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"Human! Be the nutrients that you're meant to be for my Soul Devouring Beads obediently!" The ancient race chiliarch cried out. Clapping both hands together, a thick and dense amount of Saint Spirit Qi burst out and surrounded those Soul Devouring Beads.

Suddenly, a deep aura of resentment rose into the air instantly. Countless ghastly faces were howling out in anguish within this aura of resentment. This was the combined grudges of all those people of the hundreds of races.

As an ancient race chiliarch, he was in charge of capturing thousands of beings from the other races. Torturing them immensely, those actions would cause a large amount of spiteful grudges to be emanating out. Using a unique technique to gather them, he then cultivated them into this horrifying treasure.

Suddenly, the string of beads enlarged. One by one, those pitch-black beads were replaced by a series of human heads that were howling out in anguish altogether.

"HAHA…! Human, your death has arrived!' Looking at the skies of resentment, the chiliarch could not stop his laughter.

Li Tianquan was almost fully recovered as he stood up immediately. Using both hands, he twisted his fingers to form numerous symbols and signs in the air.

'Shattered Star!'

In that instance, Li Tianquan gathered the power of the stars immediately. This beam of starburst shot out towards the Soul Devouring Beads.

"Swallow that up!" The chiliarch called out. Immediately, those 999 heads opened their mouths and sent a black mist that encompa.s.sed the entire sky. Regrouping together, those 999 heads formed a gigantic skull of their own in the sky.

Within that skull, a pitch black fire was raging on it. Opening its gigantic mouth, it swallowed the entire starburst whole.

"HAHAHA…!" The chiliarch laughed out wildly. "A small little mantis trying to stop a chariot? Know your place!"

"This…!" Seeing this sight, Li Tianquan coughed out a fresh mouthful of blood once more. Since he had forcefully used the powers of the stars before he had even recovered completely, the burden on his body was naturally heavy as well.

"TODAY, ALL OF YOU SHALL DIE HERE!" The chiliarch howled.

"Junior brothers and sisters! All of you! Run first!" Li Tianquan ordered.

"What about you, Senior brother?"

"I have to stay here! This fellow brother here has saved our lives! How can I just abandon him like this?" Li Tianquan looked at that aura of resentment spreading through the sky without a single bit of hesitation.

This time around, he truly felt a deep despair without any hope left. The only thing left in his heart right now was indignance. Why? Why was it that the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World would choose to side with such a brutal and cruel race?

"This is the so-called treasure of yours which you so proudly claim that no one else of the thousands of other races could create?" Looking at everything, Lin Fan's mouth curled into a smirk of disdain. Even though he did not know what exactly was happening right now, one thing was for sure. If something like THIS could be considered a treasure, then what had Yours Truly been crafting all this while?

"Why? Are you getting cold feet now?" The chiliarch asked.

"Cold feet?" Lin Fan burst out laughing. "Is there anything in this world which could give the great Lin Fan cold feet? You had better open your doggish eyes wide to see what a real treasure really is!"

"Demon City, come on out…!" With a long howl, Lin Fan's Demon City rose up and floated gently in the sky.

"H-how could this be…?" Looking at the treasure that appeared from Lin Fan's side, Li Tianquan's face was filled with disbelief.

In order to obtain a treasure like this, beings from the thousands of races out there would have to loot it from killing ancient race tribesmen! It was definitely impossible for someone to craft something like this on their own!

This palm-sized Demon City began to grow and enlarge while emanating a Demonic Qi till the entire sky was covered.

"Rip that apart!"


Within the middle of the Demon City, the colossal body of the big ancient demon appeared, towering above everything else. Stretching out his gigantic hand, it was as though everything else in this world was under the control of that palm.

The energy of the Earth spirit river flowed through the hands of the big ancient demon as well.


The malevolent looking gigantic skull howled madly, covering the entire sky with a black mist. It coiled around the arm of the big ancient demon, as though it was keen on devouring it. However, something like this was practically just an ant to the big ancient demon.

Even though it was a semi-finished, pseudo-legendary weapon, Demon City had still been through Lin Fan's cultivation process. Furthermore, now that it was infused with the Earth spirit river and a large amount Demonic Qi and essence blood of ancient beasts, it was pretty darn formidable right now.

