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"Alright, everyone come and introduce yourselves to our new brother here. From here on forth, we are a family. Let's join forces and take down the ancient race, freeing this world in the process! For the sake of a brighter future!" Grabbing on to a big piece of meat, Xia Zehua chomped down on it as he rallied the party.

"I am from the Water world! I'm a scout for the Righteous Party! You can call me Zhu Yun!" In front of them, a skinny person laughed while chomping down on a huge piece of meat as well.

"I am from the War world, and I'm part of the combat squad for the Righteous Party! You can call me He Chenghan." Another man who had a gigantic hammer slung on his shoulder beside Zhu Yun laughed out heartily as well.

Looking at the people who were introducing themselves one by one, Lin Fan nodded his head in acknowledgment. Seemed like there were really people from all the worlds gathered together to fight against the ancient race.

"I am from the Horn World. You can call me Mu Liang! Also, I'm someone on the fugitive list!" This Mu Liang with a lone horn bragged out with a smirk.

"Look at you bragging again, lad! Ever since you seized the opportunity to kill a deca.n.u.s back then, you've been bragging all the way till now! You're really a disgrace to us Righteous Party! Don't mind him, Brother Lin! This guy just loves to brag!" Even though Xia Zehua was griping about Mu Liang in his mouth, he was secretly heartened. After all, everyone in their party had a purpose of their own.

"Fugitive list?" This was the second time Lin Fan had heard of this. "Brother Xia, what's this fugitive list all about?"

"Oh, that's right. I forgot that you've just ascended into the Ancient Saint World not too long ago, Brother Lin! Therefore, you must not know about this! The fugitive list is formed after anyone kills someone from the ancient race. They will be sensed by the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World, and this information will be sent to the main base of the ancient race to be recorded down. Finally, it will be disseminated across the entire Ancient Saint World."

"The Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World is despicable indeed. The purpose of this is to leave those who defy the ancient race with nowhere to hide. If anyone were to capture or kill anyone from the fugitive and submit them over to the ancient race, they would be rewarded by the ancient race. If the one who kills any one of these people on the fugitive list were of the ancient race descent themselves, they would receive an infusion of power from the Heaven's Will itself." Xia Zehua lamented bitterly. But what could he do about this? This was just a one-sided war to begin with.

"I see." Lin Fan finally understood.

"Brother Lin, take a look at this." Xia Zehua took out a booklet from within his storage ring. "This is the fugitive list. The names of everyone who is wanted are recorded in here."

With a point of his fingers, a dense amount of content came out from within.

"These are the rankings. If you notice, everyone on the first page are the most wanted fugitives. But to all of us here, these people are just heroes in our hearts." Xia Zehua explained.

Lin Fan took over the booklet and inspected it closely.

He had no idea who the first 20 names on the first page were. However, following their names, there were descriptions of them and a record of the time of their ascension into the Ancient Saint World.

"I'll show you what happens when I key in my name to search for myself." Xia Zehua entered his name, and the contents of the fugitive list rea.s.sembled itself suddenly.

'Xia Zehua, Wings race.

Killed 2 deca.n.u.s. Killed 60 soldiers.

Reward: Ancient race deca.n.u.s.

Ranking: 45,002,120'

Lin Fan looked at the description of the contents. Every race was introduced carefully. The number of ancient race tribesmen they had killed and the reward for their arrest was clear as well. In fact, there was even a ranking for it. This Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World was definitely a c.o.c.ky fella in Lin Fan's eyes.

"Heh…do you see that, Brother Lin? In fact, we're not the only ones resisting the ancient race in this Ancient Saint World. There are many others just like us who are fighting as well! It's just that there are just too many of these ancient race beings! In fact, those of us who have ascended up into this world are barely 1% of their entire race!" Xia Zehua continued.

"Look at mine!" Mu Liang stood forth and entered his name as well.

"Mu Liang, Horn race.

Killed a deca.n.u.s. Killed 30 soldiers.

Reward: Ancient race tribesman.

Ranking: 130,521,432'.

Looking at his own ranking, Mu Liang raised his head gleefully as well, "See? That's my ranking! Even though it's low for now, I've improved a lot since then. As long as I kill a few more ancient race tribesmen, I'll definitely pull up my rankings!"

"You're really too proud right now, lad! I've told you so many times, don't get c.o.c.ky! You must be humble!" Looking at how Mu Liang was getting elated once more, Xia Zehua felt the need to put down his ego.

"Alright, leader…!" Mu Liang raised his head and replied proudly.

"How did you get your hands on this fugitive list?" Lin Fan asked him curiously.

"Oh, all of us got one when we ascended into the Ancient Saint World. It's right in our storage rings! Don't you know about that, Brother Lin?" Xia Zehua asked.

"Huh…?" Lin Fan was stunned as he took a look at his storage ring. It had been a long time since he looked into this thing. Hence, he had not bothered about it at all. Opening it up, he found a booklet laying quietly within. Seeing that, Lin Fan sighed helplessly.

"This?" He took out this palm-sized booklet.

"That's right! That's the one." Xia Zehua nodded.

"You've killed people from the ancient race, right?" Mu Liang looked at Lin Fan curiously. His ranking was the lowest within this party. Therefore, now that there was a newcomer, he had to display his might for a little bit.

"Yes." Lin Fan replied. But he had clearly forgotten about the number he had killed. It was just a lot of them, and that was all.

'Leader, let's check him out!" Mu Liang grinned.

"Do you think I can't tell what you're thinking right now?" Xia Zehua stared at Mu Liang. He could tell this brat's actions with a single look. This brat was just trying to show off in front of the newcomer!

"Leader, are you going to search or not? If you aren't, I'm going to do it!" Mu Liang had already decided firmly. If he didn't show off in front of this newcomer, where was the joy in life?

Without waiting for the leader's approval, Mu Liang took out his own booklet and keyed in Lin Fan's name.

Mu Liang sn.i.g.g.e.red in antic.i.p.ation. This newcomer's ranking must definitely be far off from his! He was someone who had killed a deca.n.u.s and 30 soldiers to boot! That achievement alone wasn't something that someone who had just ascended could achieve!

But when Mu Liang caught sight of the ranking on the charts, he was dumbfounded. In fact, he even forgot about anything he was going to say later on.

"What's wrong with you, lad?" Looking at the petrified look on Mu Liang's face, he couldn't help but sigh. This kid really did not know how to give anyone else respect.

How could he not give Brother Lin some pedestal to step down from? After all, a low ranking was something that was definitely shameful in the face of all these other races. But now that everyone was part of the family, how could he behave as such!

"Brat, you mustn't do this. Otherwise, I'm really going to get mad." Looking at how wide Mu Liang's mouth was opening, Xia Zehua thought that he was going to brag about his achievement in front of Lin Fan and let the latter know how strong he is.

Xia Zehua felt the need to stamp down on such behavior that would disrupt their party's harmony.

"N-no…leader! Take a look…!" Mu Liang finally snapped back and turned the fugitive list around to Xia Zehua.

"You…!" Xia Zehua sighed exasperatedly and walked over.

All the other surrounding party members giggled as well. This kid's acting skills were getting better by the day.

They could only hope that this new brother who had joined them did not mind this. After all, Mu Liang did not have any ill intentions. This was just his personality.


Suddenly, Xia Zehua exclaimed in disbelief as he glared at Lin Fan.

He had not expected a G.o.d to be so humble…!

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