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The fists danced about wildly.

Those resolute bronze fists packed pretty strong punches of their own. Even though his own physical body state was at earth celestial lower level right now, each time Lin Fan received a blow, he could feel the blood rumbling within his body.

However, with the booster of Blood Sea and the Mythical Parasol Tree, the damage didn't amount to much.

On the other hand, Eternal Immortality was having the time of its life with the experience points.

This was a pleasure that Lin Fan had not felt for a long time now.

'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +1,000.'

Lin Fan's inner heart was howling right now. This was such a pleasurable sensation! Let this torrential storm rain down with more might!

However, the places where the fists were raining down on did seem a little wrong!

"Holy f*ck! Even my crotch? Could you guys get any more inhumane?"

"F*ck your mother! My face too! Don't you guys know how valuable Yours Truly's face is?"

Lin Fan yelled out. He was almost speechless by now in the face of these wild fists.

However, he had not expected these fists to be so useful! While there was still the sensation of pain each time they landed on his body, they didn't cause that much damage.

"Aiyo…! Gentler…gentler" Lin Fan cried out. However, there was a hidden sensation of pleasure within those cries.

'Ding…Eternal Immortality leveled up.'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality level 12.'

Finally, Eternal Immortality had leveled up! Even though his physical body state remained the same, it was still a form of improvement for Lin Fan.

At the same time, Lin Fan finally understood why there was this bunch of bones and corpses here. They must have been whacked to death by these fists.

The power carried forth by each of these punches was equivalent to that of an earth celestial middle-level being. Even an earth celestial full cultivation being wouldn't be able to withstand this dense flurry of attacks.

Thankfully, Lin Fan had Eternal Immortality. Coupled with his Blood Sea and Mythical Parasol Tree, which were practically like BUGS, these fists were nothing but experience points now.

"Hais, all of you b*stards! Can you guys whack somewhere else? Why are you bent on whacking Yours Truly's crotch? Thankfully, Yours Truly has Eternal Immortality. Otherwise, I would really be whacked impotent by you guys!" Lin Fan begrudged.

By now, Lin Fan's head did not even feel like it belonged to him, swinging left and right. Each time he wanted to turn around, some random punch would find itself slamming into his face.


Ouch, ouch. OUCHIES!

Lin Fan bared his teeth and opened his mouth, enduring these punches silently.

'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +1,000.'

"Holy f*ck! Yours Truly isn't afraid of you guys! Your punches are nothing to Yours Truly! You're all a bunch of weak wimps!" Lin Fan yelled out brazenly.

This was the moment he had to call out. After all, he had to let these guys know that it wasn't an easy task punching Yours Truly to death!

Soon enough, Lin Fan paid the price for his actions.

As though they were losing strength, the frequency of these punches began to lower and slow down.

"The f*ck? This is impossible!" Feeling the slowing down punches, Lin Fan was exasperated.

Could it be that these fists actually had a mind of their own? Did they decide to stop their a.s.sault after realizing that they couldn't kill Lin Fan?

If that were the case, then that was a no go!

The leveling of physical body state for Yours Truly depended on them! If they were to slack off, the pain that Yours Truly felt wouldn't be worth it any longer!

"Aiyo…aiyo! I can't do it anymore…!" Suddenly, Lin Fan wailed out. Opening his mouth, he sprayed out mouthfuls of fresh blood.

"S-stop it, please! I can't do this anymore! I'm going to die…!" These pitiful cries were enough to cause one's heart to wrench.

And of course, Lin Fan had unleashed his most used act: Acting pitiful/dead.

However, it was this sort of situation where he seemed to be on the brink of death which would impart confidence in the other party. And indeed, as Lin Fan has expected, those gradually slumping wild punches suddenly went berserk once more and returned to their initial speed.

It was as though they had regained some newfound confidence upon looking at the tragic state Lin Fan was in.

Bam! Bam!

As the wild fists landed on Lin Fan, blood sprayed out everywhere.

'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +1,000.'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +1,000.'

Listening to the notifications from the system, Lin Fan's heart swelled with joy, as he exclaimed within himself.

'Let the torrential rain come forth!'

Despite looking utterly wretched on the outside, Lin Fan was overflowing with joy within his heart.

'And you guys really think that you can kill me with these pitiable punches? That's unreal man! Look at how cute these fists are!' Lin Fan thought regrettably.

However, no matter how cute these punches were, each of them was experience points of their own.

Each time the punches from the walls seemed to be relenting, Lin Fan cried out pitifully again. No matter how bad it could get, he made it look that way.

It was as though these fists were addicted to Lin Fan's sorrowful wails. Each time he wailed out miserably, they punched ever more furiously.

Taking advantage of a single gap, Lin Fan tossed his head ahead. After all, it wasn't too good for his image to keep taking punches to the face no matter how pleasurable the sensation might be.

'Ding…Eternal Immortality leveled up.'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality level 13.'

'Ding…Physical Body State: Earth celestial middle level.'

Leveled up…He had finally leveled up!

Lin Fan's heart jerked with joy. To him, every single raise of his physical body state was an additional layer of a.s.surance for his safety!

"Aiyoh…! That's awesome…!" Lin Fan moaned. That moan could even cause one to blush on hearing it.

'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +600.'

Every time his physical body state leveled up, the thing that displeased Lin Fan the most was that the experience points gained would drop. But thankfully, it was still a good 600 experience points. Even though it was less than before, if he could just endure this for a while longer, leveling up was still a sure thing to happen.

But, there was a single question that had been swimming within Lin Fan's mind. How did these bronze fists appear out of the walls?

Lin Fan could sense that there was no lifeforce within these fists. Evidently, this was not a living being.

Could there have been something that was controlling these things?

And where did the other two tunnels lead to then?

These questions swirled around Lin Fan's mind continuously.

At this moment, Lin Fan had regained the same pleasure he had those years back in Saint Devil Sect when he was a mere punching bag.

The sensation of the punches landing on his face one after another.

Those notifications ringing from the system.

This was definitely the best feeling ever!

He wondered how long it had been.

'Ding…Eternal Immortality leveled up.'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality level 14.'

Leveled up! Once again, he had leveled up! This was simply awesome for Lin Fan!

Even though these experience points weren't much, they came in quick succession. He wondered how many fists landed on his body in a single second.

And every single punch was converted to experience points.

"HAHA…!" Lin Fan could not help but burst out laughing.

"Eh? Why have you guys stopped?" Lin Fan grinned for a while before realizing that the punches had stopped entirely.

"Aiyo, a while more, please! I'm about to die!" Lin Fan bawled out once more.

However, to his dismay, no matter how hard he tried, those fists never appeared again.

This was so d.a.m.n…

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