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Within a towering building that stood tall within the base of the ancient race was a patch of darkness within. A few green flames floated around gently with a ghastly glow, allowing that bit of light to permeate through the dark building.

However, compared to the surrounding darkness, it was still ever so minuscule…

Lying on a circular crystal bed, a pair of blue eyes were ever so dazzling in this darkness.

A luxurious pitch-black fur coat was draped on the Marquis of Despair's body.

At this moment, the Marquis of Despair was extremely silent. Those eyes were still as water, without any presence within them.

Looking at those green flames, the Marquis of Despair lifted his hand gently, as though he was chasing after them. However, those layers of darkness were preventing him from going forth, as everything descended gently.


Repressing Silence.

There was not a single peep of sound within…

"Xiguang…" Suddenly, an authoritative voice boomed out from the darkness. A strain of fear appeared on that cute little face of the Marquis of Despair momentarily. However, it disappeared without a trace in the next instance.

"King…" the Marquis of Despair knelt down on his spot. With the pitch-black coat draped over his body, his figure appeared even more minuscule.

Within that darkness, a pair of purple demonic eyes appeared. Under the gaze of these sinister eyes, no one would dare to face it directly. No matter who it was, they would have to lower their heads against it.

Those purple and demonic eyes started to shine with a glimmer.


The Marquis of Despair's body shivered as a tragic cry burst out of his mouth. Streams of black Qi began to emanate out from the Marquis of Despair's body and flowed towards those eyes.

The Marquis of Despair laid prostrating on the ground with his head lowered. This was a pain he would have to endure once per month.

After some time, those eyes gradually disappeared back within the void.

The Marquis of Despair collapsed onto the ground, huffing heavily. He had undergone that torment for quite some time now.

"Little Guang…" A voice rang over from a corner in the darkness. This voice was different; it carried with it a tone of concern.

"Don't come over…!" The Marquis of Despair hollered icily. He then struggled to stand up. That tender little face of his was filled with a firm resolution.

"Long Xuan, I do not need your crocodile tears. I am the Marquis of Despair Xiguang. You can take back that sympathetic gaze of yours! Remember, you are nothing but a carrier. You have no rights to be involved in my affairs!" That stumpy little the Marquis of Despair gripped his tiny fists tightly. Turning around, he walked back into his darkness, dragging his robes with him.

"Little Guang…" A sigh came out through the darkness…

Lin Fan and Xia Zehua left those treacherous grounds with the others, rampaging along the way. Now that Xu Wuxin and the other soldiers had died there, the ancient race base must be really riled up by now.

For safety precautions, they had better find a place to hide away for the time being.

Lin Fan now had the ability to protect himself. Even though an azure celestial wasn't the strongest there was to be, it was enough for him to ensure his own life. As for those stronger beings within the ancient race, Lin Fan would not be foolish enough to pick a fight with them for no reason.

If they were so easily taken down, the ancient race empire would have long been overturned. How could it be still standing here, waiting for him till this moment?

And indeed, after he had taken down Xu Wuxin and the other soldiers, his name did receive quite the booster in the rankings list.

But Lin Fan was far from satisfied with these rankings.

Just one look at it and Lin Fan was numbered amongst tens of millions right now. To him, there was still a long way to go from here. It wouldn't satisfy him till he was number one on the ranking boards.

Even though the higher up a fugitive's name was on the ranking boards, the more danger he would be in, what could one do? One couldn't possibly shy away just because of that danger.

One fine day, Lin Fan must have his name spread out across the entire Ancient Saint World. All of the ancient race beings must know to fear him while all of the thousands of other races would come to revere his name!

"Woah…! Big Brother Lin! Your ranking seems to have jumped up once more!" Mu Liang was really engrossed within the ranking boards. Keying in Lin Fan's name, he was stunned immediately. At the same time, he was quite envious. He wondered when he could become as strong as Big Brother Lin.

"Humble…humble please." Lin Fan replied calmly, but he was unable to hide the look of glee on his face. For someone as powerful as Yours Truly, could this measly ranking serve to satiate him?

"Brother Lin, what should our next step be?" Xia Zehua asked.

He had witnessed Lin Fan's strength for himself during that battle. At the same time, he was now really hopeful about the future of the righteous party.

Lin Fan sighed with exasperation in his heart. He wanted to say, 'Broooooo… you're the leader, you know?'

But at the same time, he knew that Xia Zehua was just going to be that sort of a person. Hence, he did not say anything of the sorts.

"It's getting late. Let's rest for a while first. After all, we still have quite some duration before the ascension date. We'll use the remaining time to try hiding under the radar while we train up." Lin Fan commented.

"Not bad! This is a well-thought idea! This time around, we must definitely rescue all those who have ascended!" Xia Zehua replied with respect.

Lin Fan sighed once more. He could not help but admire this simple intellect level of Xia Zehua.

As night came by, everyone entered their own slumber…

Lin Fan looked up at the vast skies and entered the darkness of the woods. He couldn't relax, even at this juncture. He had to seize every opportunity to train up properly and raise his power level to the peak. That was the only time when he would finally be qualified to relax and take a break.

Otherwise, with his current strength, things would be difficult. Not only could he not continue with his bullsh*t all the time, his show might go the wrong way at any moment as well.


Once more, a beast was chopped into two by Lin Fan.

Looking at the experience points, Lin Fan could not help but frown. This was simply way too little! It was so little that it was scary!

How nice would it be if the strongest BUFF could last for just that much longer? But, it was a pity that that was impossible.

Lin Fan flicked his robes, taking in all of the Demonic Qi around him.

No matter how weak the Qi was, an acc.u.mulation of all the weak Qi would have its own use as well.

Beasts here were especially active when night came.

This area wasn't comparable to the boundary zones. In fact, there could be those high leveled beasts that Lin Fan was direly antic.i.p.ating.


Just as Lin Fan was about to tread deeper, he was attracted by a roar and hastened his footsteps.

This roar was extraordinary, and there was a repressing feeling about it.

'Ancient Beast: Three-Headed King. Azure celestial middle level.'

'AIYO! HOLY SH*T! To think that it's really a huge BOSS!' Looking at this beast, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. To think that he could b.u.mp into a beast that had a cultivation state even higher than his own right now! This was naturally something that was exciting!

This beast was deep in its slumber at the moment. That roar earlier on was just its breathing.

Every single breath was like thunder on its own.

This was really quite a sight to behold.

Lin Fan rubbed his chin, wondering what he should do. Should he use his Eternal Axe and rush up to kill it, or should he try to sneak an attack in?

This was a question worth considering.

Lin Fan took out his Nine Five Legendary Brick and entered Stealth mode, making his way around the beast sneakily.

After all, it was late in the night now, and the beast was enjoying its sleep. How rude of Lin Fan would it be if he accidentally disturbed this beast's peaceful slumber?

Tiptoeing, he trod with extreme care, as though he was about to do something bad.


Three gigantic heads laid on the ground. Each time they breathed, they would huff out steamy puffs of hot air. The stench was absolutely unbearable.

'b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! This stinks like sh*t! But for the sake of the experience points, Yours Truly shall bear with it!' Lin Fan did not know if he would be discovered this time around.

But, just as Lin Fan approached closer to the Three-headed king, he was suddenly stumped.

Wait a minute. There were three heads here!

Which one should he knock?!

This was the first time that Lin Fan did not know which head he should knock!

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