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"Leader, I'm afraid…" Looking at the scene before him, Mu Liang could not help but break out in cold sweat.

"I'm afraid too…" Duan Meng, whose little donger had been scared off into hibernation by Lin Fan, added on wistfully as well.

"What's there to be afraid of?" Xia Zehua gulped down his saliva, putting on a tough front.

"I'm afraid Big Brother Lin may chop our heads off one day as well if he's too engrossed in daydreaming!" Mu Liang continued.

Lin Fan's head chopping operation was simply way too gory! Yet another head was sent flying upwards. After spiraling in the skies, it then rolled around the ground like a ball.


Blood sprayed out all over the place. It was a sight that one could hardly view straight.

Xu Wuxin was startled by this move of Lin Fan. The way he lifted up his axe without the slightest bit of hesitation! Every single cleave hit its mark straight, without any room for error!

"You b*stard!" Looking at how the human was chopping down the soldiers like vegetables, Xu Wuxin hollered and unleashed yet another move.

'Twisting Void!'

From within the void, a single arm stretched out. This arm seemed to be manipulating that impenetrable void. Due to the arm, the void cracked out bit by bit, as though something was spiraling within them.

"Human, you ought to die!" Xu Wuxin glared at Lin Fan icily.

Lin Fan's face changed. He could feel the void around him distorting rapidly. It was as though there was some sort of magnetic force bent on sucking him into the void.

In the end, his outcome would be like the void itself, distorted into nothingness.

"How dare you act so insolently with these little tricks? Watch how Yours Truly shall whack you into submission!" Lin Fan hollered. Pointing out a single finger, the void began to rip apart as well.


An axe flashed through the Heaven and Earth.

'Demon City!'

A Demon City rocketed in the skies above and began to enlarge gradually.


With that outcry, the figure of the big ancient demon appeared above the Demon City immediately. Glaring at Xu Wuxin with his chilling gaze, the big ancient demon's arm broke through the Heaven and Earth and grabbed at Xu Wuxin.

Under the grasp of the big ancient demon, that distorting void disintegrated immediately.

"How could this be…?!"

Xu Wuxin was in a state of shock right now. To think that this human would possess such a treasure!

"Human, you have riled me completely!" Xu Wuxin hollered in rage. Reaching into the void, he retrieved a pitch-black crescent moon shaped weapon and wielded it in his hands.

"This is an utmost treasure of the Void World! You ought to feel proud of yourself for being able to perish in my hands today!" Xu Wuxin glared at Lin Fan coldly. Evidently, he was being pressed hard by Lin Fan.

"Utmost treasure and what not, who cares! Catch the axe of Yours Truly!"


Suddenly, Lin Fan's figure appeared right before Xu Wuxin, as an axe slammed down from the Heavens with tremendous force. The clanging sounds of metals clashing resonated through the surroundings.



Just as Xu Wuxin retrieved his utmost treasure, he found the human striking down right in his face. It was as though this devastating move was free of charge, being doled out left and right!



The Eternal Axe was like a flurry of afterimages right now as it cleaved down mercilessly at Xu Wuxin. And at this moment, all Xu Wuxin could do was bear Lin Fan's strikes.

To think he couldn't even get the chance to retaliate against Lin Fan even after retrieving his utmost treasure!

"HUMAN, DON'T YOU DARE GO OVERBOARD!" Xu Wuxin howled out madly. He had not expected this human to be so strong that he could only defend and do nothing else.

"Overboard your a*s! What can you do to me? Take this ultimate move of Yours Truly! Nine Five Legendary Brick!" Lin Fan's imposing disposition was at its peak right now. With a single huff, he slammed down at Xu Wuxin's head as the Nine Five Legendary Brick appeared in his hands suddenly.

Looking at this weird looking thing, Xu Wuxin's face changed immediately. Towards anything unknown, one would definitely grow a heart of caution.

