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"O-oi…! I'm really done for! Look at how much blood I'm spitting out! If you guys throw a few more punches, I'll DEFINITELY die for sure!" Lin Fan was helpless by now. The walls had gone completely silent!

Even though the experience points had decreased after he had leveled up, Lin Fan knew that quant.i.ty could still make up for it! He definitely wouldn't have minded it!

But no matter how hard Lin Fan cried out or acted dead, the fists from the walls paid no heed at all.

Lin Fan shrugged his head and sighed exasperatedly, 'Seems like these guys do have quite the intellect as well. They've decided to just retain their strength, knowing they can't kill me.'

Lin Fan clutched his heartbroken chest. However, no matter how much this hurt, everything had turned into a reality.

There must be someone who was controlling these fists. Otherwise, there was no way they'd know that he was faking it.

Some intelligent lifeform?

Now that Lin Fan had some basic understanding of things, he was getting even more curious towards that fella behind all these.

Now that his physical body state was an earth celestial middle level, he was that bit of a distance away from an azure celestial. But, Lin Fan had faith that he would definitely attain that azure celestial physical body state in the shortest amount of time.

Lin Fan had always felt that physical body state was the most important thing in life. It was just that he hadn't had the chance to grow.

Now that such a perfect opportunity had been blown, he was naturally heartbroken.


Lin Fan gave off yet another long sigh, feeling utterly helpless. Oh well, since there was nothing else here, he could only tread forth.


Suddenly, an astral wind gushed in from a distance. That single howl just now could be both the sound of the astral wind or a roar.

Lin Fan stopped in his tracks and focused within his heart. What should he do now?

Just what sort of a being was hidden ahead that was giving off that howl?

But soon enough, Lin Fan tossed his hesitation aside. No matter what it was, he would only know after he had seen it with his very eyes.

"Rush! No fear ahead!" Lin Fan waved his arm and rallied himself forth.

This single tunnel extended for at least tens of miles. Even though Lin Fan could not make out the time or anything, he had a rough gauge for himself.

"Just what sort of a place is this? What a strange and weird feeling! In fact, judging from the time of death of these corpses, they must have been here for quite some time as well." Lin Fan could not help but feel wary as he checked out his surroundings.

Furthermore, these corpses seemed to belong to all the other races. Yet, there wasn't a single body of an ancient race tribesman.

Filled with curiosity, Lin Fan pushed forth. He had to see just what was at the end of this.

As for that ancient race tribunus and the three-headed king, he had tossed that issue far into the back of his head by now. Since he couldn't get anything out of that anymore, he would not continue to be bothered by it. He might as well try and see what he could get out of this situation now.

After G.o.d knew how long, Lin Fan felt that his head getting dizzy. To think that he hadn't reached the end of this tunnel yet!

Suddenly, a bright bronze light appeared before Lin Fan.

'Holy sh*t! I've finally reached the end of this tunnel!' Lin Fan could not help but hasten his footsteps in excitement over the appearance of that bronze glow.

"What in the world is this?" When he approached the end, he came to a stop.

The place that Lin Fan was in right now might have been a tunnel, but the sight before him had him entirely shocked.

Right before him was an infinitely large hole. Within this hole, a light was seen swirling. At the same time, there was a bronze colored river floating in the middle of this hole.


Lin Fan peered inside, and saw all sorts of weird living beings. These beings were not ancient beasts. They were beings that were formed from mud, and each of them were coated with a bronze shade. Moving freely, they prowled around the hole continuously.

Looking at this thing before him, Lin Fan was utterly bewildered. Just what in the world was this?

That river was something really perplexing. What in the world was that thing?

From the river emanated an aura that was really similar to that of the Earth Spirit of the pseudo five elements.

However, compared to the Earth spirit, the aura that was produced by this river was way purer.


Suddenly, the Demon City within Lin Fan's storage began to vibrate gently, as though it wanted to consume this river.

'Seems like this thing here should be the Earth Spirit of the five Elements then.'

Lin Fan had a hypothesis in his heart. If this were truly the Earth Spirit, then he could try to s.n.a.t.c.h this thing entirely. If he allowed the Demon City to devour this entire thing, that might cause his pseudo-legendary Demon City to evolve and progress.

Yin and Yang… The five Elements... If he could just compliment one of them, the power level of the Demon City should improve as well.

'Holy sh*t! To think that the luck of Yours Truly would be so overwhelming! Even though I didn't get to kill the ancient race tribunus and the three-headed king, who knew I could b.u.mp into a miracle instead! Seems like a man of honorable character is bound to be blessed by the Heavens into invincibility!' Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. He then began contemplating within his mind how he should obtain this Earth Spirit river.

This was the first time Lin Fan had encountered something like this, but he did not know how this thing came into formation.

That mud yellow river floated gently. A gentle mist surrounded it before slowly forming a creature out of it.

'Is that a form of self-defense?' After watching for a moment, Lin Fan realized that the Earth Spirit was creating guards for itself. Even though these guards seemed to be prowling about aimlessly, they should be protecting the Earth Spirit continuously.

'Earth celestial full cultivation state.'

'Earth celestial middle level.'

Amongst these bunch of Earth Spirits, the cultivation bases weren't weak at all. In fact, there was even an azure celestial among them.

'Holy s.h.i.t. This is a little tricky now.' Hidden there, Lin Fan realized the difficulty of this.

None of those things below were that weak at all. Even though they looked like trash, who knew how powerful they could get if they were to burst out in rage?

"Come on out, I know you've already arrived." Suddenly, a voice rang out from within the Earth Spirit river.

Lin Fan jumped in shock at the voice.


F*ck my life!

"Wait, no! Yours Truly shouldn't expose himself now! Soon, the truth of that claim would be clear!" Very quickly, Lin Fan regained his composure.

This Earth Spirit river might have already realized his presence when those fists were punching at him earlier on in the tunnel. But back then, Yours Truly wasn't in Stealth mode yet. If Lin Fan were to enter Stealth mode right now, he would definitely not be discovered!'

Without any hesitation, Lin Fan entered Stealth mode.


The guards that were produced by the Earth Spirit river howled malevolently at the tunnel hole.

On the other hand, Lin Fan was floating gently in the skies. He just had to see how this Earth Spirit river had discovered him out.

Gotta be kidding him! Now that Yours Truly was in Stealth mode and his aura was tucked in without any movements, no one should be able to find Yours Truly!

Lin Fan was filled with confidence. He refused to believe that this Earth Spirit river could have discovered him.

"Come on out, stop hiding. I've already discovered you." The Earth Spirit river spoke up once more.

'Nope, absolutely nope!' Lin Fan thought to himself as he continued floating in the skies. He refused to believe the words of this Earth Spirit river at all.

'Discovered Yours Truly? Ha! Nice lie! If he thinks that that was enough to scare Yours Truly out, he's totally underestimating Yours Truly!' Lin Fan smirked in disdain. How many times had he gone through stuff like this? There was no way he would be ousted out by the Earth Spirit river for no reason!

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