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But of course, this wasn't the time to be overly indulging in his own perfection in acting skills, now that there were so many people watching him, coupled with the fact that his body was pierced by the claw of the three-headed king.

One must first and foremost take utmost care of their image.

Drip. Drip.

Being pierced dangling in the air by the claw and watching his own blood dripping down, Lin Fan could not help but sigh.

"This Blood Sea is truly incredible. Coupled with the Mythical Parasol Tree, this is just an existence that defies all rules of the Heavens. It's rare for someone to still be alive if they were in my current state." Lin Fan grabbed those razor sharp claws and used his strength to pull his own body out of it.

"Holy sh*t! That stings!" Lin Fan struggled for quite a while. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't pull himself out! Just what sort of a magnetic pull did the claws of the three-headed king possess? To think that Yours Truly was even using all the strength he had gained from sucking the milk of his mother's t*ts!

Looking at the three slumped heads of the three-headed king, Lin Fan knew that sh*t would hit the roof if these three were to wake up.

"Oi, oi…! Come and help pull me out of this, guys!" Lin Fan called out to all the dumbstruck people far in the distance.

He had been trying his best, but he just couldn't get himself out of this mess. The true tragedy would really ensue the moment this three-headed king woke up!

The righteous party had long been petrified by now.

Their hearts felt as though they had just gone through a rollercoaster ride. Up and down, up and down, it was an immense ride of incomparable excitement.

Initially, all of them had thought that Lin Fan was dead for sure! After all, he had received such serious wounds, so how could he still be alive? But the scene that followed truly had them dropping their jaws and exclaiming wildly about the wonders of life!

"What are you guys s.p.a.cing out for…? Come and help me out!" Lin Fan called out to them once more.

"Big Brother Lin, I'm coming…!" Mu Liang was the first to jerk out of his stupor. He then darted out towards Lin Fan. The speed at which he did so could be considered astonishing.

"Brother Lin, we're all coming…!" Xia Zehua turned into a light streak and dashed over as well.

"Alright, on my orders!"


"PULL…!" With people pulling on all four of his limbs, everyone tugged with all their strength.


Blood gushed out like a fountain. Just a single look at this sight could totally cause one's heart to swoop in fear.

"Aiyo…!" Lin Fan clutched at his chest, sensing this numbing pain.

Even though he wasn't dead, the pain was every single bit real.

"Brother Lin, just what in the world is going on…?" Mu Liang asked in bewilderment. To think that his mental fort.i.tude could still be so strong after being pierced by the claws of that three-headed king. Wasn't that beyond amazing?

Lin Fan looked at Mu Liang and grinned.

This was practically nothing. If Lin Fan were to tell him that he could revive from even a single drop of blood, all of them would practically be shocked to death by Yours Truly!

"Let's not talk about this first. All of you stand back. The three-headed king isn't dead yet. I'm going to take him down first." Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively.

The moment all of them from the righteous party heard that the three-headed king wasn't dead yet, their hearts took yet another leap. They had initially thought that the three-headed king had already been taken down! To think…!

Lin Fan churned his Blood Sea. At the same time, the Mythical Parasol Tree within his body was emanating a boundless amount of lifeforce, regenerating his wounds.

That single claw by the three-headed king had given his Eternal Immortality a huge chunk of experience points. This could be considered to be equal parts misfortune and fortune.

Everything was worthwhile now.

Lin Fan kicked at the three-headed king, "Yours Truly has already told you, three-headed weirdo! Stay humble! But you just refused to listen! See, do you believe how strong Yours Truly is now?"

"Do you really think that Yours Truly couldn't take you down? Yours Truly was just messing around with you!"

Now that he had recovered, of course, Lin Fan would not forget about his acting sprees. After all, the three-headed king has long lost his consciousness. No matter how Lin Fan kicked at him, he wouldn't cry out at all.

But, this low profile act by Lin Fan caused a huge amount of stirring in the hearts of the righteous party members.

