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"Human race?"

Xu Wuxin glared at this loud mouth before him as a light flashed through his eyes. He then burst out laughing, which got louder and louder with time, "HAHA! To think that it's a human! Could it be that you're THAT human who's been warranted recently? Seems like the Heavens are really blessing me, Xu Wuxin! Not only do I get the chance to take down this stupid party, I get to take down this human too!"

"Killing your own father for the sake of glory, you're indeed a heinous sinner. The Heavens have protected you for you to b.u.mp into me indeed. I shall have you pay the price for your crimes." Lin Fan looked at Xu Wuxin. This man was already beyond hope.

He had seen many wretched people, but this was one of the worst degenerates he had ever encountered.

The Upper world was the Upper world indeed. Not only were the rules of the Upper world grander than that of the Xuanhuang world, even the b*stards and beasts that appeared were way worse than those back below.

And of course, there was only one way of dealing with b*stard beasts… cleaving down cleanly with a single swing of his axe, smashing them mercilessly.

"Brother Lin, do not let your guard down!" Xia Zehua was worried. Even though he knew that Brother Lin was strong, Xu Wuxin wasn't anyone ordinary. Coupled with all the other soldiers, they couldn't afford to underestimate them at all!

"Doesn't matter. You guys just enjoy the show." How could Lin Fan allow Xia Zehua and the others to b.u.t.t in?

There wasn't much time remaining for this BUFF. If he gave up these experience points before him right now, then there would truly be no hope left!

"You foolish human, do you really think that you can kill all of us just by yourself? That's a joke! I'll advise you to come at me together with them before it's too late for regrets." Xu Wuxin jeered so hard that tears were almost coming out of his eyes. "There's a reason why the ancient race can continue ruling over all the thousands of races. And that's because there are too many dumbf*cks like you guys!"

Lin Fan did not reply, and just wielded the Eternal Axe in his arm.

Even though the Eternal Axe was a damaged legendary weapon, it was still Lin Fan's most trusted weapon as of now.

"Even though I may be silly at times myself, you guys are nowhere qualified to have me in that state with just you pieces of sh*t. You should come at me together with all your masters here from the ancient race before it's too late." Lin Fan glared at Xu Wuxin without a single bit of fear.

'So what if you are an Azure celestial? Yours Truly shall mow you down as an earth celestial full cultivation being!'

"INSOLENT…!" Xu Wuxin was triggered.

"What are you wasting your breath on him for? Just devour him outright!" The ancient race soldiers were riled up as they dashed towards Lin Fan together.

A towering ancient race soldier, who was at least two meters tall, roared out as he cleaved down at Lin Fan with his weapon. The tremendous amount of force caused the void to ripple out.

The ancient race tribesmen were fearsome beyond anything else. Coupled with that hideous looking face, they bore an overwhelming advantage in the battlefield.

The moment Mu Liang caught sight of that ugly and angry face, his heart jerked for a moment. At the same time, he could not help but feel proud of himself for having the courage to even dare to resist them.

The more he thought about it, the braver he found himself to be.

"Watch out…!" Duan Meng from the Dragon race warned Lin Fan upon catching sight of the formidability of this ancient race tribesman.

"Human! I'll devour you whole!" That ancient race soldier cried out in rage. At the same time, the weapon in his hand rang with a broken sound as it slammed down towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan stood where he was without budging an inch. Raising his head, he smiled brightly. This smile was dazzling like flowers blossoming in spring. However, that was a strange sight to behold in this tense situation.

'True Origins Crushing Kick!'

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared. That energy that could cause one's heart to shiver spread out through the entire place.


An accurate strike that found its way in between his legs…

That formidable looking ancient race tribesman stopped momentarily. At the same time, that malevolent face of his was changing rapidly. A sorrowful pain surged up into his head.

A tragic cry rang out from the mouth of this ancient race soldier.


"You…!" That soldier's pitch-black face changed expressions immediately. Pointing at this darned human, he could not believe that this person before him could be this despicable…!


'Ding…Congratulations on killing Earth celestial middle-level ancient race tribesman.'

'Ding…Experience points +5,000.'

Lin Fan had already expected this amount of experience points from the beginning. This was all thanks to the BUFF. Without this BUFF, the experience points would barely amount to anything much.

Even though he had only killed a soldier, this was still something for Lin Fan to brag about nevertheless.

"Ho! Seems like the ancient race is smart indeed! To think that he even knows how to kneel down before me! But even then, Yours Truly has to chop his head down. I've already told you, Xu Wuxin, come at me together. Don't let your masters die one by one for nothing!" Lin Fan tossed his robes and glared at Xu Wuxin imposingly.

"YOU B*STARD SH*T…!" Looking at how this human dared to be so brazen towards him, Xu Wuxin could not tolerate it anymore. As for the other ancient race soldiers, they were howling out in rage as they saw their fellow race being slain.

"Xu Wuxin! How long more are you going to wait?" The ancient race tribesmen glared at Xu Wuxin in rage, as though they were pinning all the blame on him right now.

Even though Xu Wuxin was a centurion, that was nothing in the eyes of these ancient race tribesmen. He was nothing but a dog reared by the ancient race at the end of the day.

"AIYOYO…! Xu Wuxin, oh, Xu Wuxin. Even though you're a centurion, you're being questioned by your underling! What a pitiable centurion you are! I'm really feeling sorry for you right now, you know?" Lin Fan smirked.

Xu Wuxin glared at Lin Fan. The fire that was burning in his heart was surging uncontrollably. At the same time, he could not deny Lin Fan's words. He knew that these soldiers were only respectful to him on the surface as a centurion. Within their hearts, they looked down on him with utmost contempt.

"KILL…!" Xu Wuxin began to make his move.

At the same time, those other soldiers leaped out together with him at Lin Fan.

"Leader, shall we join in?" He Chenghan held on to his gigantic hammer with both hands. His blood was pumping, and he was raring to join the fight.

"No, none of you shall come! Just watch and leave everything to me!" Lin Fan cried out while clashing against Xu Wuxin. The biggest concern on his mind right now was not this person before him, but Xia Zehua and the others b.u.t.ting in.

Given their strength, none of these ancient race soldiers would be able to fend against them! If that were the case, these free experience points of Yours Truly would be wasted for nothing!

"d.a.m.ned human! Take my move!"

'Void Eruption…!'

With a maddened howl, a light screen burst forth from Xu Wuxin.

"Ha! How dare you even use your ultimate move? Catch Yours Truly's axe!" Lin Fan could sense the move that Xu Wuxin had sent over as he cleaved down with his Eternal Axe in return.


As these two tremendous forces opposed one another, a gigantic explosion burst out. That illusory light screen began to break apart. Eventually, it turned into glittering crystal dust and fluttered into the skies.

"Xu Wuxin! Yours Truly shall take care of these trashes from the ancient race before coming back to you!" Lin Fan changed his course of direction as he turned around to the other ancient race soldiers.




Tragic cries rang out through the skies. Like a wild horse rampaging around, these soldiers were stomped down onto the ground by Lin Fan one by one.

At the same time, they were enduring tremendous torment from that unearthly move of Lin Fan, feeling the boundless pain surging up into their heads before having their heads chopped off in one fell swoop.

Lin Fan did not know when this habit started, but the moment he took up his Eternal Axe, he loved chopping off the heads of these ancient race tribesmen.

Each time a head was chopped off, he would feel this incredible sense of satisfaction surging through his blood up into his head.

The whole scene was gory and b.l.o.o.d.y right now.

Xia Zehua and the others were watching with their adrenaline pumping…

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