"HOW DID YOU OBTAIN THAT TREASURE, HUMAN?" The ancient race chiliarch hollered out in disbelief towards this scene.

"SUPPRESS…!" Lin Fan snorted coldly. The Earth spirit river shot out from the Demon City and coiled itself around the big ancient demon's arm.


A dull exploding sound rang out. The big ancient demon had crushed that gigantic skull into dust immediately. Turning into countless particles, that resentment aura was scattered in the air.

"I-impossible! My Soul Devouring Beads!" The ancient race chiliarch's eyes were bloodshot right now. He could not believe that his treasure could have been destroyed by a single human!


These scattered particles of the resentment aura tried to group together once more. However, all of these were just tonic for the big ancient demon. Opening his gigantic mouth, he vacuumed everything in with a gigantic gust of suction.


The ancient race chiliarch howled out in anguish. That resentment aura was gathered by him after a long time of tireless hard work! To think that it would be absorbed just like that!

"You d.a.m.ned human! How dare you destroy my treasure! I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

Looking at this agonized ancient race chiliarch, Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy. By now, this chiliarch was as good as meat on his plate, ready for consumption.

But it would still require quite a bit of work. This guy wasn't going to go down just like that.

'Sweeping Sword Will!'

Lin Fan focused his mental attention. Countless Sword Wills infused with the aura of the Earth spirit river fused into the ground. At the same time, Flying Heavens was hidden beneath the ground as well.

Lin Fan wondered what Flying Heaven's impact would be like. After all, this was its virgin battle.

"I'LL KILL YOU!!!" The chiliarch howled malevolently. A fist possessing an immense amount of energy burst out at Lin Fan.

This fist brought with it his endless fury. Under the pressure of this fist, even the entire Heaven and Earth dimmed down a little. Lin Fan's figure was partially rooted on the spot as well, as he found it really difficult to move.

At this moment, Lin Fan finally understood.

Initially, he had not been overly concerned with that ancient race tribunus with a desolate celestial cultivation state who had marked him.

However, he realized at this point that that was a mistake on his part.

Even though this ancient race chiliarch was only an azure celestial middle-level being, the amount of force that he produced was insanely extraordinary. If not for the fact that this chiliarch was overly careless early on, he might have been able to take Lin Fan for quite a few bouts!

But what a pity…it was all too late.

There was only a single thought within the mind of the ancient race chiliarch right now. He wanted to kill this human viciously and trample upon him. The only way he could ease this amount of hatred in his heart was by devouring the remains of this human.

"GO TO h.e.l.l…!!!"

Looking at this exuberant chiliarch, Lin Fan chuckled momentarily. Using his mind, those Sword Wills which were hidden beneath the ground burst up immediately.


"YOU…!" The chiliarch was instantly pierced by all the Sword Wills like a hedgehog. "YOU DESPICABLE HUMAN! YOU'LL NEVER KILL ME!"

The ancient race chiliarch howled madly and shattered all the Sword Wills on his body with a burst of energy. The foul-smelling blood oozed out of his body. However, that only served to make him look ever more menacing.

This vile and sinister aura right now was sending shivers down the spine of everyone from the Star Sect.

"Hehe, look out now…" Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red calmly.

"Huh…?" Looking at Lin Fan's expression, the chiliarch had an ominous feeling.

'Flying Heavens!'


Suddenly, a flash of bright light appeared. As though it could pierce through every single thing, this furiously rotating Flying Heavens shot up straight into the a.n.u.s of the chiliarch.

The entire face of the ancient race chiliarch froze up as he howled out in horror, "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS…"

Before he could even finish speaking, a horrifying scene happened.

The ancient race chiliarch was sent flying up into the air!


Suddenly, he exploded entirely into blood and meat, which splattered out all across the sky.

"EH…? Isn't that way too extreme?" Lin Fan was stunned as well. He had not expected this to be the outcome! To think that this Flying Heavens, which could pierce through everything, would unleash such a formidable amount of power after entering one's a.n.u.s!


Flying Heavens bolted back in front of Lin Fan and stuck itself back to the ground.

At this moment, Lin Fan realized a really big issue. He had truly given this a wrong name.

'Lightning a.n.u.s Drill… A shot to the Heavens.'

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