"Big Brother Lin is exceptional indeed! Look at that calm grace that's emanating from him! One can hardly ever get that in this world, man!" Mu Liang praised.

"I've really got to admit that I'm not as strong as Brother Lin. The three-headed king is of a n.o.ble descent amongst the ancient beasts, and is extremely ferocious! To think that it was rendered totally useless in the hands of Brother Lin." Xia Zehua commented.

Listening to these compliments from everyone around him, Lin Fan's heart was blossoming. This was the type of effect he had wanted.

If one didn't live life just to bullsh*t, what else should one live life for?

But looking at the situation now, it was time to take in the three-headed king.

Looking at the three heads of the three-headed king, Lin Fan then headed over to pick up his Eternal Axe. Lin Fan should probably be the only person in this world who could throw around a legendary weapon just like that.

This Eternal Axe was really way too hideous looking. None of them could tell that this was a legendary weapon that Lin Fan was wielding.

Otherwise, if they knew that Lin Fan had casually tossed away a legendary weapon as though it was free, they would have definitely spat out a mouthful of old blood.

"Now, now, three-headed weirdo, you've got to understand that Yours Truly has got no other choice but to kill you. It's really tough for me to live in this Ancient Saint World as a lone human, you know? If I don't work hard at increasing my own strength, who knows when I would be chopped down by someone, one fine day? When Yours Truly becomes the utmost being of this world one day, I'll make sure to take good care of your kind." Before killing this beast, Lin Fan stood before the three-headed king and made a slight prayer.



Three gigantic heads flew up spiraling into the skies like a beautiful stream of fireworks before gradually landing onto the ground. And just like that, the high and mighty three-headed king of a n.o.ble descent died without even knowing how it died.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Ancient beast n.o.ble 3 headed king.'

'Ding…Experience points +20,000.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining three-headed king Bloodline.'

'Three-Headed King Bloodline: n.o.ble amongst the Ancient Beasts, this Bloodline is extremely pure. Able to be used for Pill Cultivation, Consumption, or Infusion within the Demon City.'

Lin Fan was surprised. To think that he would obtain a free bloodline out of killing an ancient beast n.o.ble! This was amazing.


Lin Fan tossed the three-headed king's bloodline within the Demon City.

Just then, the lifeless pupils of the big ancient demon within the Demon City sparkled with a glimmer. Opening its big mouth, it swallowed the entire bloodline whole into its tummy.

Suddenly, the Demon City underwent a change. The aura of the big ancient demon began to emit out gradually, encompa.s.sing the entire Demon City completely.

This phenomenon had Lin Fan stumped for a moment. Could it be that the fastest way for the Demon City to break out of its semi-finished, pseudo-legendary weapon state was by consuming the bloodlines of the ancient beast n.o.bles?

Upon understanding this fact, Lin Fan was filled with even more confidence.

The entire Demon City was based on the big ancient demon's body as a foundation. Therefore, if it wanted to break through to turn into a true legendary weapon, it would have to cause the bloodline of the big ancient demon to be activated entirely.

And with the current situation, it did seem like the bloodline of these ancient beast n.o.bles could work to activate the bloodline of the big ancient demon! Seemed like he would have to start gathering more of these bloodlines in the future.

For the sake of turning stronger, Lin Fan was willing to endure this arduous task.

"Not good…!" Suddenly, Xia Zehua exclaimed in shock.

"What's wrong?" Lin Fan was startled, not knowing what had just happened.

"Brother Lin, we've got to go! This three-headed king is of n.o.ble descent, and their bloodlines are interconnected! Now that it's dead, all members of its kind must be able to sense it as well. If we continue staying here, we'll definitely be in danger!" Xia Zehua explained.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's scram!" Lin Fan sprinted off without hesitation.

Holy sh*t! Gotta be sh*tting him! This three-headed king alone was so d.a.m.n strong! Who knew how much stronger his fellow n.o.bles would be?

What if his dear wife, daddy or mommy came rampaging over? What would they do then?

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