Furthermore, looking at how powerful the aura of this human was right now, Xu Wuxin definitely knew that this was far from a simple object. Therefore, he did not dare to let his guard down at all!

"Human! You dare to call that your ultimate move?" Xu Wuxin blocked out this red looking object away from him. However, at the moment of resisting it, he realized that it had zero power to it! He then laughed out maniacally!

"Hmph, did I say that was my ultimate move?"

'True Origins Crushing Kick!'

The moment Xu Wuxin's face frowned, a flash of light appeared.

"Huh?" Lin Fan's brows creased. He had not expected Xu Wuxin to block that move too!

"HAHA! Give it up, human! I've been observing you from the sidelines! I won't fall for this trick of yours!" Xu Wuxin's legs were crossed right now, gripping Lin Fan's leg tightly within them.

"Ultimate move? HAHA! That's all there is to it! Human, your death comes today!" Xu Wuxin was laughing insanely right now. All these so-called ultimate moves were predicted and fended off by him! He wanted to see just what other moves this guy could deploy!

"For you to be able to clash with me for this long without even attaining an azure celestial cultivation state is an admirable feat to begin with. You can be proud of yourself now." Xu Wuxin remarked.

"Proud? For you to be able to defend against this leg of Yours Truly, YOU should feel proud. But it's a pity that you're looking down on Yours Truly." Lin Fan laughed coldly.

But of course, there was nothing good to be gained from this single laugh for Xu Wuxin.

'Black Tiger Steals Heart!'

Suddenly, Lin Fan loosened his grip, dropping both the Eternal Axe and his Nine Five Legendary Brick. Coiling both arms in a circular motion, he twisted his wrist back inwards to his chest area. Like twin dragons bursting out of their caves, he sent two punch-like claws towards the other party.


"Not good…!" Xu Wuxin's face changed. However, it was all too late. His chest area was already struck by this human's fists.


A ma.s.sive surge of energy pushed Xu Wuxin away instantly. However, Xu Wuxin burst out into laughter almost immediately after.

"HAHA…! Human, you've successfully amused me to laughter with your clown antics! So that's all there is to your strongest move?" Xu Wuxin used his fingers to feel up his chest. There wasn't any bit of damage, nor was there any bit of pain.


Lin Fan heaved out a sigh of relief. He then completely ignored Xu Wuxin as he bent down to take back his Eternal Axe and Nine Five Legendary Brick.

"This was a decent battle indeed. Pretty entertaining." Lin Fan mumbled to himself. He then turned around casually and looked at the righteous party.

"Alright, guys. It's all settled now." Lin Fan commented.

Suddenly, everyone from the righteous party was stumped.


But Xu Wuxin was still standing there!

"Big Brother Lin, have you been…knocked silly?" Mu Liang's face was stumped.

"HAHA! Human! How dare you continue to act so impertinently when death awaits you!" Looking at this human before him, Xu Wuxin laughed with disdain.

Lin Fan turned around at Xu Wuxin, "Do you feel a numbing sensation?"


"Then do you feel a little bit of pain?"

"No…" Xu Wuxin wanted to declare to this human that his attack had no impact on him at all. However, his face suddenly changed.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

Suddenly, Xu Wuxin began to sweat uncontrollably. Those ma.s.sive beads of sweat fell onto the ground drip by drip. It grew faster by the second and denser by the minute.

The color began to drain from his face as well.

'Argh…!' A tragic cry rang out from Xu Wuxin's mouth.

"How could this be…!?" Xu Wuxin could feel a sudden surge of pain appearing within his chest right now. This pain gushed like a waterfall. One could not even resist it before it surged straight into his heart.

This was a form of clashing between two horrendous powers.

Lin Fan shook his head towards Xu Wuxin, "Yours Truly has four great sinister moves. And you, my friend, have merely received one of them. But it's alright, don't try to bear with it. The more you resist, the more painful it'll feel. Just let loose and scream it all out! No one here will laugh at you for doing so."

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