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"You think the D cla.s.s teacher is perhaps stupid? To dare challenge four B cla.s.s teachers all alone, I wonder how he will die." One B cla.s.s student dressed in silver said and shook his head in disdain.

"The world is big and full of wonders. Teacher Liu Qingfeng, Teacher Huben, Teacher Jun Wuchang, and Teacher Li Xiaojun are all veteran level five postcelestial masters. Against the four together, even a level six postcelestial would find it difficult to handle, and yet a mere D cla.s.s teacher has confidence."

"Today sure is strange. I pa.s.sed by C cla.s.s earlier, and there were some garbage from D cla.s.s trying to pick a fight saying something about not looking down on poor youths. I was also in tears when I heard that."

"There is no need for this. Even if he wants to prove himself, there are better methods. It's a waste to even watch this fight. It's better to just go select a book from the library and read it."

"Senior brother Liu, I heard you borrowed an upper earth cla.s.s book called "Immeasurable Sea", did you already cultivate it? As expected, senior brother Liu is a genius, to even cultivate "Immeasurable Sea" already.

"Of course not, "Immeasurable Sea" has six levels, I have only raised it to level three. There's still a long way to go from it being finished. Since I haven't progressed much recently, I also picked out a few other martial skills to cultivate, as there's nothing wrong with learning more skills." "Senior brother Liu was prideful inside, but humbly dismissed it on the outside.

"Hey, senior brother Liu, someone is coming. It looks like people from D cla.s.s."

Currently, Lin Fan was leisurely walking over, completely paying no heed to the upcoming match.

"Teacher, why are we coming here?" Cao Fu Shu asked in puzzlement.

"Tiaojiao, I am going to show you all your second lesson." Lin Fan replied with indifference.

Cao Fu Shu froze, why were they having their second lesson here? They were D cla.s.s students, but they still knew this was the fighting stage, and today, there were many people here at the stage. Perhaps someone was going to have a compet.i.tion?

Perhaps the teacher brought them here to observe the match.

"Teacher probably wants us to observe a match between masters to show us that if we become masters, we will also be like them." Liu Shuishui was a girl so naturally, she thought more. She had a good brain, but it still didn't change the fact that her qualifications were on the idiotic level.

Liu Shuishui respected her teacher very much. Since Teacher Lin had called her Liu Shuishui, she was prepared to change her name to this for the rest of her life, as the name was given by her teacher.

"Shuishui, you sure are smart, we didn't even think of that." Zhu You honestly said.

Liu Shuishui raised her head high, but when she saw her teacher suddenly walk up the stage, she was startled, "Teacher, what are you doing?"

"Squashing people." Lin Fan said without looking back. The thirteen students froze upon hearing this, not understanding what their teacher meant.

"You better call a doctor for your teacher, otherwise when he starts vomiting blood, it'll be too late." One B cla.s.s student said in a superior tone.

Cao Tianjiao and the rest heard this and were stunned. Teacher was going to compete? But teacher didn't mention this. Besides, it was teacher's first day, how could he already have a conflict with other teachers?

"Your D cla.s.s sure is special, aside from garbage, even the teacher is stupid, to challenge four at once. He's just asking to die." The B cla.s.s students began mocking them.

"Don't you dare insult our teacher." "Cao Tianjiao glared hotly at the B cla.s.s students.

"Haha." The B cla.s.s students shook their head in disdain.

Lin Fan walked slowly upstage. Seeing the four teacher standing there, he smiled, then turned to look at his students. Cao Tianjiao and the rest turned to look at him.

Seeing that people of all kinds were gathered, Lin Fant felt that it was a prime opportunity to give his students their second lesson. A teacher acted as a guide for students, so naturally, he had to carve his own image deep into the hearts of his students.

Honorable, majestic, sacred, and mighty.

Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back, then looked at them with piercing eyes, his voice low and majestic, "In other people's eyes, you are all garbage, mediocre… but in my eyes, you all are the smartest in this world. These four people said you're all garbage and unteachable idiots. I will prove right now that they are even lower than idiots in my eyes."

"Teacher…" At this moment, the students looked tearfully at their beloved teacher. They didn't think that the reason their teacher was competing was because of them.

They were used to people calling them garbage and idiots at the Sky Heaven School, never fighting back even when they were bullied. Upon hearing the words of their teacher, they were touched to the deepest depths of their hearts.

Broken upon impact, their tears flooded out, pouring out endlessly.

"Your words are quite righteous, but I wonder how much confidence you have to back them up?" Liu Qingfeng said cynically.

Since the person had gone this far, there was no point in holding back.

Lin Fan looked at the four level five postcelestials. They were a bit challenging with just his cultivation base, but only if he wasn't serious.

Then, it was time to get serious.

"Today, I will let you taste my double edged ax and cut you into pieces." The violent Huben roared out. Lin Fan stood on stage, his breath the same as he plainly said, "My students, watch carefully now. In the future, you will be just as strong."

"Yes, teacher." The thirteen students nodded their heads furiously, the tears still flowing. This was the first time they were valued by people other than their families. The spectating students suddenly realized that this D cla.s.s teacher was somewhat different from other teachers.

This was the first time they had heard a teacher say these kinds of words.

But then, they shook their heads. Here strength was respected, if one wanted others to look up to them, then one needed to have the corresponding strength and talent. Otherwise, it meant nothing.

The talent of the D cla.s.s students had already been determined. No matter how strong their teacher was, it didn't change their destiny.

"You four come at me. I will let you understand what terrible price you all will pay for looking down on someone." A wind blew by, lifting up Lin Fan's robes. Lin Fan, who held his hands behind his back, suddenly had a peerless image in the eyes of the students, just like a master ever so bright.

"Hah, triple-layered ax!" Huben couldn't hold back any longer and jumped up, his energy rushing about. The double-edged axes cut towards Lin Fan's shoulders with unimaginable power.

The triple-layered ax was Huben's specialty; one ax carrying triple strength. Even people of the same level would have difficulty withstanding it. Lin Fan stood there motionless, a slight smile on his lips.

"Teacher…" The thirteen students paled upon seeing the current scene. Why wasn't teacher dodging?

Liu Qingfeng and the rest laughed, Was he perhaps trying to endure it? Simply an idiotic dream.

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