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Naturally, Lin Fan did not believe that this Earth spirit river could have found him out. The best that it could have done was to discover him back when he was in the tunnel, that was all.

But now that he was in Stealth mode, Lin Fan refused to believe that the Earth spirit river could still detect him. If it could sense his true body, then wouldn't he have worked hard on this Stealth skill for nothing?

Just then, the Earth spirit river continued to float gently in the void.

Looking at this Earth spirit river, even Lin Fan could not deny that his mind was being captivated by it. This was the first time he had seen something like this.

Born from the Heaven and Earth, this was the true Earth spirit. Even though he did not know how long this Earth spirit river had existed, but for it to be able to culminate into an entire river, it must definitely be far from ordinary.

Ever since he had slain those messengers of the five elements back then, Lin Fan understood that the five elements that were born from the Heaven and Earth were top graded treasures.

Other than the core of the big ancient demon, Demon City was formed by a special formation of the pseudo five spirits as a basis.

Lin Fan wanted to replace these pseudo five spirits with the true spirits themselves. Next up, above the tiers of the five elements came the Yin and Yang rivers.

As long as he possessed these items, Demon City would definitely break through and turn into a true legendary weapon. Then, it would definitely reign through this world and universe.

"I've already found you, stop hiding." Just then, the voice from the Earth spirit river rang out once more. Accompanying it was a series of Earth spikes rippling through the void.


As though they had discovered Lin Fan's location, these th.o.r.n.y spikes spiraled towards his position.

"Holy f*ck! Has it really discovered Yours Truly?" Lin Fan's face changed. Slapping out with his palm, he broke through the Earth spikes.

Lin Fan had thought that the Earth spirit was just swindling him!


A giant that was formed from the Earth spirit river roared at Lin Fan before darting over.

"O-oi! Let's talk this out! We're all friends in this world! Don't strike the moment you see me!" Looking at how hostile this Earth spirit river was, Lin Fan was getting speechless. Couldn't this thing give him some face?

"Peeping on the Earth spirit! You deserve death!" Suddenly, that azure celestial middle-level giant hollered out and grabbed at Lin Fan with those bronze hands.


Lin Fan dodged like a lightning flash. Reappearing behind the giant, he cleaved down with his Eternal Axe.



The head of the giant was severed immediately by Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was elated. To think that an azure celestial middle-level giant couldn't even take a single strike! But suddenly, Lin Fan's face changed. The head that he had chopped off from the giant regrew itself instantly.


Suddenly, a gigantic palm appeared from the ground, slapping out towards Lin Fan with tremendous force as well.

'Holy sh*t! Can't this thing die?' Lin Fan was astounded by this giant.

No matter what sort of damage he inflicted on that stone giant, it regenerated itself instantly.

At the same time, many miniature and stumpy giants leaped at Lin Fan from the sides. Even if they were struck down by Lin Fan, they regrouped together again and again.

"F*ck! That's too much! Don't think that Yours Truly is afraid of you guys! If you wanna fight, come! Let's see who's afraid of whom?" Lin Fan kept the Eternal Axe within his storage. Since he couldn't kill these guys, then he would take them down with his physical body state!


Kicking out with a single stamp, Lin Fan propelled himself forth like a cannon that stuck out at the giant. Given his current physical body state, if he were to use all his strength, the amount of energy that could be produced would be pretty shocking.

A ball of light began to gather in the palms of that giant. This light was dense and heavy. With a single punch, the entire cave began to shake.

"Hmph! You mere, puny giant! All brawns but no brains! What's the use? Take the strike of Yours Truly!"

'Deflowering Finger!'

With a single finger, a surge of energy coursed through the giant's entire body.


The giant crumbled into a bunch of rocks. However, those rocks regrouped once more yet again.


Lin Fan pursed his lips, evidently contemptuous of this sight. The battle strength of this giant wasn't too high. But that power of regeneration was simply speechless.

And Lin Fan knew that this was all thanks to that Earth spirit river.

"Earth spirit river! You've got underlings protecting you, eh? Yours Truly wants to see just how you can protect yourself then!" Lin Fan did not want to waste his time with this stone giant any longer. Changing targets, he rocketed towards the Earth spirit river.

Lin Fan did not know what sort of mythical usage this Earth spirit river could provide. But he knew that as long as he could grab it and toss it within his storage, he could slowly a.n.a.lyze it after he got out.

With that, a gigantic arm stretched out. This humongous arm was bent on grabbing the Earth spirit river within it.

"INSOLENT!" Suddenly, a voice boomed out from the Earth spirit river. It was loud as thunder, making the entire cave rattle.

Creak. Creak. Creak.

Suddenly, all those miniature giants turned into gigantic rocks and flew back towards the Earth spirit river. They regrouped together and formed a protective thick mud wall.

This fist that possessed immense power from Lin Fan landed on the bronze colored mud wall, and a burst of light flashed out from the clash.

"How could this be…?" Lin Fan's face changed. He had not expected this mud wall to be this tough!

Even though his fist did manage to break quite a few pieces of rocks, these rocks regrouped together quickly once more.

That azure celestial middle-level giant sent out a gigantic palm strike. That palm strike was like the five-fingered mountain, blocking any alternative paths of Lin Fan.

'This is f*cked! To think that things would get this tricky!' Lin Fan did not have anywhere else he could head to. The blood within his body boiled as he sent out another fist to deal with the palm strike of that giant.

"Who's afraid of whom?! Yours Truly will never bow down!"


"Aiyo! Mother!!!"

'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +1,000.'

This fist of the giant was extremely mighty, immediately sending Lin Fan spiraling in circles.

Lin Fan wiped the fresh blood from his lips. Blood Sea churned hard, healing his wounds.

Now that Blood Sea was already level 9, the amount of essence blood he required to level it up further was an astronomical amount. Therefore, in order to repair the Demon City, Lin Fan had tossed every single bit of essence blood he obtained into the Demon City.

To Lin Fan, rebirth through blood for Blood Sea was already a pretty sick state by now, which defied the bounds of Heavens.

Even though Lin Fan did not know what the next level of Blood Sea would consist of, he might as well use these additional resources onto his offensive a.r.s.enal for now.

"Alright! Let's see who shall go down first today!" Lin Fan hollered at the giant before him.


Lin Fan's figure moved and dodged like lightning. By the time he reappeared, he had already pierced through the body of the giant.


A bronze colored rock fell from the body of the giant. A golden glow of light emanated from the giant suddenly before it regrouped yet again.


'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +1,000.'

The notification from the system was like a heavenly tune to Lin Fan's ears.

Even though Lin Fan did not have the strength to take down this giant just yet, he could borrow its strength to level his physical body state once more!

None of the living beings in the Ancient Saint World knew that something this outrageous was happening deep underground. To think that a human and a giant would be clashing against one another. And the result of every single clash would be that shocking!

But, as though they were both on crack, both sides would heal up almost instantly and clash with one another yet again.

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