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"I get it now. Each time this Earth spirit giant is destroyed by me, it will have to borrow your strength in order to regroup. Could it be that a connate spirit such as yourself has your energy pool milked dry by a mere human such as myself?" Lin Fan chuckled towards that silent Earth spirit river.

'…' The Earth spirit river was speechless right now. It could not deny the human's words. He was right.

According to the calculations of days and nights in this world, this d.a.m.ned human had been in this cave for an entire 3 days and 3 nights!

Each time the giant regrouped, the Earth spirit river would have to use up some energy. However, to its absolute horror, this human seemed to possess a limitless amount of energy! No matter how much he was whacked down, he would always recover invigorated in the blink of an eye!

Oh, the great Heavens above!

Oh, the great Earth below!

'I am the great connate Earth spirit! Why in the world did I have to meet such a darned human?! Don't tell me that I'm going to be subjugated by this human so quickly after I was just born!' The Earth spirit river thought to itself miserably.

"Come on now, my little Earth spirit! What other tricks do you have up your sleeves? Use them all on me! Yours Truly will be here to receive them all!" Lin Fan chuckled once more.

"Human, know your limits! I am the connate Earth spirit! If you were to take me in, this earth here would no longer have the chance to live any longer!" The Earth spirit river remarked.

"Huh? What's that got to do with me? The Ancient Saint World is controlled by the ancient race anyways. If I were to take you in and cause this earth here to lose its life, it'd be in accordance with my goals anyways!" Lin Fan laughed. Just this Earth spirit alone was enough to rule over the great Earth? That was total bulls.h.i.t!

But if that were truly the case, then that'd be even better! It was time to let the ancient race know the true meaning of calamity!

The Earth spirit river was starting to panic right now. To think that he couldn't even scare off this human before him!

"I am the connate Earth spirit! Even if you were to take me in, you wouldn't have the means to control me! My consciousness alone is not something a mere human like you can control!' Looking at this human slowly making his way forward, the Earth spirit river was getting ever more anxious.

"Heh, my dear little Earth spirit, don't worry about that! If you follow me, I'll make sure you'll definitely be so well off that you'll feel as though you're up in the Heavens!" Lin Fan was like the big bad wolf right now, eyeing this little red riding Earth spirit.

He had to get his hands on this Earth spirit river no matter what. If he could toss this inside the Demon City, he could definitely give his Demon City a great power spike!

The Ancient Saint World was filled with all sorts of violent beings from the ancient race. There was no way Lin Fan could do without getting stronger.

"D-don't touch me…!" Looking at the outstretched hand of this human, the Earth spirit river hollered out. However, his resistance was futile. Anything that Lin Fan got his eyes on could hardly ever run away.

'Ding…Congratulations on discovering connate Earth spirit.'

'Connate Earth Spirit: Born from the Heavens and Earth. Extremely valuable. Could be used to cultivate pills or craft weapons with miraculous uses.'

Lin Fan had grabbed the Earth spirit river in his hand. No matter how hard it tried to struggle, it couldn't break free of Lin Fan's demonic grasp at all.

"Human! Please! I beg of you! Please, let me go!" The Earth spirit river had finally admitted defeat.

Ever since it was born, it knew that it was the target of countless beings. There were innumerable beings out there who couldn't wait to get their hands on him as a treasure. Hence, he had always been hidden deep beneath the underground and had never dared to head out brazenly.

However, every 100 years, it was forced to open up a pa.s.sageway into its hideout so that it could absorb the Saint Spirit Qi between the Heaven and Earth.

And by some stroke of luck or affinity, there had been a number of people who would unintentionally barge in.

However, all of them died within those tunnels.

Even if some of them were to miraculously make it through that tunnel, they would be killed by the giant upon arriving here.

But it had never expected a single human to be this strong! This was nerve wrecking. No matter how hard it tried, it just couldn't kill off this human!

Lin Fan looked at the Earth spirit river, "I know that you're innocent. But I've got compelling reasons of my own to get stronger. Don't worry. Once I become the utmost being, I shall return you your freedom."

