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"Hey, you lot, are you insulting my students?"Lin Fan put down his utensils and glanced over at them.

Trying to act superior in front of yours truly, that won't do.

Although the thirteen students were idiots right now, with an honorable and sacred teacher like himself, did they really think they would remain nameless?

"What, you have a problem with that?"A teacher sitting in front of Liu Qingfeng said in an arrogant tone. Lin Fan glanced at him, also a level five postcelestial. His presence was violent, and it seemed that he trained in those violent types of martial skills.

"Teacher Hu, calm down. This is a new teacher of D cla.s.s, and probably doesn't know the rules here yet." Liu Qingfeng said with a smile.

In this world, the strong ate the weak and power was respected. Particularly in the Sky Heaven School, the strong had a total say. Although the D cla.s.s existed in the Sky Heaven School, in these teacher's eyes, they essentially didn't exist.

The amount of students that came daily were only about half, and it was basically a forsaken grade.

The main reason it was created was because the founder had proposed not giving up on anyone. Even if the person had no talent, as long as they were willing to stay on the path of martial arts, they would do everything possible to ensure they received the best guidance. The current school's princ.i.p.al still adhered to the founder's policy, but just didn't enforce it anymore.

"Rules?Hehe, I really don't know them. But, insulting my students means insulting me, and I am not a very forgiving person." Lin Fan laughed dryly.

"Teacher Lin, if you aren't satisfied, we can have a match on the school's fighting stage. There's no point in arguing about it here." Liu Qingfeng said with a smile. The fighting stage was built for the reason of settling disputes within the Sky Heaven School. It was a place decided by strength.

Private conflicts were prohibited within the school. But naturally, the fighting stage was still used for private conflicts between teachers and students.

After the school was divided into the four grades of A, B, C, and D, conflicts between teachers lessened, but conflicts between students were still common.

"Alright, meet me in the fighting stage in the afternoon. Of course, not just you, you three too… in the afternoon, you all will end up like this table." Lin Fan lightly tapped the table.

Deflowering Finger instantly activated and true energy surged into the table.

Lin Fan rose, then left without looking back. In the afternoon, he would give his thirteen students their second lesson.

Liu Qingfeng watched Lin Fan left and snorted in disdain.

"Alright, a mere D cla.s.s teacher dares to act this arrogant. I want to see if he will dare to face us in the ring in the afternoon." Liu Qingfeng said.

"A mere clown. A person like him teaching D cla.s.s, they will never amount much."

"Rather than amount much, they won't even cause a ripple. The students of D cla.s.s have mediocre talent, they can't even reach precelestial. What use do they have?"

"Enough, there's no point in continuing, it will just ruin our mood. Let's just continue our conversation."



Just as Liu Qingfeng and the rest were about to continue their conversation, the iron table suddenly cracked and turned into ashes.

"This…" Liu Qingfeng and the rest froze, not believing the spectacle in front of them. Lin Fan had exited the dining hall with a small smile. Deflowering Finger wasn't really elegant, but in terms of destructive power, it was Lin Fan's current strongest martial skill.


The students Lin Fan were teaching had long arrived at the cla.s.sroom, and had changed greatly now. Earlier when they came to school, the atmosphere about them was dead. But now, each one of their faces was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with indomitable vigor and spirit.

Currently, the thirteen students were bruised, as if they had just been beaten up, but their pain only made them even more vigorous.

"Today I went to C-6 Cla.s.s and told them about not looking down on the poor youths. I said I will reattain my dignity one day. Although they beat me, I didn't feel any pain. I felt like I had regained the confidence I had long lost." Zhu Di said excitedly.

"Me too, although the guy was stronger than me, I believe I will definitely become stronger under teacher's guidance." Cao Fu Shu said and clenched his fist.

"I was also beaten up, but when I went back for lunch and told my parents that I would work hard, they become moved and told me to do my best."

"Teacher for a day but father for life. I will work hard, I won't let Teacher Lin down."

"Alright, everyone do their best, we must prove ourselves."

Lin Fan walked into the cla.s.sroom, and after seeing the excited students, he felt a bit curious.

"What happened to you all?"

The students looked at each other and then stood up respectfully, "Teacher, we will work hard and will not let you down."

Lin Fan froze, then smiled slightly. Seeing the students having such confidence in him was very gratifying. But just confidence alone wasn't enough, qualifications decided all. They weren't even mediocre level, and even if they tried as hard as they could, it wouldn't do any good.

It seemed he was needed, and he must use his n.o.ble light to lead this group of lost sheep to the top of life. Lin fan was very confident for the time being.

Before he would ransack the four families and imperial city, it seemed he would need to properly train this group. As a role model, he must do his very best.

"Alright, since you all have such confidence, I am very pleased. Everyone follow me now, I will give you the second lesson for the day, that is squashing." Lin Fan said.

The thirteen students looked at their teacher, puzzled. Squashing? What is that? What is teacher trying to teach?

The thirteen students followed behind him. They were very curious, just what was teacher trying to teach them.

Currently, many people were gathered around the fighting stage.

Student and teachers from all four grades stood there, and were extremely curious towards the fight between teachers. After all, the fighting stage hadn't been used for a long time.

Birds of a feather flock together. Everyone was standing in groups. Accordingly, students and teachers of A, B, C, and D all stood with their respective grades. They didn't interact much with people outside their own grades, and thus, conflict was rare.

Even if there were fights, students would deal with them privately. As for the teachers, they were more mature, so they wouldn't openly pick a fight with people stronger than them.

This time, they heard a mere D cla.s.s teacher had dared to challenge four different teachers of B cla.s.s all at once. This made them wonder if that D cla.s.s teacher had perhaps lost his mind.

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