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"So ferocious…!" Lin Fan discovered that he was already covered in sand entirely.

These desolate grounds around had long been turned over by the duel of these two fellas. The dust clouds and pieces of mud that were sent flying all over the place had covered Lin Fan's body entirely.

As for Lin Fan, he just used the chance to hide himself even better while approaching ever closer.

"Three-headed king! I must definitely kill you today!" A deep, gut-wrenching wound had appeared on that pitch-black body of the ancient race tribunus. Through that wound, that foul smelling black blood was gushing out constantly.

"Ancient race! I, the three-headed king, shall devour you down today!" The three-headed king hollered, his golden pupils shining with a berserk glimmer.

Hidden somewhere nearby, Lin Fan's blood was pumping from this spectacular show.

'That's right, Big Brother three-headed king! That's the way you should slap him! Slap the living sh*t out of his body!'

'Aiyo, Big Brother ancient race tribunus! Show some fight! That punch was just so close to punching a hole through Big Brother three-headed king!'

'Holy sh*t! Fight on, boys! Punch him down! Slap him down…!'

Lin Fan laid sprawling on the ground. His fist was clenched together and waving in the air, giving his encouragement!

But no one knew who Lin Fan was really rooting for. In any case, it didn't matter to him. As long as both sides were heavily wounded, he would definitely take in the easy rewards.

But, both the ancient beasts and ancient race had an incredible innate physical body state to begin with. Coupled with the fact that both of them had the same cultivation state, this was quite the tragedy.

But, Lin Fan was appreciative of this was well. If the three-headed king's cultivation state was higher than the tribunus, then what could he even gain out of this?

The three-headed king would have swiped the tribunus to death with a single claw before devouring him and just leaving. What sh*t could Lin Fan gain from that then?

That was right. This was actually the best situation there could be. Since both of them were of equal levels, it'd be best if they could wound each other severely.

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and the minutes…

Lin Fan was getting speechless.

What the h.e.l.l! Why wasn't the victory decided yet?

Even though both sides were fraught with injuries, why wasn't there a single bit of fatigue that was being revealed? Lin Fan did not even know what to say about this anymore.

'The ancient beasts and ancient race beings simply have way too good a const.i.tution! If it were any other races, they would have long succ.u.mbed to their injuries by now, compared to these two crazy fellas whose fight has only gotten more ferocious with time. What should I do now?'

Lin Fan was now afraid of a single thing that might happen. What if both of them realized that they couldn't kill one another and decide to just insult one another before leaving?!

If that were the case, then he would truly bawl his entire eyes dry!

Lin Fan rubbed his chin, feeling as though he should be doing something to augment the liveliness of this duel.

Well, it was not that he couldn't use Biggra, right? But the problem was that both of their auras were way too strong! He definitely could not get close enough to employ Biggra on them!

What should he do?

Lin Fan was deep in his dilemma, unable to come up with a perfect solution.

Just rushing up and throwing it at them casually wouldn't be an impossible task actually. But the risk in that was pretty darn high.

But just then, something strange happened on the battlefield.

"Three-headed king! You can't do anything to me!" The ancient race tribunus was huffing heavily while glaring at the 3 headed king in rage.

"I'll definitely kill you!" The three-headed king was furious. But the tribunus was right, he did not know what he could do.

If this carried on, none of them would have the upper hand.

"The ancient race is a race that belongs to the Heaven's Will! Let me tell you, three-headed king! If you continue with this nonsense, you will only bring down calamity upon your entire race!" The ancient race tribunus wanted to stop this fight from carrying on any longer. Hence, he laid down the threat.

"You…!" All three of the three-headed king's heads seethed in fury while they were at this stalemate.

Seeing this, Lin Fan could not help but gasp in fear. No! By the looks of this, they might truly stop fighting real soon!

'No, it can't wait any longer! Time to pull off the operation! F*ck the dangers! Fortune favors the bold! At the most, I'll just be killed once and wait for revival after these two guys are gone!' After thinking for a moment, Lin Fan decided to take on the risk.

Lin Fan checked within his storage. There were innumerable Biggras within them. This should be enough!


Lin Fan hurried forth in a prostrated manner.

By now, the three-headed king and the tribunus had resumed their engagement.

However, this time around, they were no longer as ferocious as before. It was as though they were just merely exchanging blows casually.

By the time Lin Fan arrived near the two of them, both of them suddenly ceased with their attacks.

"Three-headed king, I'm done for today! But don't you worry. This seed of grudge has been sowed! I swear that the ancient race shall definitely seek to exterminate the entire three-headed king race!" The ancient race tribunus hollered cruelly.

"Hmph! You had better remember this too! The three-headed king race shall definitely hunt down the ancient race as well!" The three-headed king did not fall back either.

The three-headed king race was a bunch of carnivores. However, due to the strength of the ancient race, they had never ever touched anyone of that race. All they did were to kill all those weak beings of the other thousands of races and devour them.

However, from this day forth, a new dish would appear on the menu of the three-headed kings. And the name of that dish was the ancient race!

'Holy sh*t! They're really going to stop this! That's too scammy, isn't it? These two guys are merely big mouths!' Lin Fan felt a wave of exasperation surge over him.

But thankfully, he was prepared for this. 'Both of you boys had better continue with this fight! Otherwise, the efforts of Yours Truly today would have truly gone to waste!'

Just as the three-headed king and the ancient race tribunus were about to insult one another one last time, Lin Fan suddenly appeared.

"Biggra, go! It's time for you to unleash your potential!"

This sudden outcry caused the both of them to be stunned.


Countless of Biggras exploded into a dense mist.

Looking at the diminishing amount of mist, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. 'That's right! Suck it in! Suck it all in! The more you guys suck in, the better!'


A series of heavy huffs permeated through the skies.

Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy. It worked!

Biggra had once again performed a great feat!

Even though the scene that would happen later might be a little grotesque, in fact, some might even puke on seeing it, it was all for the sake of experience points!

As long as there were experience points, Lin Fan would enjoy even the goriest of all scenes!

The Heaven and Earth were desolate as Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin. He raised both hands and hurrahed, 'Come on! Go wild! Unleash the potential within your bodies! Let the ground know of your existences!"

Lin Fan looked forth, overwhelmed with elation. However, his voice came to a still suddenly.

He had noticed something wrong.

Four pairs of eyes were glaring at him at this moment.

Feeling the gazes of these Four pairs of eyes, Lin Fan felt something amiss as his a.n.u.s tightened.

"W-what are you guys looking at me for? This is between the both of you…!" Lin Fan gulped. A gush of cold air rose from his feet, chilling straight into his heart.


That heavy huffing boomed out through the world.

Those steaming breaths were sprayed out across the world as well.

"I WANT HIS FRONT HOLE…!" The three-headed king could only feel his entire body burning up right now. His sense of hatred had already long been consumed by these carnal instincts.

"I'LL TAKE THE HOLE AT HIS BACK…!" The ancient race tribunus hollered out hoa.r.s.ely.

Upon hearing the words of these guys, Lin Fan covered his mouth and a.n.u.s instinctively. He could feel the penetrative powers of these four gazes!

"N-NO! THIS ISN'T THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO PLAY OUT…! HELP…!" Clenching his a.n.u.s, Lin Fan started sprinting off before even turning his head back.

"STOP RIGHT THERE…! I NEED A RELEASE…!" Both the tribunus and the three-headed king howled as they gave chase.

"NOOOOOO! HELP ME…!!! I'LL NEVER USE BIGGRA AGAIN…!" Lin Fan screamed out to the Heaven and Earth.

This wasn't the way the script should play out!

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