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But honestly, Lin Fan was just completely stumped right now. Especially when he caught sight of that figure… That was an image that was etched deep into his heart.

At the same time, he knew who that was.

"F*cking mother*cker of f*cks! Yours Truly got played…!"

That's right, Lin Fan was completely sober right now. He finally understood that he had been taken for a ride! Even though Xuan Er, that little brat, was one of those who had joined in to trick him, Lin Fan wouldn't get angry at her.

After all, when he caught sight of that haughty figure beside her, he knew that face by heart.

"This sweet lord motherf*cking Empress! What did Yours Truly ever do to you? All Yours Truly did was to kill one of your bodies in the lower world, and completely whipped your other body to full nude exposure, that's all! Because of that, you're playing out Yours Truly now?!"

"Alright, fine! You've got me good and dandy this time around. But Yours Truly has you marked in his head! You better wipe that a*s of yours clean! If Yours Truly doesn't f*ck you to tears, Yours Truly's name will be Fan Lin instead!"

Lin Fan cursed into the skies.

At the same time, he was entirely exasperated by Xuan Er's actions. That act of betrayal was beautiful and perfect! Even though he knew she shouldn't have had a choice, she should have still given him some hints!

The Empress, who was trying to dodge that divine consciousness, heard Lin Fan's chains of insults, her face turning green with a helpless rage.

"What has it got to do with me! No one told you to be silly enough to come holler in front of an ancient race base!"

Okay, but no matter what, this grudge had been laid down.

At the same time, the Empress was a haughty person herself. She snorted coldly in her heart, 'I'd like to see just how you can f*ck me to tears! Hmph! Talk about it if you can even get out of this calamity right now!'

"Brash…I've really been too d.a.m.ned brash! Yours Truly has no choice but to acknowledge this myself! This is really a big d.a.m.ned f*ck sh*t trench I'm in at this moment! How am I supposed to run now?" Lin Fan stood there absolutely dumbfounded. In his 21 years of life, this was the first time he was betrayed this badly!

Even though the saying was 'what goes around comes back around', retribution was never that sweet if it were on oneself.

At the same time, didn't this retribution come way too quickly? This was d.a.m.n messed up!

No, he had got to get out of this safely today! At the same time, he would definitely have to watch his back from this point forth. This Empress had just fed him a sh*tload of sh*t from the dark. Who knew when the Namo Saint Emperor would pour some p.i.s.s over him in the same manner one day?

Thinking back at how badly he had humiliated the strain of consciousness of the Namo Saint Emperor back in the Lower World, he was sure that this guy would definitely try his best to get back at Lin Fan himself.


Suddenly, a figure bolted through the void and landed down ma.s.sively.

"HUMAN! Were you the one who killed my centurion?" The fella who had appeared before Lin Fan wasn't that towering. In fact, one could even say that he was stumpy. Like a kid, his face and skin was snow white and tender. However, that cold and frosty gaze pierced through one's heart, striking fear directly within.

An expensive pitch-black fur coat covered his body. That only caused his appearance to look even more imposing.

Lin Fan looked at this kid before him as waves surged within his heart. He had not expected that formidable aura earlier on was emanated from this kid.

And by the looks of it, this kid was not even of the ancient race! This…!

"ah…! E-err…! This is all a misunderstanding!" Immediately, Lin Fan stretched out his hand and held up the body of that centurion. He then hurriedly took up the head he chopped off and tried to piece it back on his neck.

"Look! There! It's done! This is really a misunderstanding!" Lin Fan pointed at that centurion whose body parts he had just put together, and laughed out heartily.


Suddenly, the head that he placed on top of the centurion's body dropped onto the floor. Rolling slowly, that head rolled before the young boy's face.

"Err…!" Seeing this, Lin Fan could not help but display some awkwardness.

That young kid lowered his head, looking at that hideous looking head that had rolled to his feet, as though he was attracted to it.

Those unfazed purple pupils were silent and steady. However, there was a really sinister aura emitting from them.

"HAHA…!" Suddenly, the young boy burst out laughing maniacally! That voice was clear and deranged. Lin Fan could not make out for the sake of his life what this boy was laughing about!


Lin Fan slapped his storage. Suddenly, a bunch of Biggras flew out into the skies and exploded into the midst of the ancient race army.

Pok! Pok!

A thick, dense mist covered the entire ancient race army.

Seizing the opportunity, Lin Fan turned heels and ran as far as he could.

Knowing that he was on the losing end right now, he definitely had to retreat!

Sprinting far ahead, Lin Fan turned around to check on that horrifying young boy. But to Lin Fan's bewilderment, that young boy was still standing there laughing maniacally, without any intentions of giving chase!

The mist that was formed by Biggra was blocked away from the young boy by a barrier he had created, unable to permeate within.

But the surrounding ancient race army did not have it as easy as the boy. They had all sniffed up the mist produced by the Biggra entirely.


The breathing of these ancient race tribesmen turned heavy. That initially malevolent faces of theirs were even creepier right now, as they glared around at their surrounding tribesmen with bloodshot eyes.

Looking at Lin Fan who had run off far into the distance, the young boy turned around. Dragging his heavy fur coat on the ground, he took step after step slowly towards the city. As for the frenzied ancient race tribesmen around him, he couldn't be bothered in the least bit.

Lin Fan sprinted all the way, not knowing how far he had gone. At the same time, he turned into a sharp corner and hid with Stealth. For safety precautions, he had even hidden himself in a deep trench.

'b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! I just can't figure out what the h.e.l.l is going on right now!' As he waited patiently, he didn't know if he had made it out of the dangers awaiting him yet.

He could tell that he was definitely no match for that weird looking kid just now. If the other party had struck out, he might not have died for sure, but it would definitely be impossible for him to escape.

A pity that the young boy was just laughing there insanely all the time. Lin Fan couldn't help but wonder what that laughter was for.

There was a towering building within the ancient race base. The boy who was draped in the pitch-black fur coat stood at the top of it, looking down at the vast and boundless execution grounds below. He was expressionless, as though he was used to everything that was happening.

Within that gigantic execution ground, thousands of races were imprisoned, subjected to torment day and night.

The cruel roars of the ancient race tribesmen soldiers rang through the entire base.

This entire place was filled with hopelessness and fear.

There was a sort of power in this world, a power called despair.

Night time…

In that dark night, a pair of shimmering eyes pierced through the mud below and surveyed the surroundings.

'Everything seems quiet. Seems like all should be fine now.' Lin Fan had remained hidden for a really long time for the sake of his life. One had to be cowardly when the time called for it. Safety measures should also be taken seriously.

And just as Lin Fan was about to head out, a voice rang from close by.

'Holy sh*t! Don't tell me they've finally sobered up and decided to chase after me now!'

But, when Lin Fan checked out these people, he found that they were not from the ancient race. They were from all sorts of other races.

Seeing that, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. As long as it wasn't the ancient race.

Lin Fan did not have the intentions to greet these races at all. After all, he was already f*cked once in the morning. That had caused him enough fear for now.

He should just wait silently for them to pa.s.s by.

Lin Fan remained hiddenly helplessly under the blank night sky. The only thing that remained was a single hole that allowed him to breathe through. He wasn't bothered at all the conversation of these guys near him, only thinking about his path from here on forth.

But suddenly, something shocking happened.

A man with two horns on his head walked over to the spot Lin Fan was hiding at.

Pulling aside his robes, he whipped out his ugly little donger!

'HOLY SH*T…! This guy is gonna take a p.i.s.s!' Lin Fan was stunned to the point of breaking down.

F*cking mother of lords…! If he didn't come out, he was going to get a full p.i.s.s facial!

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