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The righteous party was entirely dumbfounded right now. They had not expected things to turn out as such! What was that move just now? How did the landing of two punches on one's chest cause such a devastating impact?

"What are you doing?" Duan Meng asked Mu Liang.

"Does it hurt?" Mu Liang's fists were on Duan Meng's nipples right now as he looked up and asked in antic.i.p.ation.

"What do you think?"

Xu Wuxin was grasping at his chest and howling up to the Heavens. He could not believe that he would lose, but that pain was irresistibly horrible! Too painful! TOO PAINFUL!

It was so painful that he was almost breaking down right now!

Lin Fan came before Xu Wuxin. To him, this was just a huge chunk of experience points.

Azure celestial lower level. Just how much experience points was this worth? Especially now that he still had some time left on this strongest BUFF, just how much could he actually gain from this?

This was Lin Fan's most antic.i.p.ated event right now.

As long as there were experience points, there was nothing in this world he couldn't achieve.

No matter how strong the opponent might be, all of them could just hold on to their regrets and perish before him.

"I AM…XU WUXIN FROM THE…VOID WORLD! YOU…CAN'T…!" Xu Wuxin was finding it difficult to speak right now. The pain was gnawing at his heart consistently. In fact, even just the mere act of breathing brought pain along with it.

With the Eternal Axe slung on his shoulders, Lin Fan looked at this Xu Wuxin, who was fully consumed by torment. He sn.i.g.g.e.red and used his hands to try to figure something out, "Hmm, should I start chopping you down from the left or the right side later? This is a really problematic issue to deal with."

"YOU…!" Xu Wuxin wanted to resist. He wanted to bring Lin Fan down with him even if he had to die. However, these were still nothing but mere thoughts at the end of the day. After all, the pain right now was so overwhelming that he couldn't even move a single finger, let alone do anything more.

"Big Brother Lin, kill him! Sc.u.m like him should die!" Mu Liang called out.

"That's right. Lowlifes like him deserve nothing but death!" All the other party members agreed. There was nothing pitiable about someone like this.

"HAHAHA…! All of you guys want me dead! But to me, you're all nothing but ants! So what if it's the Void World? So what if it's the thousands of worlds out there? All of this is just a dream and nothing else! Ever since I, Xu Wuxin, decided to tread on this path, I never regretted my decision! Even if you kill me, your lives won't get any better!"

"The might of the ancient race isn't something that you guys can imagine! How many people have tried overturning the ancient race over the tens of thousands of years? But what was the eventual outcome? Since you know that resistance is futile, you might as well submit! All you guys are doing is pushing everyone into an empty and endless abyss of doom!"

Xu Wuxin was laughing at this moment with a strange glint in his eyes. To think that he could manage to spout out all these words while enduring the pain!

Lin Fan was thoroughly impressed by that. But he did not know what this guy's intents were. Since he wasn't afraid of death, why would he side with the ancient race then?


The axe shimmered under the glow of the moonlight. As the sharp blade of the Eternal Axe tore the void, ripples began to appear.

Whether or not this guy was afraid of death, he had to die today.

There was a huge chunk of experience points right here! Lin Fan must definitely not miss it!

Looking at the blade of the axe, Xu Wuxin's heart skipped a beat.


Suddenly, Lin Fan's face changed.

"SPARE ME, SIR…!" Suddenly, that Xu Wuxin who was seemingly fearless about death dropped to his knees and began begging while clutching at his chest.

"Eh…?" Lin Fan was stunned. He retracted every single thought he had in his heart. That was just all a bunch of hogwash! Everything that Xu Wuxin had said earlier was representative of his boldness towards his incoming death!

But…wasn't this too quick of a change?!



Right now, Lin Fan was extremely pleased. This was the Xu Wuxin he knew earlier on! This was the Xu Wuxin who would backstab his own father and the entire race for the sake of his own survival! This was the sort of degenerate he was!

And of course, Lin Fan would never ever be merciful to degenerates.


Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that the time remaining on his strongest BUFF was about to vanish! He focused his gaze.



