said, we could be considered as comrades! Why are you tying me up?" Lin Fan asked.

"You're a pretty interesting human indeed. Do you not know me?" Long Xuan smiled gently. This smile was as bright as the blossoming spring. Any girls who caught sight of this smile could probably find it hard to resist themselves.

"Oh, I know you! Of course, I do! Aren't you that man who's the most handsomest of them all in the Dragon race? Lin Fan here has heard of your name for the longest time now!" How the h.e.l.l would Lin Fan know who the h.e.l.l this person who had abducted him was? But in order to let this guy's guard down, he had to play along with it.

Who knew, this man might be someone who loved a good a*s licking. After Lin Fan was done licking his a*s with compliments, he would then send Flying Heavens to pierce through his a.n.u.s, giving him a good comeuppance.

"HAHA! I, Long Xuan, am the sinner that everyone from the thousands of races out there could not bear to murder with their very own hands immediately! To think that a human such as yourself would be praising me instead! That's rare, eh? Forget that. I wonder why Little Guang would want to see you. By the looks of it, not only do you look extremely ordinary, you look like someone really crafty with a glib tongue." Long Xuan checked out Lin Fan from head to toe and could not tell anything extraordinary about him.

Lin Fan was about to cry right now. Was this guy praising or scolding him to begin with? Ever since Lin Fan had arrived in the Ancient Saint World, the only thing he had done was to take down some ancient beasts! He hadn't pit himself against any heaven-defying characters just yet! Who in the world was this person who wanted to see him?

"Big bro! Just who in the world are you? Who is the one who wants to see me? I've just arrived in the Ancient Saint World not too long ago, and I haven't offended anyone!" Lin Fan explained hurriedly.

These were the type of people that Lin Fan was the most afraid of. The more they were laughing, the more one couldn't tell when their tempers would suddenly change. Who knew whether they might just decide to kill one at a whim.

"Just follow me, that's all." Long Xuan looked at this human before him. Sweeping his robes, that electric dragon followed behind him closely. It was as though he wasn't going to give Lin Fan any chances.

"Hold on…!" Why the h.e.l.l would Lin Fan want to leave with this guy! If he were brought to some dangerous place, wouldn't he just die there for sure?

"What?" Long Xuan asked. However, he was bewildered when he caught sight of this human's expression.

This man was trying to please him just moments earlier. Why the h.e.l.l had he suddenly gone all solemn?

"I've led my entire life as an ill.u.s.trious individual! Even if I were to die, I want to die as a hero. I know that I'll definitely only have death facing me if I were to head along with you. However, I've got my dignity too! If I lose to you in terms of strength, I can only have myself to blame. Let me go and fight a proper duel with me! Even if I lose, I'll lose convinced in my heart!" Lin Fan said firmly as an incredible bout of fighting spirit burst forth from him.

"Hmm…" Long Xuan looked at Lin Fan, slightly curious. He then tilted his head into the skies and roared out, "HAHA! Interesting. YOU'RE INTERESTING INDEED! In all my years of life, I've truly never met anyone as interesting as you. Very well, I shall grant you your wish. But don't worry, I won't take your life. I'll just have you give up that hope of yours."

Suddenly, that electric dragon that was coiling around Lin Fan loosened before turning into a stream of light and re-entering Long Xuan's body.

Landing on the ground, Lin Fan looked ahead without a single bit of fear. He glared straight at Long Xuan, "You come on down as well! We'll fight on the ground!"

"Hais, why does it have to be so troublesome? But sure, anything to make you give up on this fiasco." Long Xuan shook his head and replied calmly.

Given his strength, there was no need for him to be wary of Lin Fan at all.

Against this desolate celestial powerful being before him, Lin Fan truly admitted defeat. However, he would still give it a shot. He wanted to see if he could take this guy down.

Even though this guy did not seem like a bad person, Lin Fan understood that looks could not define a person. Not all bad guys were born with a look that could call them out as bad people immediately.

And in this case, this was a really handsome person right here.

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