"N-no…! PLEASE NO! PLEASE LET ME GO!" The Earth spirit river struggled. How could it believe in Lin Fan's words?

Even though the Earth spirit river wasn't that strong on its own, it possessed tons of miraculous uses to it. But what a pity. In front of Lin Fan, all of that was useless.

Lin Fan did not say anything much.

'Demon City!'

Suddenly, the semi-finished, pseudo-legendary weapon, Demon City, appeared floating gently in the sky. Within this Demon City, the big ancient demon stood towering and mighty, with an aura that had suppressed everything through the ancient times.

The moment the Demon City appeared, the Earth spirit river in Lin Fan's hands shivered uncontrollably.

"Please don't do this. Won't you just let me off, please?" The Earth spirit river was crying by now.

'Hais.' Looking at the state of the Earth spirit river right now, Lin Fan could not help but shake his head helplessly. Flicking his robes, he tossed the entire Earth spirit river within his Demon City.

The big ancient demon's eyes suddenly shone with a glitter. Stretching out his demonic arm, he grabbed hold of the Earth spirit river.


"AHHH…!!! HELP…!!!" The Earth spirit river was howling right now.

However, five beams of light pillars suddenly burst forth from the Demon City. These five beams were Wood, Metal, Fire, Water, and Earth respectively, the five elements.

Right now, the only things that Lin Fan had were the pseudo five spirits. If he wanted to evolve this, he would have to change them into the real five spirits.

A ma.s.sive attractive force burst out from within, sucking in the Earth spirit river.


In an instant, the Earth spirit river spiraled and was sucked into the Demon City.

'Heaven and Earth Smelt!'

Lin Fan focused his mind. In an instant, the Heaven and Earth Smelt appeared, and the entire Demon City was kept within it.


Even though the Earth spirit river was a connate spirit, it was filled with many impurities. A perfectionist such as Lin Fan would definitely not allow such impurities to exist.

'Ding…Congratulations on smelting.'

The moment the Demon City flew out of the Heaven and Earth Smelt, Lin Fan's eyes shone brightly.

The Demon City had turned stronger than ever indeed.

Within the Demon City, out of the five positions of the elements, the position where the Earth spirit river was at right now was infusing the most amount of energy towards the core of the Demon City. Coupled with the flowing bloodline of the big ancient demon, the amount of demonic energy that was emanating out was boundless.

If all of this weren't happening within this cave right now, even the skies would definitely be changing colors due to this phenomenon.


In the middle of the Demon City, the big ancient demon howled. His Demonic Qi filled the entire cave. An image suddenly appeared, showing the big ancient demon's past reign over all of the ancient times.

"Good. This didn't disappoint me indeed." Lin Fan's heart was overwhelmed with joy. Even though the Demon City did not evolve entirely, its powers had increased tremendously. As long as he could gather the other four connate spirits, he could definitely turn this into a true legendary weapon.

At the same time, Lin Fan truly understood the difficulty in crafting a proper legendary weapon. It was stroke of heaven-defying luck that he could even produce the Nine Five Legendary Brick back then.

He hoped so direly that he could just repeat that feat once more and create yet another similar legendary weapon.

Lin Fan curled his finger. Suddenly, a golden colored aura appeared within the Demon City.

This was the power of the Earth spirit.

Lin Fan grinned as he took out the horn of the three-headed king.

"It's time to craft a weapon again." Lin Fan wanted to craft a weapon. But someone with his brains definitely couldn't allow himself to craft just any ordinary weapon.

However, what could he create with this horn at all?

Lin Fan delved into his thoughts for a moment. After a while, he smirked with a wide grin.

'HAHA…! Not bad. That'll work…!' Lin Fan's eyes were filled with a sinister glint.

The ancient race was a bunch of violent beings anyways. There was no need for Yours Truly to play fair and what not with them.

All he needed was something that could ma.s.sacre them mercilessly.

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