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Given the current situation, danger lied in all directions. One misstep and they could easily be chopped down.

With a single move, this desolate celestial ancient race being could easily slice him up into 7-8 pieces. But of course, if he wanted to kill Lin Fan, that would be another story to tell altogether.

Blood Sea's rebirth through blood was no joke. As long as one had a single drop of blood coupled with enough lifeforce, one could revive indefinitely.

While the Mythical Parasol Tree had yet to reach a state of maturity, the lifeforce provided by it was more than enough for Lin Fan to revive a couple of times.

"Brother Lin, what are you trying to do?" Xia Zehua could not help but ask nervously upon noticing that something was off with Lin Fan.

"Brother Lin, don't tell me that you're harboring thoughts of saving them! That's plain suicide…!"

"Brother Xia, let me ask you this. The ancient race tribesmen possess an innate aura that suppresses ancient beasts. Does this mean that ALL ancient beasts would never ever attack any ancient race tribesmen?" Lin Fan asked.

"Not really. If it were an extremely high leveled beast, the suppression of the ancient race tribesmen's innate aura would cease to work. Why do you ask that? Is there any issue?" Xia Zehua answered.

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart on hearing that. If that were the case, then everything would be dandy.

If he didn't clarify this earlier on and things got messy later on, that would be extremely tragic.

"Brother Lin, just what is it that you're trying to do? Just listen to my advice, please. Don't be rash!" Xia Zehua continued.

Lin Fan tossed his hand and tilted his head up righteously, "Brother Xia, you do not have to say anything more about this issue. Ever since man was born, they were destined to die. But let me retain a loyal heart shining in the pages of history. Now that these people are in dire need of help, let me be the one to a.s.sist them!"

"Brother Lin, why can't I understand anything you're talking about? What's this thing about a loyal heart and history and all?" Xia Zehua replied hurriedly.

The only path forth was a path of suicide!

Just then, Mu Liang, who had lowered his head while being deep in thought, reared his head suddenly. His face was righteous, "Leader, I can understand what Big Brother Lin is trying to say! Big Brother Lin, you're right! I'll follow you!"

"Alright, alright. Don't just join in the fun for fun. I've just thought up of a good plan. All of you guys just stay here obediently." Lin Fan did not want to continue the conversation with these clowns.

No matter how much more he said, it would only fall upon deaf ears. If he continued wasting time here, he didn't know if those people could continue holding on much longer.

"Alright, just stop talking and listen to my orders." Lin Fan waved down his hand. Noticing that something was off ahead, he darted forth immediately.

"Big Brother Lin…!"

"Brother Lin…!"

On the battlefield, Bai Yichen was filled with wounds right now. But with his nimble steps, he had managed to dodge a few fatal strikes.

In a duel between an azure celestial full cultivation being and a desolate celestial lower level being, it was already to Bai Yichen's credit to be able to hold on for this long.

Members of the Sword race were ferocious in their attacks but weak in their defenses. The only reason why Bai Yichen was still holding on against this desolate celestial was because he had successfully combined the art of his attacks and defence together.

But even then, the situation was critical right now.

"Bai Yichen, the only fate that awaits you for going against the ancient race is death!" The desolate celestial laughed at the heavily wounded Bai Yichen.

Bai Yichen glared at this ancient race tribunus icily, "Hmph, even if you were to kill me, there are millions of our comrades who will fight the ancient race to the very end!"

All the other races beings who had followed Bai Yichen here were being suppressed by the rest of the ancient race tribesmen by now. Those ascended beings that were trapped in the cages had lost every single last bit of hope. Everything was over; there was no way out of this.

They had finally understood the situation.

Back in their Lower Worlds, they were powerful beings who had ruled over their worlds. But upon ascension, they finally realized that this was only the beginning of the nightmares.

"Bai Yichen! I shall hang your bodies in the base of the ancient race so that everyone shall know the consequences of messing with the ancient race!" The ancient race tribunus's eyes sparkled. Like a typhoon, his aura suddenly rose and coiled around the surroundings.

Bai Yichen was struggling to hold on. Even though he knew that the only thing awaiting him was death, he wasn't afraid. He was going to fight until his very last drop of blood.


Suddenly, Lin Fan appeared in the distance and rushed forth towards the ancient race tribunus.

Lin Fan was carrying the body of the three-headed king. Right now, he was entrusting all of his hope on this. Whether or not everything succeeded would depend on this right now.