'Ding…Strongest BUFF has expired.'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Azure celestial lower level being Xu Wuxin.'

'Ding…Experience points +50,000.'

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding…Would you like to entrust your consciousness to the void to attain Azure celestial state?'

'Ding…Entrust consciousness to the void? Who the f*ck cares? Slowly do it manually? F*ck that! Forcefully level up!'

'Ding…Azure celestial lower level cultivation state.'

Lin Fan listened to the notifications. He was long used to these self-replying speeches of the system by now. But honestly, Lin Fan did feel a consciousness latching on to his body from the void. But, this was severed forcefully by the system.

In the Ancient Saint World, if anyone wanted to attain an azure celestial cultivation state, they would have to entrust their consciousness to the void. From there, they would reserve a memorial tablet before they could attain their azure celestial cultivation states.

But with the help of the system, Lin Fan could just sever that forcefully and bypa.s.s the entire process to be an azure celestial without entrusting anything to the void.


Suddenly, a ma.s.sive aura erupted out from Lin Fan.

Xia Zehua's face changed. He was knocked tens of feet by the vigorous aura!

"This aura…!" Xia Zehua had not expected his Brother Lin to breakthrough his cultivation state at this moment!

"Aiyo…!" As for Mu Liang and the others who were of even weaker cultivation states, they were sent flying all over the place by this powerful gust of aura. Some of them were even rolling all over the ground.


Lin Fan closed his eyes. Right now, he could sense his consciousness being able to transmit through the boundless void with absolute freedom. Within the boundless void, he could sense the various other memorial tablets that laid floating in the skies, emitting mysterious auras of their own.

At the same time, a limitless and humongous amount of energy surged through his body.

This was the power of an azure celestial.

Lin Fan waved out his finger.

The void tore apart as the energy flow from within rippled out.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin. He could finally tear through the void of this Ancient Saint World now.

This was a huge leap of improvement for Lin Fan.

Opening his eyes, a sharp gleam burst out before gradually culminating back within him.

'Demon City, absorb!'

Lin Fan did not know when the Demon City would finally grow further. However, this Demon City was a legendary weapon. Therefore, the amount of Demonic Qi that it required as definitely ma.s.sive. But, Lin Fan wasn't worried about this.

After all, there were many ancient beasts and ancient race tribesmen around the entire place. With this amount of resources, it was only a matter of time before the Demon City broke through to turn into a true legendary weapon.

However, the only regret Lin Fan had right now was that he hadn't fully utilized his strongest BUFF carefully.

But of course, one must not be too greedy. He had already broken through a few cultivation states with the BUFF alone. He should be satisfied with this.

Given his rate of leveling up, one could already profess him to be rocketing into the moons. After all, it took Xia Zehua and the others an extremely long time before they could even get to where they were right now. For him to overtake them in just a matter of days, what more could he ask for?

"Big Brother Lin! You're simply way too awesome!" Mu Liang's eyes were like little stars sparkling in the skies right now, filled with reverence.

"Brother Lin, to think that your innate potential is this strong! Levelling up after just that battle alone! That's some frightening potential you've got there!" Xia Zehua exclaimed in awe.

"Haha, humble, please… Humble…" Lin Fan waved his hands casually. "These are not worth a mention."

"Graceful! See that, guys? That's called grace! Look at the sort of grace that my Big Brother Lin carries with him! Look at the amount of humility he's got…!" Mu Liang stood beside Lin Fan and started exclaiming.

"Bootlicker…!" Duan Meng tossed Mu Liang a glance.

"Hmph…! I don't mix around with people who have low rankings!" Mu Liang snorted.

Looking at the both of them, Lin Fan broke into a smile helplessly.

"Brother Lin, now that these ancient race tribesmen have died here, they must have already sensed it from their end. In light of our safety, let's leave this place immediately." Xia Zehua commented.

"Alright." Lin Fan nodded his head.

He wondered how much his rankings had risen now that he had killed Xu Wuxin as well.

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