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Lin Fan didn't think the teacher profession would be upgraded so quickly, which caught him off guard.

"Today's lesson ends here. I hope when you all will come without fail to my afternoon lesson." He was a mentor now, so naturally, he needed to be strict. Strictness was also a form of nurturing, which wasn't inaccurate at all.

"Yes, teacher."

"Teacher, take care…"

Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction when he felt the students'admiring gazes upon him. This chicken soup for the soul was as expected a peerless G.o.dly soup. Just drinking the soup could make someone rise gain even after taking a devastating hit, and motivate themselves again.

He had been using the ident.i.ty of a teacher to hide his ident.i.ty, but now that he had the power of a mentor, Lin Fan didn't mind guiding a few good students.

This group of talent-less people was considered useless by others. If they didn't have the guidance of a radiant and dazzling mentor, then it was likely they would be like that for their entire lives.

Lin Fan walked while examining the upgraded profession.

After his examination, Lin Fan realized the mentor profession was a bit complicated, and not as easy as he thought it was.

After the respected teacher had left, the thirteen students looked at each other and clenched their fists, bringing them to their hearts.

"From today onwards, I will start anew. I don't want to be useless anymore."

"That's right. Don't look down on poor youths. I am going right now to tell those guys from C-Cla.s.s to not look down on me."

"Let's go…"

Then, the group of students that had been successfully brainwashed by Lin Fan headed off to tell off the people who had humiliated them as if G.o.ds had possessed them.

"Don't look down on poor youths…"

There were several new functions after the teacher profession upgraded to mentor.

'Initiation: Can transfer one's own skills to disciples. The martial skill taught to disciples can be raised three level higher than its original level.'

'Wisdom: Can teach others, explain the meaning of stories and enhance student's understanding.'

'Encouraging hand: When students report to the teacher, they hope to gain the teacher's acknowledgment. The teacher's hand when patted on the student's head can raise the abilities of disciples. (Can raise into the abilities of a genius).'

Lin Fan felt these three skills were very crazy.

Especially wisdom and encouraging hand, they were completely against the law of nature. A person's abilities come from birth and were decided by the G.o.ds before exiting the mother's womb.

Unless one had the Saint cla.s.s "Supreme Medicinal Pill" to change their own qualifications, it was impossible.

Lin Fan also knew of the different qualifications, mediocre, genius, great genius, peerless genius. Lin Fan had heard the four ranks before from his senior brothers, and now his mentor profession could raise the qualifications of his disciples to the genius level.

But these current thirteen students hadn't even reached precelestial stage yet. This was quite rare for people of their age, so it likely wasn't something as simple as mediocre.

If there were another lower rank, his students would most likely be idiots.

The Sky Heaven School was divided into A, B, C, and D. Each grade had several hundred to several thousand students. The D cla.s.s was essentially composed of the forsaken students, which didn't have any special requirements to enter. One just needed to be of age.

Going from the large population of the Yan dynasty, if everyone were to apply, the Sky Heaven School wouldn't be able to support them. But with children who weren't talented, they could have them give up on the path to cultivation and instead just open a small business or study, and if they were lucky, maybe they could even be a low-rank official.

Lin Fan also came to an understanding after he finished a.n.a.lyzing these three effects.

The initiation effect was not bad. For example, he could transfer "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body" to the students. Then, those students would be able to raise the level three "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body" to level six. For a regular person, this would already be a huge achievement.

Of course someone as crazy as Lin Fan, it couldn't be even considered.

Not long after, Lin Fan came to Sky Heaven School's dining hall. This dining hall only gave food for teachers. Most students lived at home, and for the ones that lived in the school, they would have to pay to eat here.

Lin Fan looked around the dining hall, and saw both teachers and students.

From the student's extraordinary atmosphere about them and the clothing of the A Cla.s.s, he could feel a vast difference compared to his students.

First level postcelestial.

Second level postcelestial.

Lin Fan realized that mostly everyone was postcelestial here. In the Sky Heaven School, they could be considered the top, but compared to the Saint Devil sect they were a long way off. Although there might perhaps have been a hidden master that hadn't appeared yet.

Just as Lin Fan was observing his surroundings, a man sitting near Lin Fan looked at him suspiciously, "Are you a new teacher?"

"Yes." "Lin Fan nodded while smiling.

Fifth level postcelestial.

The cultivation base was alright, but it could only be considered average.

"I thought you looked unfamiliar. I am the teacher of B Cla.s.s, Liu Qingfeng." Liu Qingfeng said with a smile.

"Lin Fan, teacher of D Cla.s.s."Lin Fan said.

As soon as Lin Fan said D cla.s.s, Liu Qingfeng paused a bit and looked slightly disgusted. Then, the previously warm Liu Qingfeng became uninterested in an instant.Lin Fan shook his head, not taking it to heart. He was not interested in a mere level five postcelestial.

Eternal Demon Body was already level two, and a level five postcelestial couldn't provide much experience anymore. He couldn't be bothered to care.

But even buddhas could get angry. Lin Fan being an honorable and sacred teacher naturally would also get angry. Liu Qingfeng was conversing with other teachers, not even paying attention to the nearby Lin Fan, and continued talking bad about D Cla.s.s.

"Those students of D Cla.s.s, I don't know what they are thinking. With such mediocre qualifications, they have no hope in martial arts."

"Garbage among garbage, hundreds of cla.s.ses and only a few teachers."

"Can those even be considered teachers? They are only precelestials… even the worst student in my cla.s.s is a level one postcelestial. They're not even cla.s.s."

Lin Fan sat to the side eating, and for some reason felt the words distasteful.

'If "Monkey Steals Peach"hadn't upgraded and still possessed its devasting damage, I would really like to deal one to each of you.' They continued displaying their own superiority in front of him, and this made Lin Fan even unhappier.

Even inside the Saint Devil sect, no one would despise the outer sect disciples. But it would seem this Sky Heaven School was apparently good enough to discriminate.

Lin Fan could see from this point that the dream of Sky Heaven School wanting to surpa.s.s sects was entirely impossible. Those sn.o.bbish teachers couldn't be compared to himself. This professional quality was far too vast, just like the heaven and earth.

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