"Huh?" Looking at someone new arriving, the ancient race tribunus was bewildered. He wondered what this fella was up to. Was this one of Bai Yichen's accomplices?

But that didn't really matter. Whether or not he was an accomplice, as long as he came further, the only outcome awaiting him was death as well.

Bai Yichen looked at the figure that was heading over in utter confusion. Who in the world was this?

"Who are you?" The ancient race tribunus asked cryptically.

Lin Fan looked over to the distance. Everything seemed calm between the Heaven and Earth, without any commotion. With that, he couldn't help but feel slightly worried. Was everything that had been said about the bloodline of the ancient race n.o.bles just a rumor?

But at this critical juncture, he had to maintain his composure and not waver.

"Oh, I'm a cook." Lin Fan replied calmly. However, his attention was on the distant skies.

"Cook?" The ancient race tribunus was utterly confused. What in the world did this guy mean?

"That's right! I've noticed that you guys seem hungry! Hence, I've prepared some food for you guys!" Lin Fan tossed the corpse of the three-headed king over to the tribunus.


Landing on the ground, the gigantic body of the three-headed king fell with a loud thud.

The tribunus eyed the body beast's body before eyeing Lin Fan sternly and asking, "Just who are you?"

Looking when the tribunus seemed ready to strike at any moment, Lin Fan replied hurriedly, "I-I'm a young youth who utterly respects the ancient race! My greatest wish is to join the ancient race as one of your tribesmen so that I can be someone as esteemed such as yourself!!!"

Lin Fan was getting nervous in his heart. 'The three-headed king's old daddy or mummy! Someone! Anyone! Please come!'

"HAHAHAHA…!" Upon hearing these words, the tribunus burst out into wild laughter.

"TRAITOR…!" Looking at Lin Fan, Bai Yichen's face was filled with fury.

He had not expected to find someone here betraying them all of a sudden and siding with the ancient race!

"A wise man knows his circ.u.mstances! Look at this imposing and great ancient race lord who holds such charm! What dazzling brilliance he possesses…!" Lin Fan had to endure his vomit while spouting such cringe-inducing words. However, it was all for the sake of saving these guys!

"HAHAHA…! Good! Go on, carry on…!" This was the first time this tribunus had heard someone commenting himself as such. Therefore, his heart was overwhelmed with joy, "Say more and I will definitely take you under my wing!"

Just then, the skies in the distance began to darken gradually. A loud sound surged over as though many wild beasts were running rampant.

"WHO IS IT…? WHO WAS THE ONE WHO HAS KILLED MY SON?" Suddenly, a colossal figure descended from the skies. A gigantic three-headed king who was around few thousand feet tall appeared right before Lin Fan.

This towering figure caused Lin Fan to freeze up at the spot as well.


"WHO WAS THE ONE WHO HAS KILLED MY CHILD…?" The three-headed king howled out furiously once more.

"IT'S HIM! THIS ANCIENT RACE BEING IS THE ONE WHO HAD KILLED YOUR SON!" Suddenly, Lin Fan pointed his finger at the tribunus and screamed out.

"HUH?" All six gigantic golden pupils of the three-headed king were fixated on this human right now.

"Oh great three-headed king lord, I have come forth with all these comrades from different races to seek vengeance for your son! This ancient race is darned vile! To think that they would chop off all three heads of your son! In fact, they were about to barbeque the body of your son before eating it up! That final cry that your son gave off as he died was unbearable to watch! In fact, all of our hearts shattered at that very moment!!!" Lin Fan wiped off beads of br.i.m.m.i.n.g tears from the edge of his eyes as he explained sorrowfully.

"YOU…!" The ancient race tribunus's face changed as he watched this guy who had just praised him to the Heavens change sides almost immediately.

"NO! Don't you try to deny! NO! Great three-headed king lord! This G.o.dd.a.m.ned ancient race is really worse than any beast out there! He said that your son is not the only thing he wants to eat up! He even said that he would consume your aging mother and father! In fact, he even wanted to send his ancient race soldiers to ravage that beautiful wife of yours…"

"ENOUGH…!" The three-headed king hollered out in rage. By now, those golden pupils were burning with a raging fire.


"This is a misunderstanding…!" The face of the tribunus was completely stumped right now. Since when had he killed the other party's son?!

But it was all too late. The three-headed king's claws had already struck out…

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