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'Ding…Eternal Immortality leveled up.'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality level 15.'

'Ding…Physical Body State: Earth celestial upper level.'

After being slapped away by the giant, Lin Fan wiped the side of his lips with an elated look on his face. After a lengthened battle, his physical body state had finally leveled up!

Each time both of them clashed, the giant would be smashed into smithereens by Lin Fan and regroup yet again.

"HAHA! Little stone man! What now? Are you getting afraid of being whacked by Yours Truly?" Lin Fan stood up laughing.

As to how long he had been in this place, Lin Fan could barely remember at all. The time spent was simply way too long to be remembered. But, it should have been an entire day and night at least.

"You can leave now." Suddenly, that deep voice of the Earth spirit river suddenly boomed out. However, it wasn't trying to clamor at Lin Fan anymore. This time around, it was requesting for Lin Fan's departure.

Suddenly, a hole appeared at the top of this cave that extended all the way up to the surface of the ground.

The Earth spirit river no longer had anything much to say. This human was too darned annoying. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn't kill the human at all.

"You wish for me to leave?" Lin Fan tossed back his hair, emphasizing his grace at this moment.

He had not expected this Earth spirit river to admit defeat.

"Human, leave this place." The Earth spirit river said out once more.

"Nope…! Not leaving even if I'm gonna die here!" Lin Fan chuckled. This thing wanted him to leave now? Dream on!

"What do you want?" The Earth spirit river was born from the Heaven and Earth. Thus, it possessed a mind of its own along with intelligence.

"I want you." Lin Fan grinned, as a look of thirst burned in his eyes.

How could he let go of such a precious treasure? Lin Fan was initially worried about how he would actually take in this Earth spirit river. But now that this Earth spirit river was bowing down, Lin Fan was naturally overwhelmed with joy.

The only possibility for this was that the Earth spirit river was worried about something.

"Human, don't you dare go overboard! The reason why I'm letting you off isn't because I'm afraid of you, but because there's nothing you can do to me!" The Earth spirit river replied.

"Nope. Your actions right now plainly show your fear of me." Lin Fan replied.

"HAHA! You're absolutely dreaming! I am the Earth spirit! I was born from the Heaven and Earth! I'm a connate spirit! Do you think I would fear you?" The Earth spirit river rebuked.

"Then what are you asking me to leave for? Go on and continue wasting your energy then! After all, Yours Truly is being hunted out there as well! It makes no difference to me!" Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and replied shamelessly.

Lin Fan had finally reaped in some rewards this time around.

Even though he hadn't obtained the Earth spirit river yet, he had already leveled up his physical body state.

That feeling was amazing.

The Earth spirit giant's cultivation state was that of an azure celestial middle level, while Lin Fan's own physical body state was only that of an earth celestial upper level. There was still room to grow for now. Therefore, Lin Fan wasn't hurried about it at all, and was taking his own sweet time.

He wanted to see who would exhaust the other out first.

Blood Sea was a Heaven defying skill that could regenerate his body and heal all wounds.

Coupled with the boundless amount of lifeforce that was being provided by the Mythical Parasol Tree, that was a heaven-defying skill that even defied defying Heavens itself. He would just take his time and continue exhausting out the other party. Lin Fan refused to believe that he wouldn't be able to outlast the Earth spirit river.

"You…!" The Earth spirit river was speechless right now. This human was simply way too brazen! He was the connate Earth spirit! To think that this human would be l.u.s.ting about devouring him!


That giant barked out at Lin Fan. A golden glow flashed within those hollow sockets where his eyes were. It was as though he was feeling the fury over this human's insolent refusal to get out of this place.

"What's with the roar? Continuing whacking instead…!" Lin Fan flicked his robes as he darted out at the stone giant once more.

He just had to see what this giant was all worried about.

Given normal circ.u.mstances, someone like him should be considered an invader to begin with. That was the reason why the Earth spirit river had wanted to kill him off in the first place. However, now that it wanted him to leave, there must be something that it was worried about.

And for Lin Fan, the last thing he lacked right now was time.

It would just take a bit more of his time here to check out why the Earth spirit river would give the suggestion for him to leave this place.

The giant sent a tremendous fist pummelling over. The entire void seemed to be distorting under the might of this fist.

'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +800.'

That was it!

Ever since he had leveled up, the experience points brought by the first of the giant had reduced as well. But to Lin Fan, it was still just nice. He could spend all the time in the world playing around here.

For someone like Yours Truly who had nothing better to do, time was the least valuable thing he had right now.

In fact, Lin Fan even felt more comfortable staying down here than heading up above.

The Earth spirit river floated gently in the void. Looking at this darned human, it was at a loss for what to do.


The cave reverberated violently once more. The earth giant and Lin Fan exchanged blows back and forth, causing an intense battle to break out.

Each time the earth spirit giant sent a fist over, Lin Fan would spin 360 degrees in the air. After that, he would return with a blow that would smash the giant into pieces.

"Heh! Each time you punch me, Yours Truly is going to send a punch that smashes your head too. I've just got to see how many more times you can revive!" Lin Fan grinned.

This earth spirit giant was practically custom made for someone like him!

If this were any other person who did not have Blood Sea with them or the Mythical Parasol Tree, they would have long been exhausted in the face of the immense regenerative power of this earth spirit giant.


The giant roared as he regrouped yet again.

Lin Fan's Blood Sea churned and healed him up as well.


'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +800.'

"Little stone man! Take out the strength that you used to suck your mother's t*ts! Yours Truly can still take it!" The more Lin Fan fought, the more energetic he got as he shouted out.

Day and night exchanged places once more…

Lin Fan no longer knew how long he had spent in this cave entirely.

But it was definitely a long time now.

Lin Fan had received nothing less than a hundred blows by now.

As for the giant, it would roar out in a maddened rage each time it was smashed and was forced to regroup.

The powers of this Earth spirit giant did seem somewhat similar to Blood Sea. But, Lin Fan did not know whether it would exhaust any form of energy each time it had to regroup.

"Human, you ought to die…!" The Earth spirit giant was riled by now. Why the h.e.l.l wouldn't this human die?!

Each time he slammed a punch forth, he would think that the other party would just die this time. To think that this human would stand back up as though he was new each time!

This scene had repeated itself countless times.


'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +800.'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality leveled up.'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality level 16.'

'Ding…Physical Body State: Earth celestial full cultivation state.'

"Aiyo! Holy sh*t! I've earned big time now!" Lin Fan had thought that this level up would not raise his physical body state along with it. But to think that it actually did!

Earth celestial full cultivation state!

"HAHAHAHA…!" Lin Fan burst out laughing maniacally. This was earning big time for sure! To think that he could raise his physical body state this much all because of a random hole he found! What an opportunity!

Even though this Earth spirit giant looked like a dummy, he did have quite the perseverance! Impressive. Impressive indeed!

"Little stone man! Come and try the power of Yours Truly!" Lin Fan laughed before slamming himself straight at the giant.


Stones flew all around the place. Instantly, the Earth spirit giant turned into a pile of rocks.

"Come on! Regroup again and let's continue!" Since Lin Fan had nothing on, and was in no rush to head out, he could just continue playing this game of outlasting the other.


Suddenly, something shocking happened before Lin Fan's eyes! The stones were trying to regroup together. However, the moment they formed up, the broke up into pieces once more again!

It was as though it no longer had the energy to sustain this!

"Earth spirit river, are you done for already?" Lin Fan raised his head at the Earth spirit river that was floating in the void.

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